Korean Tetris games add upp to 100 different Tetris games! :D

I’ve reached 100 various Tetris games! :D I think I will celebrate with playing some more Tetris tonight!! ^__^

My two latest additions are not that common. One is Tetris on MSX from Korea, or Zemmix as they called the MSX there. Apparently Korean government banned Japanese companies from selling products in Korea, so they made their own knock-offs. The Zemmix / MSX Tetris game is not the greatest Tetris I’ve played. It’s odd. It only gives you 1 point per row cleared, no bonus for making a Tetris (4 rows at once), and the sound effects and music is scarce and dull. Also the controls are quite jumpy, I don’t know if it’s my joypads that are glitchy, but I tried 3 different ones and it was equally difficult to steer the tetraminos..

Anyway, here’s some gameplay of it,  I sat for hours last night trying to record gameplay through my Elgato but I just couldn’t get the signal unscrambled, it has some serious anti-pirating code built in or something XD So I ended up just shooting it with my phone.. sorry for shitty quality, but at least you can see what it’s like ^_^ I couldn’t find a video of it anywhere else..

The latest addition is another Korean game, but for the Gam-Boy, which is Korea’s equivalent to the Sega Master System or the Sega Mark III. The Gam-Boy was produced by Samsung in Korea. It reads 테트리스 which means Tetris ^_^

This was better than the MSX/Zemmix version of Tetris, it had a lot of different settings. One cool feature that I’ve only seen a few times before in Chinese Tetris games is the scrolling. If you set it to scroll the blocks at the bottom will shift one block to the left or right (it changes each level you increase) and makes it more difficult to plan how you want to build! It’s interesting :) But you can of course play without the scrolling feature as well. In the beginning there’s also the choice of Easy or Hard mode, hard makes the floor rise with random blocks once in a while, and you can also set speed to Low or High, once you get to the next screen though you have even more selections where you can set level and height, the height starts you off with blocks already on the board. You can basically make it really difficult for yourself by setting highest speed, highest level, tallest height and add some scroll to it XD Basically impossible! I enjoyed it, except for the music that was kind of shitty and the controls being a bit jumpy. There was like a delay every time a new tetramino appeared in the top.

I recorded some gameplay of this one too so you can see what it’s like ^_^ Here’s Korean Tetris for the Gam-Boy / Sega Master System / Sega Mark III:

Some other recent Tetris purchases that has helped adding my collection up to 100 Tetris games are these ones below ^_^ Two quite rare ones for the Japanese MSX and the Sharp X68000. I still need to find myself an X68000, so I can play it! That one and the PC ones are the only ones I can’t play right now. I also need to find an old PC with Windows 98 XD… Tetris Elements and Tetris Gold are both PC games. Then there’s a ZX Spectrum Tetris game, Tetris Attack for Game Boy (which isn’t quite Tetris in my opinion, but since it’s called Tetris I’ll count it..) and a Japanese PS2 Tetris Kiwamemichi game ^_^

See the entire collection of 100 different Tetris games >>

Here’s some gameplay of Tetris Ultimate that I usually play when I’m on my Xbone. Just to show that I don’t suck completely at Tetris XD

Violinist of Hameln for Super Famicom

violinist of hamelin

There’s this little cute guy, wearing a hat, a cape and carrying a violin, that comes to a village and plays for the monsters and makes a friend. A girl in a red hat with a white bow…
Hamelin Violin Hiki - intro1Hamelin Violin Hiki - intro2Hamelin Violin Hiki - intro3Hamelin Violin Hiki - intro4

This story is about the Violinist of Hameln ^_^ On Super Famicom, by Enix!
Hamelin no Violin Hiki_1K

This weekend me and my friend Gabriella played through the entire game, almost twice! ;D On saturday we sat for hours playing through until the second to last boss, and then.. forgot to press continue on time when we got distracted by our 3DS’s >_< This game lacks cheats or passwords so there is no way to skip ahead, you have to play through it all in one go!! But on sunday we gave it another go, and beat it without ever even getting a Game Over and we had 25 lives to spare! :D

Hamelin Violin Hiki - Start Screen_800

The best thing about the Violinist of Hameln is his buddy, the girl that can transform into almost anything!! Of course you have to discover the various powers first to unlock each creature she can turn into. The creatures will help you along the way. And if nothing else, you can always pick up and chuck the girl straight at enemies or walls :D It works!  The Violinist can only jump, glide a bit with his cape and shoot notes from his violin, so having the girl around is very helpful! Here’s a chart of all the characters you can unlock and choose from in the start menu:
Hamelin Violin Hiki - Kigurumi Select

And here they are in action:

Hamelin Violin Hiki - Buddy Ostrich Hamelin Violin Hiki - Buddy Frog
The Ostrich buddy: Walks over spikes
The Frog buddy: If you stand on
her you can jump up on hard to reach
Hamelin Violin Hiki - Buddy Robot  Hamelin Violin Hiki - Buddy Curling
The Robot Buddy: Can walk over
spikes and punch rock walls if you
jump on her.
The Curling buddy: Can be thrown
and will glide into narrow spaces and
is effective against enemies
Hamelin Violin Hiki - Buddy Gorilla5 Hamelin Violin Hiki - Buddy Penguin
The Gorilla Buddy: Can walk over
spikes, but is mainly meant for you
to get passed a certain stage where
you have to transform your buddy
into the gorilla to impress a guy..
See the gifs below for more
Gorilla action ;D
The Penguin Buddy: Let’s you swim
passed water, if you jump on the
penguin she dashes forward and
destroys enemies in the water.

buddy gorilla 2buddy gorilla 1

 Hamelin Violin Hiki - Buddy Fish Hamelin Violin Hiki - Buddy Duck
The Fish Buddy: If you step on it it
will float upwards! If you press down
it will drop, but you can’t steer side-
ways unless the wind takes you there.
The Duck Buddy: Can swim over water
but also dive if you jump on her.
 Hamelin Violin Hiki - Buddy Monkey  Hamelin Violin Hiki - Buddy UFO2
The Monkey Buddy: Can climb walls!
You just tag along and shoot whatever
comes in your way ^_^
The UFO Buddy: Hovers around you
constantly and is good when you need
the girl to follow you (BECAUSE SHE
JUMP AT ALL!!) >_<
 Hamelin Violin Hiki - Buddy Monster  Hamelin Violin Hiki - Buddy Frisbee
The Monster Buddy: Is useless, but
you need it to get passed a road
block. A guy needs to see the monster
to let you pass to the next stage.
The Frisbee Buddy: You’re actually
not supposed to stand on her, just
throw her like a frisbee at enemies :)
 Hamelin Violin Hiki - Buddy Elephant2  Hamelin Violin Hiki - Buddy Bird
The Elephant Buddy: Can put out
fires if you jump on her! Pffrrrsshh!
The Bird Buddy: Can fly!! And you
can steer her! :D Be careful not to
fall off though >_<
 Hamelin Violin Hiki - Buddy Octopus Hamelin Violin Hiki - Buddy Bomb
The Octopus Buddy: Let’s you swim
under water! :D
The BOMB Buddy: You can throw her
and she goes BOOOOOM!* Works like
a charm on all following bosses :D
  Hamelin Violin Hiki - Buddy Bomb2
Here’s a closeup of your buddy
BOMB blowing up! ;D LOL

boss fightThe entire screen flickers when the BOMB is thrown ^_^

There are four world maps, each filled with several stages followed by a boss at the end.
Hamelin Violin Hiki - world1    Hamelin Violin Hiki - world2
Hamelin Violin Hiki - world3    Hamelin Violin Hiki - world4
Hamelin Violin Hiki - map

In the beginning of each world map there’s a village which you can re-enter at any time between stages on that map. Here you can talk to people, regain health at an inn and buy stuff! :D Like shields, extra time for stages, a better cape and also some of the stuff that your buddy can turn into, like the UFO (but you will find this one on a stage later) and the missile (I’m not sure if you can find this one, so I’d suggest buy to it!)
Hamelin Violin Hiki - village

During stages you can find stars, when you have found 4 stars you will get to a bonus stage where you can find an extra life and also get loads of coins!
Hamelin Violin Hiki - area clear

The stages are all very varied, and with pretty graphics ^_^
Hamelin Violin Hiki - Stage 1.1Hamelin Violin Hiki - stage lateHamelin Violin Hiki - stageHamelin Violin Hiki - world 1

The bosses were a lot of fun! And not too hard, we only had some problems with one, which was the second boss. But eventually we figured out how to beat this one too ^_^ You’re just supposed to throw your buddy straight upwards towards the boss’ platform and he’ll fall down so you can hit him :)

Here’s screenshots of all the bosses:
Hamelin Violin Hiki - boss 1Hamelin Violin Hiki - boss 1.1
First boss, not that difficult, keep throwing your buddy at his face :)

Hamelin Violin Hiki - Boss 2Hamelin Violin Hiki - boss 2.1
The second boss, we were stuck here for a while since it was hard to dodge all the snakes that kept spawning while also dodging his spiked he kept shooting in all directions >_< but shooting your buddy from below the platform worked like a charm :) The non-blurry screenshots were taken while we were figuring out what to do and thought the UFO was a good idea.. but just throwing the girl worked a lot better ;D

Hamelin Violin Hiki - boss 3
This is the third boss, some skeleton guy on a really weird horse that has no face!!! LOL He wasn’t too difficult if you had the missile. I came into the boss fight for the first time with only one heart of health and I managed to beat him, while taking photos with my iPhone!!  ^_^

Hamelin Violin Hiki - final boss stage
During the final boss this guy with a grand piano on his back came in and joined the fight. You met him previously in the village, but I didn’t quite get what he said, so during the entire battle I wasn’t really sure if he was on my side or not.. but it turned out that he was on my side when the credits started rolling ;D

final boss

During the entire game you got the feeling that the Violinist wasn’t all that nice. He was quite mean to the girl, throwing her around and she looked pissed most of the time. And also during some cutscenes between stages this is what you saw:
Hamelin Violin Hiki - cutscene1
Hamelin Violin Hiki - cutscene2

But in the end it seemed like they made friends after all ^_^ This was a great game, and totally worth the high price :D
Hamelin Violin Hiki - cutscene3-

Hamelin Violin Hiki - the end

My Hero gameplay

For those of you who are still doubting the difficulty of this game, here is an unedited video of my first 10 minutes of gameplay (this is not the first time I play the game either, I’ve tried it before on several occasions, usually when you wanna mess with your friends and make them play a shitty game).

You can also hear the crappy music that keeps repeating and the Game Over sequence that you can’t skip!

Ps. watch at 5.48 to see the never ending army of fucktards >_<

Recording Famicom gameplay and NTSC vs PAL

I have finally found the optimal solution, and still being able to use the Elgato Video Capture i bought (see previous entry about Playing & recording 8-bit and 16-bit consoles on you Mac / computer). While the Elgato / DVD recorder combination worked excellently with all my PAL systems I still couldn’t get it to work with my NTSC NES and my japanese Famicom, since the DVD recorder was PAL region it messed up the images.

I had to buy rca y cable splitters since the Famicom only had one output of composite image and video cords, now being able to split the signal to two places I can play through connecting the Famicom to a TV while also having it connected to the Elgato, which actually captures the video and image perfectly however generates a black image (“no signal”) while recording. The rya y cable splitters might not be necessary for the regular NES since that console already has two outputs, one for the antenna input in a PAL television and also the composite on the side, however it is more nimble not having to search for the channel and just playing through the AV channel ^_^

If anyone has any questions about this topic feel free to ask me, I’ve been researching into it and going through a lot of trial/error phases to know a thing or two about it by now ;D

Wolfchild for Sega Master System

I recently bought Wolfchild for Sega Master System, mainly because the cover made it look like a really cool game:

Doesn’t that look absolutely rad?!

Well it’s not.. it could have been a really great game, the graphics are really good for an 8-bit game, the enemies and the stages are well designed, the gameplay is kind of fluent.. but.. there is NO MUSIC in ANY of the STAGES! why?? There’s a song during the start screen, this song is totally ok, if they were too lazy to just make any other songs then they could’ve just kept that one during the stages as well! But no, it’s just plain quiet, and you just hear the sounds of your punches and jumps… it’s weird..

Also the story is never being explained during gameplay, or even before that.. you will have to read the back of the cover to know that:
“Chimera terrorists have kidnapped Saul Morrow’s father and killed his mother and brother. Will his ability to transform into a lycanthrope warrior – a man-wolf with psychic powers – be enough to defeat an entire army?”
Or start reading the manual, where they’ve actually made a comic explaining the events, it’s 4 pages long.. or short…:

“Sometime in the future, high atop a remote island somewhere in the southern pacific”… WTF

Still, this comic only explains the event of Saul transforming into a Wolfchild. What about the Chimera terrorists? Who are they? Who is their leader? Why have they kidnapped Saul’s father?
When you’re Game Over the game tells you:

Who the hell is Draxx?!? There’s nothing about him/or her in the manual, or on the back of the cover! This story is really confusing and vague..

Well apart from this, here’s Saul:

After collecting hearts you turn into a wolf (or Wolfchild??) that has Psychic Powers, which apparently makes it possible for you to shoot laser from your paws….

The first boss i ridiculously easy.. you just walk under him and stand behind him and keep punching.. it doesn’t hurt you to touch him.

The game really has some nice graphics and environments, here’s stage 2:

The second boss wasn’t too hard either. There was a simple pattern to his appearances on the screen and you just had to position yourself away from his line of fire and try to get some shots in whenever he appeared.

On the third stage they increased the difficulty level quite a bit. The stage was overall longer than previous ones, also it had a lot of traps and enemies that came at you without a warning, like the larva randomly falling from the ceiling, and this almost always got you hurt.

When I got to the third boss I was really irritated by the game, not having any music and all.. the constant jumping, bumping and punching sounds really got on my nerves.. I wasn’t able to try the spider boss enough to figure out a pattern, and I got Game Over.. I did not feel like starting up the game again.. even though it does give you password codes for each stage, which is a bonus! And the codes are only 5 letters long! Thumbs up Wolfchild, you did something right!

Here’s a video where you can experience the frustration of not having any music while playing.. I eventually looped the intro song (since it is quite good) so you wouldn’t have to listen to the quietness forever.

Someday I might try to finish this game.. but not until I’ve forgotten about the traumatic experience of playing a 16-bit game that feels like an Atari game with bad sound effects and no music.. probably won’t take long though since my memory is terribly short >_<

Die Hard Trilogy

Continuing on the theme of games based on movies, here’s a review of Die Hard Trilogy for Sega Saturn!

As the title suggests, all three movies are in the game. You get to choose which of the films you want to play (after way too many loading screens…) so I started with the first one.

First of all I was amazed at how AWFUL the graphics were, then again I’m used to either Xbox 360, or the 8- & 16-bit 2D games, so I always get surprised seeing the stages of graphical evolvement in-between there… I’ve played quite a lot of Dreamcast, but this is just before that, where CD was the shit and they put real footage and films into the games to make them look “better”, but it was just awful.. Even the N64 games looks better o_O they at least mainly stayed with the ‘cartoony’ graphics instead of trying to make it look ‘real’.

I also got really annoyed by the controls, it was stiff and really hard to move the dude around, and there was no aim, you just kind of pointed and shot.. however after I while you get into it, and all the violence just starts getting entertaining. All of a sudden I realized I was enjoying the game, and I made it to stage two, but then I died, and after dying you’re game over (!). One life, no continues. That’s die hard.. I guess it’s realistic though, but still, this is supposed to be a game!

So basically the game is about shooting down bad guys and saving hostages and you have to advance through the different floors of the building. But I went straight onto the second movie…

Now this movie had a totally different game style! Instead of third person you go into first person and you can’t steer the camera. You just get on the camera ride through the airport and try to aim and shoot at the… baddies.. (sometimes russian, sometimes german..)

WHOOPS! Still you have to try to save hostages that are being guarded by bad guys, however I tend to keep killing them off.. unintentionally of course ;D

It’s quite brutal at times…

Just look at that skeleton flying towards me!! =D

This game never gives you any instructions.. there was a ticking number that kept occurring during this stage and it said “SAFE”.. Safe what? Is there a safe being broken into at the airport? How do I stop it? I can’t go past the camera angles that the game gives me, so I just kept popping bad guys. The “SAFE” timer usually just counted to zero and nothing happened. But like the fourth time it appeared I was game over after it finished counting.. o_O I don’t know why, so I went on to the next movie instead.

In this game you can just forget everything you’ve learned in the previous two, cause this is once again a whole new type of game. It’s a racing game!

You just get put in a car and have to drive down a linear road, without instructions.. I just stepped on it and tried to make it to the end of the road (cause I figured there must be something I’m heading towards..) as fast as I could, and I didn’t make it…. I had 3 tries here (instead of the previous one-miss-and-you’re-Game-Over type of attitude the previous two movies had), but I still wasn’t close to making it.. even though I didn’t crash or anything in at least one of the tries.. I don’t get it!!!

Shitty shitty game! This just pissed me off! I started liking the first movie, but then the game just thought “Oh yeah? you like this? well fuck you, then we’ll make you play completely different!”

Another reoccurring thing in this game was explosions… everywhere.. all the time.. they just blew shit up.. I guess it’s a “reference” to the movie? I dunno..

Woah, what does that last one remind you of? yikes… O_o but Sega didn’t know at the time :/

So anyway, here’s a movie I put together of the gameplay through the three movies of Die Hard Trilogy on Sega Saturn, check it out ^_^

AVGN made a review of another Die Hard game, it’s worth watching =) It’s Die Hard for NES.