About me

My name is Heidi stopXwhispering and I’ve always loved video games, but when I was a kid I never got any =(

This has probably been the cause of my current addiction and obsession with collecting everything I never had as a kid.

On this blog I will share my interest in games and also review some of the games i play ^_^


stopXwhispering's GamercardIf you wanna reach me you can find me on InstagramTwitter, Youtube, Tumblr, Google+, TwitchFacebook and Pinterest or email me on retrovideogaming(at)gmail.com ^_^

If there’s anything you wanna know feel free to ask ^_^

I can also be found on Xbox ONE when I’m not gaming retro ;D


Me & my collection online:

♢ Appearance on Jon & Ted’s Excellent Gamecast 2016
♢ Interview about me and my collection on Nintendo Life 2016
♢ Article about my collection in Metro, 2016
♢ Appearance on the Retro Asylum podcast, 2015
♢ Appearance on the North American Retro Collective podcast, 2015
♢ Article about me and my Geeky Gals over at Kit.se (in Swedish), 2015
♢ Interview by Alejandro Soler over at Loading (in Swedish) from, 2015
♢ GamingGrannar YouTube episodes from my Game Room (in Swedish), 2014
♢ Interview by Ant Harper over at Retrogamescollector, 2013

I’m up to 6000+ games and 260+ consoles. To see my collection go here >>

Also check out Geeky Gals where me and my friends write about all things Geeky (not only retro games ;D

Castlevania is one of my favorite game series ^__^ Check out the Castlevania collection >>

206 thoughts on “About me

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      • Will you just fetch my blog posts from here and post them on your site as well? Or will I have to write new material only for your site? Cause I’m not sure I will have time to do that ;D
        The other parts are no problem ^_^

      • Hi.

        No not at all, there’s no need to create new content especially for us, as we recognise people hardly enough time to update their own blog, never mind someone else’s!

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      • Hi heidi, Amazing collection ! i was same you when kid, just had floppy disc with stickers of games lol !! , reading like a religion games magazines (my imagination were limitless !), at my first job i bought Atari ST, after Amiga 500,,,,1200,,, CD 32,,,, it was marvelous years !
        and last years after 23 years i bought Amiga CD 32 on Ebay (i sold her in 1993 cause no games and commodore bankrupt :( ) , i was lucky for this cause had many games packed with and the sellers wanted to sold to only a collector person ! I am good take care ;) .
        you should look about amiga, CD32 is interresting for compilations
        (but i know you prefer original), for Amiga or Atari, i could help you for find good games but i don’t know what kind of games you like ? ALL ? OK ;) at home have ps-vita, ps4 white ^^ and CD32, i so poor lol !
        first time i see your blog (by searching another blog lol !! ) it’s HUGE !
        see you later And Give Games TO The Kids !!!!
        ps : sweden nice country, DICE have made the best pinball on Amiga, god bless sweden ! and good luck for EUrovision contest :)

  2. Great blog! And thank you for following me on Twitter. I’ve subsequently added you on Google+ and YouTube as well! :)

    I’ll be looking forward to reading more of your fun updates, and may also perhaps link to you on my own site! :)

      • Consider it done then! I’ll put up a link right after I finish writing this response!

        I’d love to talk with you sometime as you and I seem to have very similar interests, but of course being half a world a part might make coordinating that a bit tricky – though email can help with that I am sure! :)

  3. Wow, I wish I kept all of my Master System games now. I am supremely jealous of your Sega collection.

    Awesome blog! Would you consider hosting a link to us, and we’ll do the same for you? We’re very nice people who like to write about gaming and eat cookies and everything else right with the world.

  4. Wow, what an awesome site. I can only hope to scrape a fraction of what you’ve done so far with mine and I shall use yours among others as inspiration to continue to forge ahead. If intrested, I’m on a “quest” to review every NES game in order of release date. I’m still on the original 18 but the project is relatively new and I don’t see myself ever losing intrest. It can be seen at nesquester.blogspot.com and I hope you get one iota of enjoyment out of it as I have through yours. Thanks for sharing and playing!

    • Thanks Mike! I’m happy you enjoy it ^_^ I’m just trying to share my passion for retro video game nostalgia :D
      You have an aspiring site as well! I hope you will finish your quest in reviewing every NES game out there! :D I’ve started following your site through blogger ^^ (Since it’s not on wordpress..)
      Do you actually own a copy of Action 52 or have you played it through ROMs?

    • Haha wow! really? I worked hard on that one though ;D I know one more who has it, my best friend Becky who played through the whole game together with me ^_^
      Add me on xbox if you’d like ^^ Then perhaps we could play Borderlands 2 together ;D

      • I gave my XBox gamertag but you didn’t give yours for me to add you lol. I do plan on moving everything to WordPress soon enough but still trying to learn all the nuances of this little blogging world as I’m very new to it and don’t believe in “leveling up” before I’m ready. :) As for your question regarding Action 52 I admitted around game 9, whichever ‘Alfred & The Fettucini’ was that I used an emulator, marking only the second time I’ve had to in my reviews. Hogan’s Alley, the Zapper went wonky on me and when I got R.O.B., I figured out the problem was that alot of the old NES accesories only work with a CRT (cathode ray tube) television and if attempted with a plasma or HDTV, they just go insane, so Hogan’s was one and Action 52 was another because I made a deal with a guy that if he gave me a plug on his pretty popular site, I’d review it for him and couldn’t land a copy anywhere in time to review. Soon enough, I’ll snatch one of those unicorns up and take a pic of it amongst the rest of my collection though!

      • Oh. Wow. I can be stupid when I haven’t had any sleep LOL. How could I know you had 1750 Borderlands acheivement points if I’d never found your XBox gtag? Ugh, disregard that previous part of the post haha *hangs head in shame*

  5. A pretty lady that loves retro games, actually collects retro consoles and runs a kickass retro-gaming blog??? C’mon, you don’t exist! :P Love your site and your collection!

  6. I’ve played some really old games that were largely forgotten. You should really check out Mole Mania for the Game Boy. It’s a fun puzzle game from 1996 created by Shigiru Miyamoto (the same guy who created Super Mario Bros. and the Legend of Zelda).

  7. I’m glad we have more retro gamers in the scene. I hope your blog the best! I totally love it! Also, the fact that you are a Famicom collectors as well! That’s amazing!! We have to share some Fami-info sometime :p

  8. Great Site! I am also a retrogame addict. I also run a site you might be interested in where you can play remakes of classics online. Have a look here http://www.gamesbasis.com/spiele-klassiker.html and http://www.gamesbasis.com/spiele-klassiker-2.html.
    The site is actually German but the games are mostly English anyway. If you like my site as well, maybe we can link each other? I am also still looking for people who want to host a classic game or two on their own site (e.g. astro panic, centipede, Commander Keen, Jetpac, Phoenix,…). I would help embeding and provide the files. It would be all legal! I just limit the number of games I host myself but I would like to link to them anyway. Maybe you are interested?

    Game On!

  9. Great site you have here! My name is Jesse. I just recently started a blog of my own, just about a month ago in fact. Something I realize now that I’m doing it that I should have stared years ago. My own blog doesn’t just cover retro gaming, but it’s in the same neighborhood, as I’ve pretty much set myself up with the cushy position “talk about anything I want, so long as it’s retro”.

    One of my main focuses is classic film and animation, because that is something I’m hugely passionate about. But something else I’m hugely passionate about is retro gaming, and I’ve already written two entries that deal just with gaming subjects, and another that touches upon it as a tie-in to an awesome toy line (ever hear of Monster in my Pocket?).

    But anywho, what you’re doing here is pretty awesome. I’ve already added you to my own links, as I’ve done with several others, and I’m always looking to introduce myself around and network as much as possible. No sense in doing this if you don’t do it all the way, right?

    I’d love for you to check out my own blog sometime:


    • Hey Jesse, thanks ^_^ I’m happy you enjoy my blog. Keep up the good work with you’re blog as well! :D
      Monster in my Pocket is a really fun game :D I didn’t know there were toys as well though..
      I subscribed to your blog through bloglovin ^^ That’s were I keep up with blogs that aren’t on wordpress ;D

  10. hello do no speak inglish but mi mensaje es: visita mi facebook y mira las cosas k te puedo ofrecer ala venta soy de lima peru….

  11. Hi,

    Your blog is awesome! I’ve also started collecting Famicom cartridges as well. I have also subscribed to you on Youtube (I’m PuppyDogToons on youtube). I was wondering, where did you get your copy of Doki! Doki! Yuuenchi? I’m really trying to get my hands on a copy. You’re so lucky that you have one!

    • Hi! Thanks ^_^ I think I found Doki! Doki! Yuuenchi when I was in Japan, at a store called Super Potato, but I might also have bought it on Ebay.. not sure. I have so many various sources of finding Famicom cartridges that it’s hard to keep track of where they all came from ;D

  12. You know, if you somehow find a copy of Fire Emblem 1 and Gaiden for the Famicom, and you also happen to have an extra Famicom, feel free to send it to me…I’ll put to use somehow, even though I won’t understand anything ;_; xD

    • Hehe well I need the Famicom’s I have, I only have 2 ;D
      I’ve seen Fire Emblem games many times but haven’t felt the need to get them yet since I don’t really enjoy RPG’s >-< I did however have a friend who sold Fire Emblem 1 for the Famicom but in English, they had modded the cart ^_^

  13. Hi, i really like your blog, i think it’s really cool! I’l be sure to follow you on twitter to keep up with all your updates. I have also sent you mail about partnering with your blog.Id be more than happy to share it with our visitors.

  14. hi. love the site. I was trying to find info on this game I found. It seems to be an unlicensed NES game. I can’t find any info on it except a very very rare Famicom counterpart.
    Any suggestions on retro gaming forums I can go to? NESworld seems to be dead.

  15. Love your site. Its rare to find someone with such a extensive collection of games that i actually care to hear about. I checked out your collection post and was shocked. Anyway, keep posting and check out my site sometime. I should have wayyy more post up soon & pictures of my collection so stop by sometime…

    • Thanks! I’ve been following your site for a while, it’s great to see other gaming enthusiasts spread their love for retro gaming online! I would love to see some pics of your collection :D
      What do you collect for mainly? We might be able to trade some time ^_^

      • Sounds AWESOME! I been following you for foreverr, and you collection is amazing…At the moment ive been trying to get my hands on complete versions of N64 & Famicom games. My favorites are the clam shell cases. Im probably gonna post pictures of my collection soon so keep an eye out. &what kind of games are trying to collect right now o:?

      • I’ll see what I have, I have A LOT of doubles for Famicom, but most of them are loose carts. And I might have some N64, but they’re all PAL. You’re NTSC right?
        For me I collect for any PAL system, boxed or cartridges (except for SNES where I prefer boxes). But also NTSC NES, Famicom, PC Engine, Super Famicom, Japanese SMD and Japanese SMS :) Game Boy and Atari 2600 are region free so that always works too ^_^

      • Yeah im NTSC. I have a few region free consoles, but just basic ones. My SNES, NES model 101, dreamcast, Sega CDX & a few hand held systems. This should be fun (: I never get to have discussions with real retro gamers lol.

      • Cool, then I might have more stuff that you could play ^^ I have a few NES doubles, Game Boy games and maybe a few for Dreamcast as well :) I could take a picture of some stuff and send to you :) Where should I send it?

  16. Hey! My friend emailed me a link to your blog the other day – awesome work! You need any easily accessible cheap games like Famista’s, etc? I’ll send you a couple if you want?!

  17. Hello there!

    I just stumbled upon your blog and I think your collection is amazing; more so, the way you display it in your room is very beautiful. I was wondering if I could ask for a suggestion: on my most recent trip to Japan I bought the original Chrono Trigger SNES cartridge and I would like to give it a special place in my room.

    I don’t have a huge collection like you do (I mean, I actually do, but it’s in my parent’s house), so I would need a way to creatively display it without making it look lost or completely out of context.

    Do you have any ideas? Suggestion? I like your style and any pointers would be appreciated, thanks!

  18. Hello there!

    I just stumbled upon your blog and I think your collection is amazing; more so, the way you display it in your room is very beautiful. I was wondering if I could ask for a suggestion: on my most recent trip to Japan I bought the original Chrono Trigger SNES cartridge and I would like to give it a special place in my room.

    I don’t have a huge collection like you do (I mean, I actually do, but it’s in my parent’s house), so I would need a way to creatively display it without making it look lost or completely out of context.

    Do you have any ideas? Suggestion? I like your style and any pointers would be appreciated, thanks!

  19. Hur vanligt är det med en tjej som är ofantligt snygg, älskar tv-spel, har en något fetare spelsamling än en själv och en vettig passion för Castlevania? ;)

    Förlåt mig, det är kanske fel ställe att skriva detta på, men jag kände mig tvungen. :)


  20. About 10 years ago I put an add on the swedish site Blocket.se for my SNES + Zelda: A Link To The Past boxed in good condition. A few days later a dark haired girl drove down to Malmö from, if I remember correctly, northern Skåne to buy it.

    By co-incidence I found this blog and realizes that my good old SNES probably couldn’t be in the hands of a better owner.

    Game on :p

  21. Awesome game libary lass! Sadly I had to sell most of my collection when I had girlfriend had our son 7 years ago but slowly and surely getting it back up again. Started off with the consoles, just need some damn games now :D

    Great to see the Atari 2600 :D My first every console when I was a lad, then moved on to the Amstard CPC and Commodore Amiga, and I saw ya had a 500 which is awesome, just a booooo to the C64 :P lol

    I been going in to my local charity shops and found a few bargins for my very small Sega Mega Drive collection but it shall get there. Just wish we had some retro shops here in Scotland.

    Keep up the great work :D

  22. Hi Heidi,

    Firstly, can I say I really like your website! You have a lot of great content and I’ve already latched onto your Twitter, Facebook and Instagram feeds!

    I’m writing to ask about spreading the word about my website: caveofmonsters.com. It’s a small site, administered only by myself, focusing on reviews of games (mostly retro) and game-related movies. It’s not been online long, and I’m constantly adding new material, and I’d appreciate any help you could give in helping me out. I’m happy to post a link to your blog on my links page too, if you’d like?

    Any feedback you have on the site in general would be greatly appreciated too.

    Kind regards

    Iain Clark

  23. Hey ! Did not think that pretty girls engaged in collecting trash ). You have an impressive collection ! I’m from Ukraine, is not easy to find a retro games here. Before the collapse of the Soviet Union in general not sold anything like that, but in 1990 the market flooded with chinese fakes. I have a small collection of cartridges for Sega Mega Drive, Game Boy (Color, Advance), NES, NDS, Game Gear. Also I have a blog in Russian but there is only one record yet. http://jnkyard.wordpress.com

  24. Hey Heidi, had a bit of a drama that might indirectly involve your beautiful collection, wondered if you could check your Facebook ‘other’ folder for my message?


  25. Hi Heidi,

    How are you?

    Great blog you’ve got here, i enjoined reading it.

    i’m Joep from Gamesfreak.net, a casual gaming website reaching 2.5 million visitors a month. We are looking for relevant websites and blogs to propose a partnership and your blog fits this idea perfectly.

    We are interested in placing a link on your website, would you be open for that?

    Please let me know if you’re interested in any kind of collaboration!

    Joep van Duinen

    Skype (joep.van.duinen)

    • Hey Joep, I’m glad you enjoy my blog, and thanks for the offer! Unfortunately I will have to turn it down, since I try to run an “ad-free” space where I just spread my love for retro gaming. The only links I share are those of friends and fellow bloggers that also write about retro games.

  26. Bonjour Heidi

    Quite impressive Blog (and collection) you have, it commands full respect.

    I’m Pierre, from the French community of Retrogamers named Pad&Retro and its associated website/blog , paderetro.com. I don’t know if French is your cup of tea, but hey! there are some beautiful retro pictures if you want to pick an eye someday. By the way, I suscribed to your blog.

    Last thing: You really need to have Mesopotamia on PC Engine: This game is so unique and crazy that it would be a crime to leave it aside.

    As we say over here : à plus, bisou. ;)

    • Hey!
      Thanks! I’m happy you enjoy my blog ^^

      French isn’t really my cup of tea, I studied German for 8 years though! LOL.. I did however have a french roommate for about 4 years, but I did not pick up much more than “Abo?!”… haha

      Your communities blog looks really nice ^_^ I followed it too, and I can look at the pictures ;D or use google translate!

      and thanks for the advice! I went straight to eBay and bought it ;D

      • Already? It was quick. Oo
        I tought you gave me the time to provide a quick preview of the game (planned for Tuesday), I miscalculated.

        I’ll be careful with my advices in the future. I noticed some excellent games missing from your collection, but if I make a list of it, you may nuke your bank account, hahaha

      • Haha of course ^_^ I had to eBay it to see what the prices where like on your recommendation and there was only one so I had to snatch it ^_^
        But please feel free to come with more suggestions! I might not buy them all at ones ;D

  27. Heidi do you have any suggestions for PC Engine HuCards for a newly aquired white PC Engine (I don’t have the CD attachment as of yet, just the console). Thank you for your insight as always


    • Sure! Here are a few that I enjoy ^_^ Atomic Robo-Kid, Barunba, Batman, Bōken Danshaku Don The Lost Sunheart, Coryoon, Download, Dragon Spirit, Genpei Touma Den, Gomola Speed, Mr. Heli no Daibouken, PC Denjin Punkic Cyborgs, Rabio Lepus Special, Saigo no Nindou (Ninja Spirit), Spin Pair (this one is amazing! if you like puzzle games), Solider Blade, Tora e no Michi (Tiger Road), and of course any Bomberman game ^_^

  28. hi im a v.game collector too:) i really love your stuff’s hope to see more collections from yours:D
    btw: do you have the complete series of gegege no kitaro? (famicom)

    hidan (philippines)

    • Thanks! I’m happy you enjoy my blog ^_^
      I have at least two gegege no kitaro games for the Famicom, I don’t know if there are more in the series? I also have one for the super Famicom :)

  29. good to hear that:) ive been collecting for almost 5 years specifically nintendo stuffs but more on japanese ones like famicom super famicom etc, its so hard to hunt famicom stuffs here in philippines, i wish i can go visit akihabara potato soon:D have u been here in phils?:D there are lots of collectors here

    • No I’ve never been to the Philippines.. :/
      Do you buy a lot of stuff online then? Like eBay?
      I’ve been collecting for a bit over 10 years now :D I just started with Japanese game in the last 4 or 5 years, before that it was mainly European PAL and American NTSC games

    • Hello hidan!
      I might be visiting the Philippines next year. Are there good place to go to shop for old retro video games? Do you get many of your games locally or mostly online (like ebay)?

  30. @segadude – nope not on ebay, mostly on flea markets, garage sales, 80% of my collections were bought on japan surplus here in phil its a store that sells stuffs that came from japan. 20% of my collection came from my friends relatives etc. let me know if your going to visit here ill give you a tour lol:D

    • That sounds excellent! I love when you can see what you’re buying in person and not have to deal with shipping costs.
      If I do end up going I will take you up on your offer! :D
      Do you have pictures of your collection on-line?

  31. LOL! I would love to but I don’t know if that’s an easy stop over :P
    I was sure Sweden and the Philippines were not close to each other but I looked again just to be certain :) Sure there is no Ocean sitting between the two countries (just a Sea) like there is between Sweden and Canada but it still looks pretty far!

  32. @segadude – yes i have some pics but its too old, ill try to update my collection this week. it is posted at famicomworld.com, ill add you on facebook give your e-add then ill post some pics on your wall:D

    @heide – am i welcome too?:3 i want to go visit your gameroom :D

  33. @heide – is it possible to post some pictures here on your comment box? and how?:D

    @segadude – send me your site ill try to post there:D

  34. @heidi – ok thanks ill post it soon:D i have to go now nice meeting you guys:D just keep in touch:D farewell for now:)))))))

  35. @stopXwhispering

    Well, thank you very much! :D

    I do remember a time when my collection was comparable in size to yours! Back when our blogs were new.

  36. Hi! Not only are you gorgeous, but a true, true, retro gamer … And did I mention gorgeous??? I love your blog, and your videos! Keep up the great work and keep collecting. Just make sure you always make time to play too… I sometimes forget to spend just a bit of time playing some of my retro games, rather then just collecting them.

    I am a HUGE Sega fan as well. Everything from the Master System, right up to the dreamcast, which still remains one of my favorite retro consoles. But I do like my Neo Geo and my all time favorite – my Commodore 64… Those were the days.

    • Thanks ^_^ I’m so happy to hear you enjoy reading my blog :D I do make time to play! ^^ My entire game room is made for gaming and friends love coming over to play with me ^__^
      The C64 is special :) I wish it didn’t have to load for 30 minutes before you could play though ;D I don’t have a Neo Geo AES yet, only the new X edition.. those games are soooo expensive! But I think I will start collecting for that too eventually ;D when I run out of cool games to catch for all the other systems ^^

      • So happy that you make time to play. You know, for the C64 there were a number of games available on cartridge, and the bulk of the library of games was also available on floppy disk, where that 30 minutes of load time, moves down to about 2-3 minutes of load time to play the games from 5.25″ floppy disks.

        There are also now great little add ons like the EasyFlash 3, etc.. that let you load games from this blank cartridge… I would suggest the a 1541 Disk Drive (or a 1571 Disk Drive) for the C64, you won’t regret it.

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  39. Hi, how are you?, first… Great blog, amazing collection, congratulations… My favorite videogame console, the 8 bits FAMICOM, this is very special to me… i play every weeks….
    I opened a famicom’s blog recently, (in spanish), famicomfc.blogspot.com/?m=1, i made a little manual, (how use a famicom out of japan), i’ll prepare more soon, congratulations for your blog again….And last non-offending you…. You are very pretty… ; ) (and yeah mu english sucks, jejeje)

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  41. Hello from France :D
    Exactly as me :D
    Child I used to dream when I saw the fantastic universe of Nintendo but life used to be very difficult but now I buy all the games I miss in my childhood :)
    Great blog and collection ;)
    I’m a new follower ;)

  42. Hello, great site! You’ve got an amazing collection.

    I’ve been working on a retro inspired 2.5D platformer called Space Safari. It’s being developed for PC, Mac, and Linux. We have a playable demo you can try out. I’d love to hear your thoughts on it. Please check it out:


    • Hey sorry for the late response! Space Safari looks great! :) I hope you’ll make it to steam! Unfortunately I don’t use steam, but if you ever make an Xbox One release I’ll get the game ;D

  43. Ingen dålig samling du skaffat dig, hittade din blogg på youtube från GamingGrannar =) Lite snålt med PS1 spel dock ;=)

  44. Hi Heidi,
    I am a big fan! I was very excited to see the latest videos and your gaming room and very impressive collection of games. I am a Sega master system fan with Wonder Boy being my favorite since childhood.
    Keep up the good work and keeping the retro cool and live :-) :-)

    • Hey Julian! Thanks!
      I love the Master System as well, unfortunately it doesn’t get enough attention in the retro gaming world in my opinion :( I shall make some posts about it to compensate ;D stay tuned!

  45. Hej jag har kopplat med den rödvitgula på två olika tv apparater som är platt tvs kan jag behöva en konverterar till hdmi ? Eller är det bästa bara att köpa en gamm tv?

    • Hmm, tror inte hdmi-konverterare löser problemet. Har iofs aldrig testat, men betvivlar det. Jag har bara ett problem när jag kopplar in min PC Engine Core Grafx till min LCD platt-TV, och det är att bilden blir svart-vit (eftersom TV:n uppenbarligen inte kan hantera NTSC). Däremot fungerar den hur bra som helst på alla andra gamla tjock-TV’s jag har. Ibland finns det flera ingångar för röd-vit-gul, den som alltid fungerar bäst för mig är den som sitter på sidan eller på framsidan. Om man försöker sätta i de röd-vit-gula via scart när det är en NTSC konsol så fungerar det sällan, men det brukar ju oftast visa sig i att bilden blir svart-vit. När du nu inte får bild alls så känns det som att något annat verkar fela.. kolla om du får den att fungera på en gammal tv om du kan.

      De absolut senaste TV-apparaterna har sällan komposit-utgång (röd-vit-gul)… de har den andra som är grön-blå-röd-vit (eller något sådant), där fungerar det INTE att koppla in gul-vit-röd. Hur gamla är dina platt-tvs?

  46. Har prövat på två platt tvs som har röda gula och vita uttag . Vet dock inte hur gamla dom är . Har prövat på en tjock tv som bara har scart ingen reaktion där heller. Antar iaf att allt jag fick med till pc engine fungerar eftersom säljaren var väldigt seriös, men klart alla kan ju göra misstag . Har läst någonstans att det är samma uttag på några sega konsoler om det nu är så tror du en sådan rgb kabel(scart) kan fungera?

    • Vart har du köpt konsolen ifrån? Har du fått en korrekt strömadaptor till den? Så du inte bara stoppat in den i svenska eluttag (då de ger mer ström än vad japan/usa har i sina). Det kan förstöra maskinen :/
      Sega Master System ser ut att ha en likadan ingång till sladden ja, har dock inte testat om det fungerar. Men går det in med Scart i TV:n så är jag ganska säker att bilden blir svart/vit (brukar nämligen bara fungera med NTSC konsoler i AV3 ingången, den som är röd-vit-gul på framsidan/sidan).

  47. Hi Heidi,
    I recently ran into your blog and I have to say that it’s awesome! I will definitely follow :) btw… I am finishing my diploma thesis which focuses on (video)game industry / journalism… and it would be great if I can include your opinion on the games, so I just want to ask if it’s eventually possible to send you one or two questions. Thank you! :)

    • Thanks! Wow I was sure I had written about my Amiga 500 back when I got it! But I seem to have missed that! I will get right to it, the next thing you’ll see on here will be Amiga. I promise ;D

  48. Hi Heidi
    I’m Raffaele and you have a great collections. I love N64 and not only this.
    Ciao dall’Italia :)

  49. Hi Heidi! You are cool. Thank you for sharing your passion.

    I wanted to share a product with you to see if you’d be interested in spreading the word. I would also love to send you a free sample if you want to do a review for yourself.

    It’s an upgrade from q-tips for cleaning retro game carts. http://www.1UPcard.com Please let me know if it’s something you’d like to share and I can provide copy, images, a banner, etc.

    Do you think it’s worthy of providing a link on your site? Feel free to take any images or text from 1upcard.com Thanks! Adam

  50. Hiya!

    My name is Jess and I’m a journalist and podcast producer at BreakThru Radio, a multi-media platform covering independent news. One of the podcasts I host is called Biology of the Blog and revolves around interviewing one awesome blogger (such as yourself!) every week on the show. I’m wondering if you might be willing to come on air as a guest speaker in the next couple weeks and chat about Retro Video Gaming?

    The interview is not done live (don’t worry), so I can edit out any verbal pauses. I’ve found the best medium is Skype (mine) to phone (yours), and can give you a call from our studio.

    If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, please send me a reply along with some idea of availability over the next week or so and we can figure out more details.

    Thanks so much for your time and consideration!


    Jess Goulart

  51. Snygg samling! Håller på att starta upp min på riktigt efter mycket velande om vad jag ska inrikta mig på, innan jag kom fram till spel :P Det som är skönt med att vara spelande samlare är att man aldrig behöver leta efter förseglade utgåvor, amiright? ;)

  52. Hello Heidi,

    My name is Dustin and I operate a retro gaming website, which primarily focuses on PC gaming but I will occasionally post about other platforms as well. I provide resources for the gamer who cannot always afford new, cutting edge video games and consoles.

    I was curious if you would be interested in becoming affiliated with my site, and vice versa. All you’d have to do is link to my blog, and I’ll link to yours. I’ll even do a guest post article on your site if you would like. If you do want to become partners, that would be cool. Just visit retrobudget.com and decide for yourself. If you’re not interested, that’s okay, and I’ll understand. My contact information can be found on my About Me page.

    Thank you in advance for at least seeing this message.


    • Hey Dustin,
      thanks for the offer, you have a good idea there, keep working on it! Unfortunately I only link to a few friends and sites that are console retro game related. I’m not a PC gamer ;)
      Kind regards

  53. Hello Heidi,

    I’ve just been listening to the Retro Asylum podcast you were on and I was wondering if you would be interested in some N-Gage games for your collection? It’s not a complete collection by any means, but I do have around 20 or so games.

    Kindest regards,


  54. Brace yourself…Metro readers incoming xD…

    Hello Heidi and thank you for the amazing tour of your room. Hope you keep and enjoy it as long as you can. I’ve seen alot of people trying to gather games like you did (I’d love to have a game-room as well, but I’m gonna stick with my Digital Archive version of every game :) , I know I know it doesn’t beat the real deal ^_^ but space wise beats everything xD ) but alas, many resolve in giving it away because “life” comes by :)

    So anyway, keep it up, love the room, and keep gaming. If you have the time or the feel for gaming please drop by the Holy Order of Gamers on Facebook. We try to keep it as serios as games can be :)

    • Haha yeah omg! I’ve had an enormous amount of visitors these last few days XD

      I will keep it forever, it’s not just a hobby, it’s a passion on the verge of obsession ;D I want my future kids and grandkids to be able to enjoy all the games I never got to play when I was a kid!

  55. Hi Heidi
    What an amazing collection and a fantastic set-up, brilliant.
    Actually, you got me thinking of all the classic games I used to play, Space Invaders, Pac-man, Missile Command, Vanguard, Firebird, Astro Wars, Ladybird, Frogger, Phoenix…my day as well and truly been side-tracked! :-)

  56. Hey, really cool blog. I am selling my Atari Video Music on Ebay and I am trying to get the word out. If you happen to know anyone out there interested please could you pass this on ? Thanks and I hope it’s ok I posted on here. Thanks and Happy 2016.

  57. Hi heidi, Amazing collection ! i was same you when kid, just had floppy disc with stickers of games lol !! , reading like a religion games magazines (my imagination were limitless !), at my first job i bought Atari ST, after Amiga 500,,,,1200,,, CD 32,,,, it was marvelous years !
    and last years after 23 years i bought Amiga CD 32 on Ebay (i sold her in 1993 cause no games and commodore bankrupt :( ) , i was lucky for this cause had many games packed with and the sellers wanted to sold to only a collector person ! I am good take care ;) .
    you should look about amiga, CD32 is interresting for compilations
    (but i know you prefer original), for Amiga or Atari, i could help you for find good games but i don’t know what kind of games you like ? ALL ? OK ;) at home have ps-vita, ps4 white ^^ and CD32, i so poor lol !
    first time i see your blog (by searching another blog lol !! ) it’s HUGE !
    see you later And Give Games TO The Kids !!!!
    ps : sweden nice country, DICE have made the best pinball on Amiga, god bless sweden ! and good luck for EUrovision contest :)
    peter from France.

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  59. Pingback: Where To Buy Retro Games In The UK (and anywhere else) – Musings of a Mario Minion

  60. Heeeeeeelo Heidi(can’t stop whispering because you are cute, sorry),

    You have a nice site, I came here by UOL.com.br post and I am surprised that there is a He Man game to many platforms….my favorite hero from childhood…AWESOME!

    You are an inspiration(…and, again, cute)


    Mauricio(sorry for the bad english)

  61. Hi Heidi …
    Beautiful collection and great work with your game room!
    I am a small collector of games in Brazil. I do not have even one tenth of the games you have … rsss
    Congratulations and all the best for you.

  62. Heya! If you want to play some retro games or try how a mana potion tastes, swing by n3rds bar in stockholm.

    We have a mini xmas flea market the 16th dec.

    Check out our homepage or visit us at bondegatan 1 c.

  63. Hello ✋,

    Just moved in to my new house where would be best to start looking to buy classic nes and snes stuff.

    • There’s always eBay, but depending on where you live there might be local retro video game stores in your area or online in your country :) you can always check flea markets as well, but it’s getting harder to score retro games that way

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