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Samurai Spirits for Game Boy

Recently I connected my new Super Game Boy 2 to my Super Famicom to see that it worked, and I ended up playing a fighting game! Very unlike me since I usually never enjoy fighting games, I find them pointless and I don’t like memorizing combos or just button mashing. However, Samurai Spirits was very cute, and since I beat a few guys in the beginning it kept me going ^_^

Samurai Spirits - Game Boiy box_800
The box art is really pretty ^_^ I bought it just for that I think, I’ve had it a long time, but basically just started the game before to make sure it worked.

Samurai Spirits Game Boy Cartridge
It’s in pretty good condition, but the manual is a bit bent. I scanned some of the pages though, with all the character info. I don’t know much about fighting games, but perhaps someone will find it interesting ^_^ I do know that there’s been more Samurai Fighting games, I have Samurai Showdown for the Xbox 360, and also a Samurai Shodown for the Sega Mega Drive. It’s the same looking guy on the cover so I guess they’re sequels ;D

samurai spirits gameboy manual1 samurai spirits gameboy manual2 samurai spirits gameboy manual3

If anyone wonders what their names are I can read it ^^ I played as Tachibana Ukyo.

Samurai Spirits - Game Boy - character tachibana ukyo

and here’s some more screenshots from the game:
Samurai Spirits - Game Boy - stage1 Samurai Spirits - Game Boy - stage Samurai Spirits - Game Boy - smack Samurai Spirits - Game Boy - intro Samurai Spirits - Game Boy - intro2 Samurai Spirits - Game Boy - brawl Samurai Spirits - Game Boy - character select Samurai Spirits - Game Boy - bonus stage Samurai Spirits - Game Boy - evil villain Samurai Spirits - Game Boy - versus

Once I had beaten about 5 opponents I got to meet the same character as myself, and he kicked my ass >_< That’s when I gave up…
Samurai Spirits - Game Boy - vs nega