Retro Gaming Events & Conventions in Sweden

A lot of people have asked me if I know a place where you can find a calendar of all the Retro Gaming related events and conventions in Sweden, I don’t, but I can make one! ^_^ I’ve made a short calendar on the right side of the page, but also this page where I’ll update as soon as I find out about new conventions or events that are retro game related! If you know or hear about any events feel free to drop a comment and I’ll add it to the list :D

Upcoming retro game events & conventions in Sweden:

Retro Game Events Sweden


APRIL 8th – 9th
Gothenburg / Göteborg
Sci-Fi world is a sci-fi convention but there are usually 1-2 retro game vendors selling some retro games and there’s loads of nerdy merch to indulge in ^_^
See posts from Sci-Fi World 2015

APRIL 29th
Gothenburg / Göteborg
Retrospelsmässan is one of the most popular retro gaming conventions in Sweden. It’s coming back after taking a break for a year! Now even bigger and hopefully even better if possible XD
See posts from Retrospelsmässan 2015 >>

MAY 25-27th
A gaming convention up north in Sweden, more focused on board games, role playing games and e-sports etc. They have some Pinball and video games there as well though ^_^

A retro gaming festival (convention) in the southern part of Sweden, has been running for 3 years now. Loads of games for sale, games to be played (both arcade and console), and usually some fun competitions and events ^_^
See posts from previous Retrospelsfestivalen >>

To be announced, fall/winter 2017
Retro gathering is a pure retro game and vintage computer convention, the longest running one in Sweden. Here you can find anything from old C64 and Spectrum to Nintendo and PS2
See posts from Retro Gathering 2016 >>


Past events that will most likely come back next year:
RETRO GAMES, Stockholm
COMICCON, Stockholm
COMICCON, Copenhagen


Apart from these events there’s of course a lot of permanent retro game inspired places to visit, I will fill up the list below with places that are worth a visit for any retro game enthusiast ^_^

A video game museum filled with history of video games, and also playable games, both arcades and consoles :) See some pics from it here >>

HEY ARCADE @ Roq bar, Stockholm
An extensive arcade with loads of machines, everything from classic shmups to the great rhythm and music arcades from Japan ^_^ Read about my visit here >>

CAFÉ PÅ BIT, Skellefteå
A really cute café filled with retro games and some arcades that you can pay to play and retro games that you can buy ^_^ Read about my visit here >>

MACKAPÄR, Gothenburg
A vintage retro store containing everything from cool furniture and accessories to obscure retro video games :D

SPEL & SÅNT, Norrtälje
A video game store that also holds loads of retro games

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