Here’s my trading page. These are all the doubles I have that I am willing to either SELL or TRADE for something I don’t have ^_^ They are sorted by console, so here’s both Sega, Nintendo and various system games. Leave a comment if you’re interest in something. (All the pictures and scans are of the actual game for sale). All games have been tested and work perfectly if nothing else is stated. If you’re interested in something on here feel free to leave a comment or send me an email ^_^

[Edit 2016-02-22] I’m making an updated list of all my doubles here in text, I will try and make some time to take photos of them and upload here eventually :) I will also double check the list against my games later this week, but I’m assuming that most of it should be correct.



♢ Astro Rabby  アストロラビー JP Cartridge
♢ Bomber Boy  ボンバーボーイ JP Complete
♢ Pokémon Special Pikachu Edition Yellow Cartridge
♢ The Legend of Zelda Oracle of Ages PAL Box & Manual only!



Bad Street Brawler NTSC Cartridge
Darkwing Duck PAL Complete
Dragon’s Lair PAL Cartridge
Operation Wolf NTSC Cartridge
Rescue PAL Cartridge
♢ Star Force PAL Cartridge
♢ Super Mario Bros / Duck Hunt NTSC Cartridge
♢ The Flintstones The Rescue of Dino & Hoppy PAL Cartridge
♢ The Goonies II PAL Cartridge
♢ Top Gun NTSC Cartridge
♢ Track & Field II PAL Boxed



♢ Gods PAL Cartridge
♢ Super Star Wars PAL Cartridge
♢ Super Star Wars Return of the Jedi PAL Cartridge



♢ Castlevania Vampire’s Kiss  悪魔城ドラクラXX JP Complete
♢ Chou Makai Taisen Dorabocchan  超魔界大戦どらぼっちゃん JP Cartridge
♢ Final Fight 2  ファイナルファイト2 JP Cartridge
♢ Mario’s Super Picross  マリオのスーパーピクロス JP Complete
♢ Pop´n Twinbee  ポップんツインビー JP Cartridge
♢ Street Fighter II  ストリートファイター2 JP Complete
♢ Super Castlevania 4  悪魔城ドラクラ JP Complete
♢ Super Puyo Puyo  スーパーぷよぷよ JP Cartridge
♢ Super Puyo Puyo 2 Remix  スーパーぷよぷよリミックス JP Cartridge
♢ World Heroes 2  ワールドヒーローズ JP Cartridge



♢ Castlevania 64 PAL Complete
♢ Pokémon Snap PAL Cartridge
♢ Pokémon Snap PAL Complete
♢ Super Mario 64  PAL Cartridge
♢ Wetrix PAL Cartridge



♢ Asterix PAL Complete
♢ Columns PAL Complete



♢ Aladdin PAL Complete
♢ Alex Kidd Tenkuu Majou  アレックスキッド天空魔城 PAL Complete
♢ Columns III  コルンスIII PAL Complete
♢ Earthworm Jim 2 PAL Boxed
♢ Eternal Champions PAL Complete
♢ Landstalker  ランドストーカー PAL Complete
♢ Magical Tarurutokun  まじかるタルるーとくん PAL Boxed
♢ Ragnacenty  新創世紀ラグナセンティ PAL Cartridge
♢ Sonic The Hedgehog PAL
♢ Sonic 2 PAL
♢ Strider Hiryu  ストライダー飛竜I JP Complete
♢ Strider Hiryu  ストライダー飛竜I JP Complete
♢ Tanto-R  タントアール PAL Complete



♢ Blodia  ブロディア HU Complete
♢ PC Genjin 2  PC原人2 HU Card
♢ Sotsugyou 2 Neo Generation 卒業Ⅱ ネオ・ジェネレーション CD Complete



♢ Last Ninja 2 Big paper box – Cassette Complete
♢ Stairways Cassette New



♢ Pool Cassette Complete
♢ Stonkers Cassette Complete



♢ 1 Race / Spin-out / Cryptogram Complete
♢ 4 Air-Sea War / Battle Cartridge
♢ 18 Laser War Cartridge
♢ 39 Freedom Fighters Cartridge
♢ 44 Crazy Chase Cartridge


ATARI 2600

♢ Asteroids Cartridge
♢ Basketball Cartridge
♢ Bowling Cartridge
♢ Defender Cartridge
♢ Dodge ’em Cartridge
♢ Donkey Kong Cartridge
♢ Football Cartridge
♢ Jungle Hunt Cartridge
♢ Kaboom! Cartridge
♢ Moon Patrol Cartridge
♢ Pac-Man Cartridge
♢ Raiders of the Lost Ark Cartridge
♢ River Raid Cartridge
♢ Star Raiders Cartridge
♢ Star Voyager Cartridge
♢ Super Breakout Cartridge
♢ Swordquest Earthworld Cartridge
♢ Video Pinball Cartridge
♢ Warlords Cartridge
♢ Yar’s Revenge Cartridge

29 thoughts on “GAMES FOR TRADE

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  2. duno if my first comment worked so here is another. would you trade my sonic on the megadrive for Taz??

    Also please feel free to email in regards to guest posting if thats okay.

    Retro Games for Life!!!!

  3. Can you please avail me with the rockman 3 game??
    would happily trade my contra 2 complete collection i.e. in that you can select the gun you want and the number of lives you want (3&30)

    • Unfortunately I only have one Rockman 3 game and I’m keeping that for my collection.. I will however update the trading site soon with lots of new Famicom carts that I have doubles of ^_^

      • Oooh man! tough luck. This was amongst my favorite 8-bit game. Me and my brothers even figured out the cheat code in that game.
        Anyway, thank you for your help. If possible can you try to look it up for me at a reasonable price?

  4. Dear sister Heidi
    my name is mouhssine from casablanca/morocco
    and i’m a famicom fan
    i’m interested of your collection
    good work sister^^
    i have some famicom cartidges
    if you want change some cartidges with me
    tell me and i’ll be happy^^
    nice to meet you sister^^

      • Here in Ecuador we dont have original cartridges, there are a lots of cheap chinnese hack ugly games. can you send me a email whit the price? ajdi.arq (at)

      • I don’t mind trading for chinese hack games ;D We don’t see a lot of those here, if they have nice cover art or are weird it’s just fun :)
        I’ve sent you an email now ^_^

  5. Hey what’s up, Yea I starting collecting the stuff I played or always wanted to play when I was a kid. I’m a big gamer and a casual collector myself.
    I am a bit interested in astrix for SMS…what are some types of games you’ll consider trading? or price for it?

  6. Hello Heidi, I’m new to collecting and found you on Instagram. What advice do you have for a new collector starting out?

    • Sorry for the late reply Chris, I must have completely missed this comment O_o
      I hope you’re still into collecting retro games! It’s loads of fun ^_^ Some people think the hunt is the most thrilling part, I like it, but what I’m really into is trying out all the games I’ve never played before ^_^
      Advice, I don’t know, the market and retro gaming scene is very different today than what it was when I started 14+ years ago.. price have gone up since a lot of people have started collecting, but that also means that a lot more retro games have resurfaced.
      You can find retro games from anywhere between facebook/eBay/online store to flea markets in the wild and dedicated conventions. Try and see if there are any retro gaming conventions close to you :) That’s a good way to make connections with other collectors and get good advice :)
      Good luck! And let me know if you have any other questions ^_^

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  8. Hi! what are you looking to trade/sell your Castlevania Vampire’s Kiss 悪魔城ドラクラXX for? shoot me an email and let me know?

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