Contra Spirits and Super Aleste for Super Famicom!

Yesterday I got a package with two Super Famicom (Japanese SNES) games that I bought recently ^_^ Complete in box Contra Spirits and Super Aleste! I tried them both out and damn they were fun games!! :D Totally worth the money ^^ I paid approximately 59$ for Contra Spirits and 44$ for Super Aleste.

Contra Spirits is much like the previous Contra games. I really enjoyed it ^_^ Lots of enemies and power-ups and best of all, 2-player co-op mode! :D

How manly isn’t this?! :D

You even get to drive a tank!

It’s really hard though, even when playing 2-player. I only made it to the third stage, but man! That second stage was hard!!!

The second stage is top view and it took a while to get used to the controls. You turn your character with the L & R buttons on the SNES controller. Pressing both simultaneously will make him spin and shoot in all directions for a second or two.

I died many times on this stage, but eventually I managed to kill the second boss!

He just spins around like crazy and you have to back up constantly to avoid him hitting you. He even jump-attacks you, covering the whole screen.

On the third stage I gave up after killing this mid-boss thingy.. when he died rockets came out of nowhere and killed me >_< I will give it another go when my friend NinjaBrite is here, we are kickass when playing Contra together ^_^

Super Aleste is a really cool shmup (shoot ’em up). It’s really fast, filled with power-ups, barriers and enemies to shoot ^_^ However, we didn’t manage to get past the first boss yet >_< super haaard!

This part of the intro cracks me up (^∇^)

Nope, you can not fly through that thing.. shoot it!

Great games, if you ever come across them, pick them up :D

New retro game trading page! Check it out! :D

All my games that I have doubles of are now organized, photographed and published on my blog! You can find it here on my GAMES FOR TRADE page!

You can always find this logo on my start page:

It will take you straight to the list of games that are up for trade ^_^

If there’s anything you are interested in leave a comment on the trading page!

There’s already loads of games and more will come ^^  So what are you waiting for? Go check it out! :D

Package in the mail today! Atari, Sega, PC Engine & Atomic Robo-kid!

Today I got two packages in the mail. It was a treat since I had totally forgot what it was that I had bought ^_^ (Yes my memory is sometimes like the one of a goldfish >_<) Anyway, the first package came in a padded envelope, inside was this really convenient box for the size of a CD case! (Yes, small details and things like this amazes me…)

And in the package was also what looked like a 10.000 ¥en bill?!

But this turned out to be a printed thank-you-for-buying-note! Really clever ^_^ Thank you Game Sensei! It was a true pleasure doing business with you :D And below you can see that the game I had bought was Atomic Robo-kid for PC Engine!

So I tried this game out tonight, and it was a blast!! A great horizontal shooter, with this cute Atomic Robo-kid sprite and cool powerups! It was really fast and fun!

Below follows a montage with screenshots and gifs I made from gameplay footage ^_^ All images are clickable to view larger :)

I got to the second boss, but then I got a Game Over after having used up all my continues >.< It was quite hard, but I will try to give it another go soon ^_^ In the second package I got two Sega games, Gangster Town for Sega Master System and Slime World for Sega Mega Drive. I’ve been looking for Slime World since I saw that TheSegaDude had gotten it ;D And I finally found a decent japanese copy of the game. Can’t wait to try it out! :D

I love the boxart for Slime World!! I have no idea what Gangster Town is.. it was dirt cheap! so I bought it…

Two other games were hiding in the second package! Star Wars Jedi Arena and Millipede for Atari 2600! Millipede also had a manual, something I was not even aware of when I bought it on Ebay ^_^ It’s huuuuge compared to the actual game haha! :D

The Millipede manual actual contains some hints to this incredibly frustrating game ;D It says:
Make sure you keep your eye on the millipede while you’re getting rid of the other pests. The millipede can sneak up on you if you’re not careful (NO SHIT!) so keep it under control.
… Each insect has its own unique sound so listen closely and you can anticipate what will be coming next! 
(I actually did not know that! Did you?)

PC Engine collection

Now I’ve finished a page on my PC Engine collection! So far I only have 53 games for the system, but it’s been growing fast ^_^ So I’ll keep updating the collection!
Some of my favorite games that I have for the PC Engine so far are:

Castlevania Rondo of Blood
This one mainly because it is a great addition to my Castlevania Collection, I haven’t been able to try it out yet since I don’t have the CD addition to the PC Engine or the DUO. >_< But I’ll hopefully have one soon!

Adventure Island
A really fun action platform adventure!

Final Soldier
A great vertical shooter!

This game I beat a few weeks ago, and it’s got some great music and the gameplay is really fun and different for a Batman game! :D

Dragon Saber
Great vertical shooter where you play as a dragon, it’s the sequel to Dragon Spirit which is also awesome ^_^

Genpei Toumaden
This game is both an overhead platformer and a sidescrolling platformer in 2 different sizes. It’s really challenging but also really fun!

Jinmu Denshou
This game is a lot like Space Harrier in the way you’re flying into the screen, but instead of shooting you have a sword to hit enemies with. Quite interesting, but also hard.

Makyou Densetsu (The Legendary Axe)
A fun action platformer! With awesome music! :D

Just soooooo much better than the Famicom version!!!

And I have loads more great games for the PC Engine, like R-Type, Rastan Saga II, Sokoban World, Space Harrier, Super Star Soldier, Tiger Road…

Check out my PC Engine Collection >>

New Famicom additions: Airwolf, Dragon Spirit, Flipull, Holy Diver etc

I’m working on updating my Famicom Library with all my recent purchases.. it is time consuming >_< So far I’ve made it up to “K”. Among these new games are:
Anpanman Minna de Hiking Game!
Arabian Dream Scheherezade
Boulder Dash
Dark Lord
Dragon Spirit
Family Jockey
Family Tennis
Famista ’91
Final Fantasy 1 2
Flipull An Exciting Cube Game
Ganbare Goemon Gaiden Kieta Ougon Kiseru
Gun Sight
Hirake Ponkikki
Holy Diver
Hydlide Special
Jinsei Gekijou 3
Kero Kero Keroppi no Daibouken
Kiteretsu Daihyakka
Kyuukyoku Harakiri Stadium

Games I’d like to mention:

A fun shooter ^_^

Arabian Dream Scheherezade
I like the artwork, it’s an adventure game, wasn’t quite as fun as I had hoped though..

Boulder Dash
A classic puzzle platforming game, I love this game ^_^

Dragon Spirit
This is a really great shooter from Namco, where you play as a Dragon! :D

Flipull: An Exciting Cube Game
Is just what it says, an exciting cube game ;D Well, it’s a decent puzzle at least ^_^

Ganbare Goemon Gaiden Kieta Ougon Kiseru
Now I think I have all the Goemon games for the Famicom, but I’m not sure..

Gun Sight
A shooter to fill out my Konami collection ^_^ It’s in really nice condition!

Holy Diver
A really great platforming game! Lots of fun :D

And last but not least I’m gonna mention a timeless classic:

This game never gets old! It’s just so much fun to run around on an ostrich and flap about :D

Check out all the other newly added games in my Famicom Collection >>

I have simultaneously been working on a PC Engine collection library, I have so far scanned all the games I have and I’m working on a page for it as well :) coming soon!!

NES controller + camera + photoshop!

I have another photo shoot that I am working on, it’s all my various Game Boys playing outdoors! :D Coming soon, meanwhile here’s a NES controller I also took a pic of and played around a bit with ^_^

Original picture and photoshop cutout:

Finished results: