Parodius, Don Doko Don and more!!

Today I got a package of Famicom games I had bought through a Swedish auction site. First of all four Famicom cartridges, Parodius Da!, Bokosuka Wars, Don Doko Don 2 and Insector X.

And also some Famicom Disk games; Gall Force, Gyruss, Arumana No Kiseki, Falsion and Kiki Kaikai: Dotou Hen with a guidebook:

I can’t wait to try them all out! :D But that will have to wait until tomorrow, since I spent this evening watching Iron Sky (a Finnish/German/American movie set in 2018 about Nazis who had been hiding on the dark side of the moon since 1945).. interesting..

I also got an early birthday present from my favorite japanese import game seller :D He had included a Hudson Turbo Controller for the Famicom  ^__^ YAY!  Perfect for all the shooters I have just bought :D

GameStop bargains!

I went to GameStop recently and found quite a few bargains ^_^
First of all I bought Catherine, the special edition, since it only cost like 6 USD more than just the used game (!) And I had been wanting to get this game since I’ve heard so many good thing about it ^_^ So here it is!

And in the special edition you also got a T-shirt, a pizza box, coasters and some other things.. haven’t opened it up yet, will probably try it out next week :)

I also bought a bunch of used games super cheap, like between 4 and 11 USD per game.

The games were: Brütal Legend, Bionic Commando, Perfect Dark Zero & Looney Toons Acme Arsenal for Xbox and Patapon, Patapon 2, Activision Hits remixes and Mega Minis volume 2 for PSP. I don’t actually own a PSP yet, but hopefully I’ll get one for my birthday next saturday! :D I was thinking of getting a PS Vita, but then I read that it wasn’t backwards compatible, and that’s a problem for me since I have this Castlevania game for the PSP that I have been wanting to play for a long time!!

Castlevania The Dracula X Chronicles…. Rondo of Blood

I have also already gotten an early birthday gift from one of my Gamer Girl’s who was here last weekend, a T-shirt from the men’s department at H&M!

It was XS though so it fit perfectly ^_^

Famicom Pillow!!!

Yay! Today I got a parcel! I had forgotten what it was, and I was super happy when I remembered! :D
I had bought a customized Famicom Pillow from Lucy Sparrow!  She makes all kinds of cool stuff out of felt ^_^ But I really think my Famicom Pillow is the best :D

Even my cat loves the pillow (and this cat usually hates change…)

She is even guarding the famicom pillow now, my famicom pillow guardian!!

Thank you Lucy, I’m super happy! And I really liked the bonus hand grenade keychain ^_^ Super cuuuute!

You should check out her shop, lots of cool stuff made out of felt!

Game inspired drinks

I got incredibly inspired by this weekends gaming related drinks so I decided to make up a few of my own, based on some of my favorite games and characters ^_^ Here they are:

Flicky with Chirp shots
1/4 Blue Curacao
1/4 Bacardi Razz
2/4 Fanta Lemon
Mix the Blue Curacao and Bacardi Razz, shake with ice and pour into a glass. Top it off with the Fanta Lemon.
Chirp shot
2/3 Mango Liqueur
1/3 Pineapple drink mix (could also work with pineapple juice)
Mix the ingredients together and shake it with ice, then pour into a shot glass.

Jade (from Beyond Good & Evil)
1/4 Apple Sourz
1/4 Cointreu
2/4 Sprite
Mix Apple Sourz with the Cointreu, shake with ice. Pour into a tall glass and top it off with Sprite. (If the apple sour doesn’t add enough green to the drink then add some caramel color)

Chocobo (from Final Fantasy)
1/2 Rose’s Lime Juice Cordial
1/2 Pineapple Liqueur
Pour together, shake it and add a slice of lemon on top.

Vampire’s Kiss (Castlevania)
1/2 Red Wine (or Port wine if you prefer it sweeter)
1/2 Passoa (Passion fruit liqueur)
Stir the ingredients together and pour into a small wine glass. I tied a black ribbon into a bow on the foot and attached a blood red flower on it to get that gothic romantic touch. If you fail to get the ribbon to stick to the top of the foot then it’s ok, it looks good when it’s at the bottom as well:

I love making drinks, and I had even more ideas for gaming drinks tonight, but my boyfriend didn’t wanna help me finish drinking all the drinks so I had to stop at these >_<

Girl’s Gaming Weekend!

So here’s what we’ve been up to this weekend..
Like usual we get stuck playing only on the Xbox the whole weekend since it offers such a wide variety of gaming ^_^

We played a lot of retail games, but also lots of XBLA. Here’s the retail games we played:

We started off with “Sonic Sega All-Stars Racing with Banjo-Kazooie” (wasn’t just Sega All-Stars Racing enough for a title??). It was an entertaining game though, a good racer, kind of like Mario Kart. However it got boring after we’d tried all the varieties of gameplay such as racing, capture the flag, king of the hill, battle etc..

Next up was DeBlob 2, it said it was 2 player co-op, however the second player didn’t earn achievements and was just an animated little dot on the screen which could help out collect shit.. that was a disappointment, but we still played it for a while before our fourth player arrived. We took turns just painting the cities, it was a bit too child-friendly though. The tutorials were constant! And you couldn’t turn them off >_<

No shit?! That’s only the 25th switch we’ve encountered!!!

While waiting for MissDeluxxe to arrive, we played some old arcades games through Game Room on Xbox. We took turns battling in several old arcade classics from Atari and Intellivision.

Such as Armor Battle, where you have to take out each others tanks. A lot of fun!

Also Combat where we tried out several different game types fighting with tanks, helicopters or planes. This is also a great game! and very hard since you can shoot through the walls and the bullets come out the other side, not easy avoiding your enemies’ bullets!

And last but not least Outlaw! A lot of fun since you can bounce your bullets on the walls and make them go diagonally. You are stuck on each side of an obstacle in the middle and have to try and shoot each other. As soon as you fire a shot you are frozen in your spot for a few seconds, so you have to make sure to fire first ;D

After our fourth player had arrived we played Fairytale Fights, and continued from where we last left off (read more about Fairytale Fights here). This time we finished the game. The ending wasn’t as entertaining as we had hoped and the last boss was pathetic >_<

My Gaming Girls ^_^

Lastly friday night we played some Scene It?, a movie quiz game. Quite entertaining, but the commentary voice all through the game are extremely annoying >_<

Saturday we started playing a new XBLA game with South Park called South Park: Tenorman’s Revenge! This game was a lot of fun! The creators of South Park is involved in the game, so it’s the original voices, stories and characters from the show and a lot of comedy ^_^ It’s a side scrolling platformer, the controls are smooth and you play as Cartman, Kyle, Kenny and Stan. They all have a special power which you can unlock during certain stages when it is needed. Cartman can turn into the Coon and climb walls, Kyle turns into the Human Kite and can fly short distances, Kenny turns into Mysterion and can turn immortal and Stan turns into the Toolshed, where he gets a tool belt so he can gain access to certain areas. I strongly recommend this game, we had a lot of fun, and weren’t able to finish it since it’s pretty long! It was everybody’s favorite of the weekend!

After this there was some DJ Hero, it makes you feel incredibly cool turning those tables ;D Two of the girls had never played it before, and they got pretty good at it quite fast ^_^

My friend NinjaBrite had brought her C3PO controller, she just got the Star Wars Xbox.. I have to get that too! It would be my fourth Xbox.. but it’s soooo cooool! :D

We ended Saturday evening playing Fable Heroes for XBLA. I finally managed to get that achievement where you have to button mash your way through the mine cart race in under 13 seconds!! We had been trying to get this so many times previously and never succeeded (I don’t know if it might have been thanks to the drinks this time) ;D but I also unlocked it for my friend ^_^

On Sunday we played some Kinect games. We tried Rabbids Alive & Kicking for the first time, it was a hoot! ^_^ I like the Rayman Raving Rabbids games, they’re always great fun when you’re with friends :) They’ve mainly been around for the Wii though, because of the motion control, except one which was released for the Xbox 360 as well, but this one wasn’t as fun when you had to use the regular controller. So now I’m happy they released one for the Kinect! It had a little too much and too long “in-between-actual-gameplay-scenes” but other than that the mini games were fun. There was one where you had to play a guitar, you had to hold your hand on the correct color of the guitar-neck and strike at the right time when matching colors fell down. And a bunch of other games where you just had to jump and stomp or wave your arms around like crazy ^_^

Playing Kinect sure makes you look retarded ;D hahaha

We also tried out an XBLA Kinect game called Hole in the Wall. This game was not very smoothly programmed though, we had bugs all the time and it hardly worked playing it..

We all just kept failing and falling into the water.. we gave up after a few rounds..

After this my Gaming Girl’s had to go home. We had a great weekend though and are already planning the next get-together ^_^

Girl’s Gaming Drinks!

During our Girl’s Gaming Weekend we’ve been having quite a lot of drinks, and what is better than gaming related liquid goodness! ;D
Thanks to The Drunken Moogle I found inspiration to many fun drinks! Here are some of the drinks we had this weekend, you can find a link to the original ingredients under each drink, however I changed some of them a little bit to make them even tastier in my opinion ;D

Metal Blade (Mega Man 2 Cocktail)


Metroid (second version, tried new ingredients)

Leechade (Bastion cocktail)

Slow (from Slow & Haste Final Fantasy cocktail)

I strongly recommend the Metal Blade (I used mango liqueur instead of pineapple, worked just as well) and the Bastion Leechade, where I made my own eggnog instead of using the Advocaat.