Japanese Sega Master System – Satellite 7, Astro Flash and Penguin Land

This weekend I bought a Japanese Sega Master System, so I would be able to play those games as well ^_^ It looks almost exactly like the PAL version of the first Sega Master System, but it has some differences. First of all here’s a picture of my PAL Master System:

Now the Japanese version doesn’t have a RESET button (not as far as I’ve seen anyway), the same button exists on the same place on the JP system, but it’s called RAPID (for rapid fire I suppose). The slot for the cards instead of cartridge games exist on both systems but as far as I know only the Japanese system actually released games on cards (correct me if I’m wrong..) Therefore on the Japanese system it also reads “CARD INPUT” right above the slot. It reads CARD INPUT on the right side of the card slot on the PAL system, but on the Japanese system they replaced that with “3-D GLASSES” and it has a little input for those there… Confusing.. Anyway, here’s the pictures of my Japanese Sega Master System:

I also got a few games for it. One cartridge game called Penguin Land. It’s a fun platform puzzle type game. The Japanese cartridges look a lot different from the PAL ones. They’re bigger and have a funny shape on the back.

I tried connecting the Master System up like I do with all my other systems, but it refused to let me record decent video of the gameplay. The images turned weird black and white just like my Japanese Sega Mega Drive. It’s weird, it doesn’t do that with my Famicom.. So anyway, I had to take some photos with my phone to be able to show the games, you’ll have to excuse the shitty quality >_<

First of all all the games start off with saying “Sega Mark III” which is the predecessor to Sega Master System in Japan. You can play all those games on the Master System as well, the difference of the systems is basically that the Master System has FM Sound, and they have a totally different design of the consoles. Anyway, here’s Penguin Land!

The objective is to get your egg down to the bottom safely. If it falls more than three squares it crashes, if it touches an enemy the enemy breaks it and things can fall on your egg if you don’t watch out. You can dig holes in the ground and push your egg. It’s a fun game, and it’s not as easy as it looks. You have to find the right path or your egg won’t survive the trip.

You only have 3 eggs (lives), but if you reach a higher stage you can always choose which stage you want to start from, thereby starting from where you were.

Another couple of games I got were Astro Flash and Satellite 7. These two were both card games in really beautiful paper cases! :D

These are both great shooters! Satellite 7 is above view scrolling upwards while Astro Flash is side scrolling ^^

Sorry again for the shitty image quality >_<

I think the Sega Mark III logo is really cool ^^ It’s like I know it’s SEGA but I don’t recognize it since I grew up with the traditional later blue SEGA logo. It’s retro! ;D

In Astro Flash your ship can also transform into a robot ^_^ Cool!

That’s it for today, I’ll be back soon with some PC Engine and other cool stuff! :D

My Mega Men..

Today all my 110.000 beads arrived! :D

So this is what I’ve been up to tonight. I’m particularly pleased with my Megaman or Rockman as I prefer calling him, since I put him next to all my Rockman games for the Famicom ^_^ I even made two! One with a bit more shading..

I have Rockman 3 through 6 for the Famicom and they’re all in pretty nice condition! :D I’m still looking for 1 and 2, but I will find them eventually ^_^

I love the Megaman / Rockman games (probably not as much as Alana though) ;D But they are a lot of fun! I always love jump-and-shoot-games! (<< seriously check that link, it’s awesome funny!) If anyone wishes to see some gameplay from any of the ones that I happen to have just let me know, but I assume that everybody knows about most of the Megaman games already ;D

Tomorrow I’ll try to catch up with blogging about all my recent additions for both Sega Master System, PC Engine, Famicom, Super Famicom and Game Boy games! ^___^

Dick Tracy for Sega Mega Drive and some other purchases

Haven’t had much time to game this week, but some packages has arrived this week. Among these I got Dick Tracy for the Sega Mega Drive, which I realized I really wanted after reading about TheSegaDude’s new additions! The Japanese cover looked a little bit cooler with the Katakana though.. but at least I will be able to record when I play it since I got the PAL edition ^_^

I also got Ecco the Dolphin for Sega Game Gear, just because it was cheap ^^

And I found a game called Secret Command, don’t know anything about it yet, but I will try them all out tomorrow ^_^

Sega Game Gear!!

I finally got myself a Sega Game Gear! And it’s in original box, from Japan :D

And it’s in pretty good shape ^_^

So now I’m finally able to play all the Game Gear games I’ve been purchasing! Though this sucker demands 8 AA-batteris! EIGHT! And it sucks them clean quite fast.. I need to get myself a power adaptor..

I’ve gotten a few games, they are: Fantasy Zone, Battletoads, Columns, Dragon the Bruce Lee story, Popils, Sonic Spinball and Sega Game Pack 4 in 1 (this one I only bought because it was really cheap and it was listed as Rare on Retrocollect.com)..

One of my favorites is Battletoads, even though the cartridge label was slightly faded from sun exposure, it’s still a great game! And the Game Gear version is way better than the Game Boy version, then again it’s two completely different systems. The Game Gear version looks just like the NES version! And the music is awesome ^_^ Once I get a power adaptor I’ll try to see if I can get passed the third stage! I managed on the Famicom :D

Another favorite is Fantasy Zone! The cartridge is really pretty ^_^ But it’s also a really fun shooter!

And I looove Tetris-style games, so Columns is an obvious choice of mine. I can play it for hours! That was the game that emptied the Game Gear batteries!

The other 4 games I basically just started up to see that they worked, I will give them a go another day ^^ I completely forgot about the 2 games my friend had bought me, Castle of Illusion and Wonderboy. I will have to get more batteries before I can try those two out as well..

And still I can’t stop beading… here’s my Space Invaders!

8-bit beads

I was planning on blogging about all my newly purchased games both yesterday and today, but I got distracted..

After coming home after work yesterday I sat down and got the idea that I should try to make some of that bead art in 8bit, since I had recently purchased a huuuge box of 20.000 beads for a bachelorette party I was hosting. However we never got to beading so I was just stuck with a bunch of beads!

Beading turned out to be really fun and relaxing, and somewhat addictive! O_o

And it takes forever!

The most time consuming thing is sorting all the beads >_<

But after about 5 hours (I don’t really know, I seriously lost track of time) I had finished my Pac-man and Inky, Blinky, Pinky & Clyde and some variations.

My favorites were these ones:

My boyfriend came home after a fishing-trip at around 11 at night, and I had continued with new characters and hadn’t even taken the time to eat dinner! That’s how addictive it was! I had run out of black beads so I basically had to improvise with the colors..

At 1 past midnight I managed to go to bed… and today after work I said I wouldn’t bead (until I had gotten the new beads I purchased during my lunch hour! I bought 110.000 beads in sorted colours!…i’m serious……they were cheap…) But I still got stuck beading some more.. >_<

It’s fun! You should try it out, unless your easily addicted to things like I am…

My Hero gameplay

For those of you who are still doubting the difficulty of this game, here is an unedited video of my first 10 minutes of gameplay (this is not the first time I play the game either, I’ve tried it before on several occasions, usually when you wanna mess with your friends and make them play a shitty game).

You can also hear the crappy music that keeps repeating and the Game Over sequence that you can’t skip!

Ps. watch at 5.48 to see the never ending army of fucktards >_<