Game Gear Games and RED L.E.D

Starting the morning off with some coffee in my favorite mug…

Now today I got a package, my dear friend Mona had been to a flea market and found some Game Gear games and called me to see if I was interested. Since they were so cheap of course I wanted them! So she picked them up for me :D and today I got the package from her in the mail.

I don’t have an actual Sega Game Gear yet, but now there’s even more of a reason to get one! :D

She had also gotten me a surpriser gift!

A C64 game called RED L.E.D! Can’t wait to try it out ^_^

Now I probably won’t be updating for about 2 weeks since I’m having a bunch of relatives visiting from the US due to a wedding, but I’ll be back soon ^_^

Captain Silver for Sega Master System

Now I’ve finished testing and cleaning all the Sega Master System games I’ve bought the last couple of weeks. And here they are!

There are way too many games to review them all at ones. So I’m just gonna start with one that I kinda really liked :D

Captain Silver!

This game is hard. It’s a real challenge. The biggest part that makes it so hard is that you die of only one hit, and you only have 3 lives and no continues! I don’t really mind the game being quite hard though, because it’s fun. The controls are smooth and responsive and you know that it is manageable you just aren’t allowed to make any mistakes! ^_^

You play as the pirate Captain Silver, and you collect letters, letters to spell your name. There are several different enemies, a pirates greatest enemies are according to this game: cats, walking lions, medieval troubadours and witches on broomsticks… and not to forget, green blob-thingys falling from trees WATCH YOUR HEAD!

There is also a fountain that kills you! Seriously if you land in the fountain you die. Because he gets wet?? But you can land on the tops of sprinkling water to get across.. o_O makes no sense

There’s a shop that I found where you could buy a fairy, she gives you the ability to shoot projectiles from your sword (!), boots which make you jump higher for a limited time, a jug of coffee or something that makes you blink (I haven’t figured out what it does, it certainly isn’t invulnerability though, I tried that…) and a clock which gives you more time. I actually got a time over a few times.. >_<

I made it to the boss at the end of stage one. It’s another witch on a broomstick just slightly larger than the previous witch I encountered. She wasn’t too hard, I just had to make sure I wasn’t standing beneath her when she dropped green blobs..

And I made it to the very beginning of stage 2. That’s how far 3 lives get me! Here you have pirates with guns shooting at you and birds flying towards you and stuff coming up from the ground without notice.. damn.. this game is hard

It’s a great platforming game though, the intro music is amazing! the level music is mediocre.. but the controls are smooth and and it’s a fun challenge!

I actually made a video of it a bit differently this time. Since I had been getting some requests to put voice commentary in my videos I finally tried it out. Personally I prefer watching gameplay videos of only the original game with original music and sound effects and no comments.. but that’s just me. This is for trying to please the crowd! ;D Let me know what you think, should I continue on this track or go back to my regular gameplay vids?

So many games…

Been quite busy lately.. haven’t really been able to play and review any games because I’ve had so many games arriving that all my time has been consumed with cleaning and testing them all! haha

Here’s a few of them:

Soon I’m done and I’ll be ready to start enjoying the games and writing about them as well ^_^

Another batch of C64 games!

Today I got 2 more packages in the mail, and they contained the rest of the Commodore 64 games I had ordered.

The games are Driller, Batman, Shao-Lins Road, Batalyx, Steg the Slug, Fantasy World Dizzy, Revenge II, Voidrunner, Turbo the Turtoise and Xevious/Gauntlet in a double pack.

Three of the games are Jeff Minter games. I’ve heard a lot about him and his software company Llamasoft, but I haven’t previously played many of his games, except for Attack of the Mutant Camels on a PC ROM a long time ago and Space Giraffe for XBLA. So I’m excited to try these ones out! :D The ones I got that were Jeff Minter games were Batalyx, Revenge II and Voidrunner.

I love how most of his games are psychedelic trips containing either Llamas, Goats, Camels, Giraffes or Sheep! The artwork is just brilliant! Just check out Voidrunner:

A Llama and a Sheep in spacesuits! :D

Shao-Lins road I’ve played before in Game Room (the XBLA virtual arcade simulator) and I’m really looking forward to trying it on the C64. The Game Room version though is based on the Arcade version, so it might be disappointing. We’ll just have to wait and see, but anything from Konami is usually kickass! :D

The Batman game seems to be based on the  movie where Jack Nicholson plays the Joker. The box was a bit scruffed around the edges, but apart from that everything else is in great condition.

Here’s the other side of the Xevious box, which contains Gauntlet:

I haven’t heard of Driller before but apparently it contains “SOLID 3 Dimensional Landscapes like you’ve never seen before. Thanks to Freescape – it feels like you’re actually there“!! …!

It’s in such nice condition, I suspect that the previous owner hardly played it.. that’s usually not a good sign ;D

Well, that’s the games I’ve gotten today, now I’m off to try them all out! (hoping the loading times will we worth the wait..)

Commodore 64 and so many games!

I’ve recently purchased a Commodore 64C with a cassette drive and joystick, but I didn’t get any games with it so I basically couldn’t test it.

I had also never played a C64 before in my life so I had no clue of which games to start looking for, however I got some advice on games to get from the nice people over at and then I started Ebay-ing

The Commodore 64C I got was in quite good condition considering it’s age, but it had a bit of discoloration, but I don’t mind that, it just adds to the retro-feel to it ;D It’s also a Swedish version so it has the Swedish keyboard.

The Cassette Drive (I think it’s called Datassette) was in really nice condition! Compared to the console it had hardly any signs of wear, not even discoloration! Both came with original manuals, in great condition as well, but unfortunately no box..

The Joystick was pretty ^_^ It’s called TAC 2, I’m not sure whether this is something that originally came with the console or not.

So here’s the first bunch of games that arrived, some which I had been advised to get and other that just seemed interesting because of the titles and artwork and I was buying a bunch from the same seller anyway. The games are Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back, Star Wars Return of the Jedi, Subsunk, Castle Master, Ghostbusters II, Bionic Commando, Commando, Hunchback, Monkey Magic, Se-kaa of Assiah, Booga-Boo (The Flea), Ring of Power, Impossamole, Little Computer People, Batman the Caped Crusader, Heroes of the Lance, Dizzy Panic, Buggy Boy, Blasteroids, Barbarian II, Bouncing Heads, 4 Most Cute and 6 Shooter (containing among others Wizball, which someone recommended).

For those of you who don’t know much about C64, the games come on actual cassette tapes. I didn’t know they could program games on those, I thought they were only for music back in the day! It’s baffling to me ^^ There is also games on floppy disks for the C64, but I don’t think I can play those without getting some kind of disk drive to connect to it first..

I haven’t been able to try them all out yet, mostly because of the outrageous loading times! It took me 10 minutes of this:

Then I got to the starting screen and the Ghostbusters soundtrack started playing, and it said “PRESS ANY KEY”, after listening to the song for a bit I pressed a button and was greeted with another 10 friggin’ minutes of a flickering loading screens!

After that finished I got to the story of the game. A still image of some person with what I guess was a ghost attacking, and a text that started scrolling telling the story with the ghostbusters soundtrack playing. At this time I had just been waiting too long so I just wanted to start actual gameplay so I pressed start again… and once again.. 10 minutes of:

So after a total of 30 minutes I finally got some actual gameplay. Stage one was so hard I couldn’t beat it.. >_< And every time I failed a screen popped up with a text that read: “You are a worthless slimeball! … but you have 2 more chances, press fire to try again”

That is NOT very encouraging!!! >.<

A game that I really enjoyed though was Commando, mainly because of the extremely groovy and catchy music! :D I recorded it and posted it here for your enjoyment:

I also tried some Star Wars the Empire Strikes back.

It was a space shooter, and the music was a nice impression of the original soundtrack. What I found odd though was that they had those AT-AT walkers from the Snow area of the movie, but they were flying around in space o_O

And here’s Bionic Commando:

This was really cool! And just like in the other Bionic Commando games you can only move upwards by using your grappling-hook-thingy. I made it a couple of stages but then I quit to try other games.

I’ve only been able to try out about 8 games so far, and today I got another bunch of 6 more games, and I’m still waiting for 10 more to arrive:

The games were Bubble Bobble, Dizzy, Camelot Warriors, DJ Puff, Rainbow Islands and Rick Dangerous.

I will try to make time to try them all out! ^_^