Versatile Blogger Award

Arcadepop just nominated my little Retro Video Gaming blog  for the Versatile Blogger Award! I’m very flattered ^_^ Thank you!

Now according to the rules:

  • Thank the person who gave you this award. That’s common courtesy.
  • Include a link to their blog. That’s also common courtesy — if you can figure out how to do it.
  • Next, select 15 blogs/bloggers that you’ve recently discovered or follow regularly. ( I would add, pick blogs or bloggers that are excellent!)
  • Nominate those 15 bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award — you might include a link to this site.
  • Finally, tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself.

I’m not sure I can come up with 15 blogs to nominate, but here’s a few that spring to mind first! THAT ARE AWESOME! :D
1. The Sega Collection  by the SegaDude
2. Destroy All Fanboys by Geelw
3. Retrogamergirl by Alana
3. The Practionerd by Montez
4. VideoGamesAreRad by  Nathan
5. Find Your Inner Geek by Dean
6.  Smuggsy! by Smuggsy

I bet I forgot some, but right now those are all that spring to mind.

So here’s 7 things about mE!
1. I’m from Sweden
2. I have 2 cats
3. I really really love the Castlevania series
4. I never had any games when I was little :(
5. I do remember my brother kicking my ass in his NHL 94,
.   he was 13 years older than me! NO FAIR!
6. I’m currently completely obsessed with
7. I’ve played the piano for 22 years.

And here’s a link to the Versatile Blogger Awards

Dash Galaxy in the Alien Asylum for NES

Dash Galaxy in the Alien Asylum is a game i picked up dirt cheap on Ebay, and I hadn’t heard about it before. When I was sitting and trying out the lot of around 30 something NES games I had ordered I got stuck playing Dash Galaxy since it was so much fun!

At first the gameplay strikes you as very stiff, but after a while you realize that it’s supposed to be like that and that the stiffness of the controls just adds to the challenge of the game.

The objective is to reach the tip of the Spaceship. You do this by entering different stages in different rooms. You can also find warps that will sometimes take you a few rooms ahead, but also send you back a bit. It’s trial and error, you basically need to find the correct route to take you to the last stage. This is what the different rooms can look like:

The tunnels lead to different stages and you can move around blocks to clear a path. There are also forcefields which kill you unless you have a key that opens them or a bomb to blow them up. In room 24 you will find the last stage which is the tunnel in the bottom left. Also if you stay in a room for too long your oxygen will run out and you will die. This is the same in each level, you have an oxygen meter which decreases even faster if you get hurt by enemies.

The stages have various design and backgrounds, and there’s several different types of enemies and obstacles. The music is very catchy, you can hear the songs and watch some of the gameplay in a video I put together here:

Here’s a what a few different stages look like:

The final stage looks like this:

This final stage is a bit tricky since the blue blocks are icy and slippery and whenever you make a long jump in between them you slide a bit without being able to stop, so you need to time the jump precisely.

I managed to beat them game today ^_^ While attempting to do a speed run. It took around 9 minutes I think.

Here’s a video of my speed run in case you need help trying to beat this game:

It’s a great game with great music, challenging but fun! I suggest everyone should pick it up, since it can be found really cheap on Ebay :D

Game & Watch and Game Boy Color!

I went to Gothenburg this last weekend to visit some friends of mine, and I received a belated birthday gift from a dear friend of mine <3 Something I’ve been looking for for quite some time now actually! A Game & Watch! Donkey Kong II!

Except for some scratches on the top and a little orange sticker on the bottom it’s in quite good condition ^_^

It’s Multi Screen and super pretty! I used to have an old orange one, the first Donkey Kong for Game & Watch, it was my brothers, but it disappeared :(

Now I just need to go find some batteries so I can play it :D

And if this wasn’t enough I also got a Game Boy Color brand new in original box :D

This is actually the only Game Boy console I didn’t previously own (except for the 3DS, which I will get eventually). I thought about buying a Game Boy Color several times, but never did, cause I could always play those games on the GBA. So now I’m really happy to finally have one in my collection :D

It’s the Scandinavian release :D

I was just going to get Gain Ground for the Sega Mega Drive…

At my last retro gaming event a friend thought I should get a game called Gain Ground for the Sega Mega Drive. He said it was a great game. The only one I could find at that time on Ebay was a japanese version, so I bought it, and while I was at it I checked out the sellers other auction.. and then I couldn’t restrain myself!

I ended up buying 12 Japanese Sega Mega Drive games! :D And the packages arrived today ^_^

In the shopaholic-rush that I get sometimes.. I accidentally bought a game I already had.. Fantasia >_< which is stupid hard! Though this is the Japanese version instead of the PAL, perhaps it’s better.. but I doubt it! I also got Cyber Police ESWAT and of course the Gain Ground that I set out for ^_^

I also got Insector X, which I guess is a sequel to the Famicom game with the same name. I recently got the Famicom version and I liked that game so I just supposed it would be even better in 16-bit! :D King Colossus and Senjo no Oukami II also seemed interesting, I just watched brief youtube videos, and I basically buy anything that is platforming, puzzle or shooter ^_^

Magical Taruruto-Kun is a popular series on the Famicom, so bought it cause I recognized the name. Junction seemed like a cool arcade/puzzle game, kind of like Marble Madness but kind of different, I can’t tell whether it will be amazingly cool or just awful until I try it out though ^^ Phelios I had been wanting to get on several occasions and this time it was just reasonably priced ^_^

And last but not least Shiten Myooh, Midnight Resistance and Time Dominator. I just HAD to get Shiten Myooh because of the funny name  and cool box art ^_^ and Midnight Resistance looked kind of like Contra, can’t wait to try that out! Time Dominator looked like a total ripoff from the Sonic games! Really fast and similar graphics and gameplay.. hmm..

Well I just wanted to share what was in the mailbox today, now I’m off to try them all out! :D and try to figure out how to capture those friggin’ screenshots with COLOR! ;P

Japanese Sega Mega Drive Games

I bought some more Sega Mega Drive games, now for my japanese Mega Drive that I recently got ^_^ Mainly shmup’s but also some puzzle and platformers! All in super nice condition (except for Alex Kidd which had some torn corners)

The games were: Dangerous Seed, Puyo Puyo 2, Ex-ranza, Forgotten Worlds, Alex Kidd in Miracle world….

…And an accidental Super Famicom Game, Valken. I was so caught up in the auctions that I didn’t notice that this one wasn’t Sega! haha, but it doesn’t matter since I have a Super Famicom as well, so I can play it ^_^

Tonight I’ve been trying them all out, and I was recording gameplay for about 2 hours, but when I was finished the results looked like this:

All black and white >_< or just weird.. so back to square one, trying to figure out how to record a JAPANESE Sega Megadrive onto my iMac..

All the games were really good though! (didn’t try the Super Famicom Valken..)
Alex the Kidd is a classic, just like Puyo Puyo, it just can’t go wrong ^_^ The other games I had never heard of before when I saw them in the auction. A lot of people were bidding on them though, and they started getting a bit pricey, and that just made me want them more ! :D I’m happy that I really enjoyed all of them! Especially Ex-ranza! Amazing shmup! With great controls, fantastically fast movement, awesome music and just great gameplay ^_^ I wish I could have showed you some screenshots, but  you will have to settle for an audio clip that I managed to extract of the intro song for Ex-ranza. It’s great!

I’m really into japanese Sega Mega Drive games now, I’ve already ordered 12 more from Ebay ^_^ Hopefully they’ll arrive soon, and hopefully by then I will have found a solution to yet another recording problem..

Aren’t the Puyo Puyo blobs simply adorable?!!  yatta! :D

Pink Game Boy Pocket boxed!

I just bought a Japanese Game Boy Pocket on a Swedish auction site. It was in such nice condition, and even though I don’t like pink very much, I just couldn’t let it go so cheap! So I stepped in and bought it. I ended up paying about 40 USD. At first I was thinking of giving it to a friend of mine who loves pink, though she doesn’t really collect retro games.. but when it came in the mail I just fell in love with it.. It is sooo cuuuuuuute!! So I’m keeping it, and I’m loving it ^_^

First game I tried out on it was of course Konami’s Castlevania! :D

I also got two free games with the delivery! I love perks ^_^ <3
Kirby and Super Mario Land! :D And believe it or not but I didn’t previously own these :D At least I don’t think so, I have a Kirby Game Boy game called Kirby’s Dream Land but I’m not sure if this Japanese Kirby game is the same one or a sequel or prequel.. Perhaps Alana who’s a Kirby fanatic or Fredrik who’s a Game Boy collector have the answer for me?

I also have two editions of Super Mario Land 2, but not the first one ^_^ So yay!

It’s not even my birthday yet, but it sure feels like it already :D