Here’s a catalogue of all my Nintendo Famicom games. I have scanned the cartridges and next to them I’ve put the name in roman letters and the japanese name, also the publisher (from what I can tell on the cartridge) and the genre, i.e. platformer, puzzle, shooter etc. I might have made some mistakes so if you find any please let me know and I’ll correct it ^_^

The games are listed from A-Z, and below you can find 0-9. If you are searching for anything in particular you can use the search box in the upper right corner. I have listed all the codes from the cartridges and so far I have listed 579 games here. Just browse around the letters above or if you wanna see all my Famicom games at once you can see them here in the Famicom cartridge collage! ^_^ Enjoy!


10-Yard Fight
10-Yard Fight




1943 famicom


1993 Super HIK 8 in 1_
1993 Super HIK 8 in 1
Pirated Hack


1999 Hore Mitakotoka! Seikimatsu_
1999 Hore Mitakotoka! Seikimatsu

Board Game

Street Fighter 2010 - Famicom
2010 Street Fighter
2010ストリート ファイター

Action platform


4 nin uchi mājan
4 nin uchi mājan


8 Eyes
8 Eyes

Platform Adventure

89 Dennō Kyūsei Uranai
89 Dennō Kyūsei Uranai
Jingukan Polaris


42 thoughts on “MY FAMICOM LIBRARY

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  2. Wow, you’ve been busy!
    Your carts look like they’re in great shape! They’re even very clean. They really do look great together in this mega list.
    Is it hard to display your cart in your collection room? They looks like they might be hard to stack on each other.

    • Yup, I am an expert at cleaning stuff ;D
      Oh yes, it’s an issue, but that’s why I built this shelf and I also have a few other shelves that aren’t very deep and great for the purpose, but I am running out of space! seriously! THAT is a huge issue lol ^^

  3. Famicom carts are funny because once you get into collecting them you see that there are a LOT of different shapes and sizes to deal with. Personally, i love that about them, as it’s like they have different “personalities” to them…

    Or perhaps I’m over-thinking this a bit… ;^P

  4. For the most part they stack on top of eachother pretty good, sometimes you have to flip on upside down :) I should really make a list like this, I don’t have nearly as many games as you do but it’s hard to remember which ones you have especially when you aren’t 100% sure on the name sometimes!

  5. I didn’t realize just how many games you’ve bought from me.
    Anyways, famicom is nice to collect for because there are a lot of good and rare games that aren’t too expensive. Over 1050 games were released over a ten year period.

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  10. Yeah Quinty is mendells palace and I played Obake no Q Tarou recently and it was released in n.america etc as chubby cherub. Haha I like chubby cherub better for a game character.naked angels ftw.

    • Cool I didn’t know that ^_^ I had trouble getting past the first stage of Obake no Q Tarou.. >_< it seemed I just kept hitting dead ends!
      Chubby Cherub looks way cuter though! Haha naked angels FTW fo' sho'! ;D

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  15. Hi!

    I run a repro shop at and was wondering if whenever you have time if you could get some high resolution scans/photos of some labels of your collection. I’d like to make some nice labels up for these games and have trouble locating good quality images to base them from. I could make you a repro or two for your trouble as well. If you think you could help let me know at


    – Dustin

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  17. Your famicom library is wonderful and inspire me a lot to keep collecting them as my hobby. I have 618 different famicom loosed cartridges so far in my collection.

  18. Your Famicom library is spectacular and inspire me a lot to collect them as my hobby. I just started collecting famicom games from April 2015 (around 2 and half years ago). At this moment, I have 618 different games so far.

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