I got a Sega Saturn for Xmas!!

So this is my first post, I always hate having to write this first one, it will just be looking so pathetic and alone on an all new blog, awaiting it’s peers..

Anyway, lately I’ve been watching quite a lot of AVGN (Angry Video Game Nerd), I really do love that guy ^_^  Perhaps that’s why I finally set off to start a blog about something I find really interesting, and perhaps this time I will keep it updated and not slowly fade  away into the No-Internet-Zone..

This Xmas I got a really nice gift from my boyfriend, the Sega Saturn! Which was the last console that I needed to complete my collection of Sega (well, except for the Game Gear which is a portable console… but all in time.. all in good time). I’ve actually never even played on a Sega Saturn, so now I’ve gained a lot of new experiences! or something..

Sega Saturn in original box

Apart from the Sega Saturn in original box, controllers and all I also got three games for it. Soviet Strike, Trash it (brand new and sealed) and Virtua Fighter 2, which the game retailer had recommended to my boyfriend who bought it for me. So these are the only three games that I have played so far for the Sega Saturn..

Soviet Strike was a bit of a disappointment, it was partly story based and the version he got for me was French. The one language that makes no fucking sense to me whatsoever! ABO?! I am fluent in English, Swedish, I speak German and Japanese, I have slight understanding in many other languages, BUT fucking French (even after having lived with a French guy for several years!!). So yeah, I tried blowing up some stuff with the chopper, but had no clue what the objective was, since they were yelling it repeatedly to me in FRENCH! I turned it off shortly after..

I briefly tried playing some Virtua Fighter against my boyfriend, that was like 2 weeks ago, and seriously, I have no freaking recollection of even playing the game!! Seriously! That’s how bad it was, well actually not even bad, since if it was horrible I would have remembered HOW horrible. It was just … pale.. apparently plain boring, unimpressive graphic, plain controls, I dunno.. then again I’m not that into fighting games..

Trash it definitely looked like the best game of the three, the screen-shots on the back looked exciting, the gameplay looked intriguing, however…. I never opened it… Since it’s still in it’s original packing I didn’t wanna break it because I’m a collector.. >_< I did look up some videos of the actual gameplay and it would probably have been the best of the three. I guess I’m gonna have to buy another Trash it, in used state so I get to try it!?! ;P

All in all though I’m really happy having the Sega Saturn, and I spent the following week on Ebay finding other games for it, they will probably arrive tomorrow!

Bye for now /stopXwhispering

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