Abobo’s Big Adventure!

I remembered watching this trailer quite a while back, and I was totally psyched about this Ultimate Tribute to the NES! Then i forgot about it.. and after browsing through my favorites on Youtube I found it again, and it has now been released since some time in January!

Tonight I’ve been playing through the whole game, it took me about 1 hour and 40 minutes, watching all the cutscenes and stuff (that are awesome btw!) ^_^

This game has it all, the retro 8-bit feeling and references to all the games we love <3 And it’s extremely funny! Here are just some of the things you will be able to enjoy and experience when playing Abobo’s Big Adventure!

Playing as MEGABOBO!

Earning medals for silly and funny things usually referenced to old NES games:

Working up your RAGE for amazing mind-blowingly awesome special attacks that are unique for each level!

References to Mortal Kombat, and in general pretty gory gameplay! =D

Finding hidden areas, where all the fun is at ;D

Abobo in Zelda:

Abobo in Balloon Fight!! With the Reaper from Castlevania!!!!

Encountering various famous NES characters all through the game, and with original NES music:

Awkward moments:

Or having babies with a mermaid.. or as they call it Merbobos!

Abobo in Contra, vs Krangby!!


Fighting Jaws, and even bigger Jaws!

Abobo vs Donkey Kong!

And much much more! I suggest you play it online or download it straight away!

What are you waiting for?? Go play it!

I always knew Kirby was evil…

13 thoughts on “Abobo’s Big Adventure!

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    • Thanks for mentioning me ^_^

      Abobo is also in the Neo Geo fighting version of the game Double Dragon, he looks completely different there..

      I think I’m gonna watch the movie from 1993 tonight ^_^


      • just saw this post (on account of the absurd number of concurrent threads there are now), Don’t know how much use my link will be (since this blog is like a week old), but you never know.

        Judging from Abobo’s middle region there he is really excited to be on that platform.

        The movie looks ridiculous, in what I hope is a really great way, be sure to write something about it if you do watch it. I have a really vague memory of it from when I was a kid, but nothing very distinct. It also kind of blended together with my recollection of the live-action mario movie.

      • It must have bypassed me as a kid, but my boyfriend had seen it back in the day. Hopefully I’ll be able to watch it tomorrow, when I have it! =)

        I also just bought Double Dragon for the Sega Master System, I hope it’s the same as the NES version, but it probably should be =)

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