Girl’s Gaming Drinks!

During our Girl’s Gaming Weekend we’ve been having quite a lot of drinks, and what is better than gaming related liquid goodness! ;D
Thanks to The Drunken Moogle I found inspiration to many fun drinks! Here are some of the drinks we had this weekend, you can find a link to the original ingredients under each drink, however I changed some of them a little bit to make them even tastier in my opinion ;D

Metal Blade (Mega Man 2 Cocktail)


Metroid (second version, tried new ingredients)

Leechade (Bastion cocktail)

Slow (from Slow & Haste Final Fantasy cocktail)

I strongly recommend the Metal Blade (I used mango liqueur instead of pineapple, worked just as well) and the Bastion Leechade, where I made my own eggnog instead of using the Advocaat.

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