GameStop bargains!

I went to GameStop recently and found quite a few bargains ^_^
First of all I bought Catherine, the special edition, since it only cost like 6 USD more than just the used game (!) And I had been wanting to get this game since I’ve heard so many good thing about it ^_^ So here it is!

And in the special edition you also got a T-shirt, a pizza box, coasters and some other things.. haven’t opened it up yet, will probably try it out next week :)

I also bought a bunch of used games super cheap, like between 4 and 11 USD per game.

The games were: Brütal Legend, Bionic Commando, Perfect Dark Zero & Looney Toons Acme Arsenal for Xbox and Patapon, Patapon 2, Activision Hits remixes and Mega Minis volume 2 for PSP. I don’t actually own a PSP yet, but hopefully I’ll get one for my birthday next saturday! :D I was thinking of getting a PS Vita, but then I read that it wasn’t backwards compatible, and that’s a problem for me since I have this Castlevania game for the PSP that I have been wanting to play for a long time!!

Castlevania The Dracula X Chronicles…. Rondo of Blood

I have also already gotten an early birthday gift from one of my Gamer Girl’s who was here last weekend, a T-shirt from the men’s department at H&M!

It was XS though so it fit perfectly ^_^

12 thoughts on “GameStop bargains!

  1. Nice deals you got there! Usually, I’m not a fan of GameStop when it comes to their pricing on used games and a few other policies they have, but overstocks deals like the one you got are great.

    Brutal legend is SO much fun if you’re not a fan of RTS games because it’s funny as hell and the soundtrack is spectacular. That and it looks fantastic (Double Fine’s artists were inspired, that’s for sure). I want one of those Catherine bix sets as well. I already have the game itself, but those bonus items are one of the few sets of stuff I’ve wanted to track down. I’ll poke around the GS stores in this area and see what’s what…

    Ah, I thought there was a digital version of Castlevania Chronicles that was Vita compatible… Oh well. Still, A PSP is a great gift, as you’ll find a ton of cheap UMD games for it once you start looking around. The Vita will be around for a bit, even if Sony doesn’t seem to know what to do with it… I hope they have a lot of nice stuff at E3 for the system – it’s bee a bit slow since the launch (just like the 3DS, which got a big bump in sales once a bunch of cool games landed in stores…


  2. So many new games on the *retro*-video-game blogging, aaaahhh what can I say. A bit sad about that personally :P Personally I wouldn’t touch one of those new systems, especially that “box” thing. Okay it’s your blog; but I’m not subscribing… :)
    To me, new games are like a waste of time, whereas old games are culture, even art perhaps… Especially Japanese games.

    • sorry :( I agree, if I would have to choose I would definitely choose the retro games, but I still enjoy some of the newer games though. But mainly simple platformers, like in the good old days ;D haha

      • Awesome! After I got my Vita, my PSP had been regulated as a home console, but thanks to my UMD library (games and movies) and the component-out cable, it’ll be just fine.

        Also, PSP digital games on the Vita look and play AWESOME!!!

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