Pink Game Boy Pocket boxed!

I just bought a Japanese Game Boy Pocket on a Swedish auction site. It was in such nice condition, and even though I don’t like pink very much, I just couldn’t let it go so cheap! So I stepped in and bought it. I ended up paying about 40 USD. At first I was thinking of giving it to a friend of mine who loves pink, though she doesn’t really collect retro games.. but when it came in the mail I just fell in love with it.. It is sooo cuuuuuuute!! So I’m keeping it, and I’m loving it ^_^

First game I tried out on it was of course Konami’s Castlevania! :D

I also got two free games with the delivery! I love perks ^_^ <3
Kirby and Super Mario Land! :D And believe it or not but I didn’t previously own these :D At least I don’t think so, I have a Kirby Game Boy game called Kirby’s Dream Land but I’m not sure if this Japanese Kirby game is the same one or a sequel or prequel.. Perhaps Alana who’s a Kirby fanatic or Fredrik who’s a Game Boy collector have the answer for me?

I also have two editions of Super Mario Land 2, but not the first one ^_^ So yay!

It’s not even my birthday yet, but it sure feels like it already :D

15 thoughts on “Pink Game Boy Pocket boxed!

  1. Kirby’s Dreamland came out here too it’s the first one in the Kirby series, even before the NES version. It’s one of the first game boy games I got. Here’s the bad commercial lol

    There’s also a second one that was put out for the Game Boy too and the 3rd was on the SNES

  2. What’s the best Castlevania on the Game Boy? I wanna pick one up but I’m not sure which one to get first :)

    • Castlevania Legends is amazing <3 And if you’re gonna play through the Super Game Boy converter it’s got a great interface to go with it ^_^
      The other two, The Castlevania Adventures I & II (Belmont’s Revenge) are also good, classic Castlevania type music and everything, but I fell for Legends, since you’re playing as a girl, and it’s just different, in a good way ^_^ I think you should get all three though, if possible! :D

  3. This is what I miss when I don’t subscribe, lol.
    I love the pink one too, but I like my Hello Kitty better. :D (and several others)
    And I also have 465 Japanese Game Boy Games in my personal collection :D
    Oh, and Kiiiiiiiiiirrbbbyyyyyyy ruuuuullleeeeesssss

    • Then start subscribing! ;P
      Hello Kitty is cute ^_^ 465 is crazy O_o I only have 55 Gameboy, 20 GBC, and 74 GBA… 75 DS but I know you’re not interested in those ;D
      The largest collection I have for one system is actually my Famicom now! haha, 253, not including the Disk games :D previously it was the NES with 228, but Famicom was just so much more fun collecting so I passed the NES collection of 10 years collecting with the Famicom games, collected only for 7-8 months! wohoo!

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