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I’ve been quite busy this last week, I’ve moved my previously tiny little retro gaming corner into a bigger room in our house! :D This was much needed since my games didn’t fit in there anymore O_o

My previous Retro Room (that’s what I call it due to the vintage interior design and all the retro video games) was quite narrow and I have been working for years adding furniture to the puzzle in an attempt of trying to make all my games fit in there. Here’s some pictures of how narrow my previous Retro Room was:

Eventually it was filled with so many games that I had no more room of storing them, they were lying all over the place and it looked messy :( 

So my boyfriend and I decided to change rooms, he got my old one and I got our big work-room for myself! :D
It was a lot more work than I had anticipated, putting up new wallpapers, moving all the things out of both rooms and then moving stuff back in and arranging the furniture in a good way.. it was quite messy during the process:

But I tried keeping things organized since most of my games were already in alphabetical order..

So after a whole weekend of decorating and stuff my new Retro Game Room is finally finished! Here’s the results:

Underneath the big TV int he middle I have 11 consoles all connected to it ^_^  (NTSCN NES, SNES, Twin Famicom, SMD, DC, PS2, Saturn, N64, SFC, SMS and GC) on the right TV I only have an NES and on the left TV Japanese SMD, SMS, PC Engine and Atari 2600.

My 8-bit perler beads came in handy when decorating some dull spaces ^_^

My NES Zapper corner, along with some SFC, FC, SNES and N64 games ^_^

The painting here is made by a friend of mine and I love it so much! It’s some of my favorite game characters of all time ^_^ Samus Aran, Sephiroth, Master Chief and Lulu from FFX :D

My Castlevania collection now takes up TWO shelves! and is the centerpiece of my collection ^_^

I have 4 large bookshelves next to each other on this wall, and on the last one I ran out of shelves because I used them all in the others. I am in the process of getting more shelves though, so soon I’ll be able to stack this last bookshelf full as well, I have one more box of games outside the room waiting to be unpacked ^^

My little space invaders shelf ^^ I used to have only Famicom games in it, but now I put my C64 games on the top compartments and my Famicom Konami games on the bottom (the bottom ones doesn’t have endlabels :( and also there’s a Wonderswan!)

I also really love my new Nintendo neon sign! It really lights up the room ^_^ I have two more neon signs on the way, I’ll blog about them when they arrive :D

In this corner I have my desk, hardly visible here though. I also have all my boxed GB, GBC and GBA there and some Famicom games ^^

Finally my Commodore 64 got it’s own place and didn’t have to stay on the floor anymore! :D

I also have a few consoles which I have doubles of, and these I keep on the desk in case I want to record gameplay :) Like my Famicom with Disk System :D

I am incredibly satisfied! And I want to give out a special thanks to my wonderful friend Becky who helped me move and organize everything this weekend! :D

42 thoughts on “Retro Room – My Collection

  1. Wow. You and Becky did a fantastic job!
    The red walls really work. Feels modern and nice and warm.
    Is the brown stripped wallpaper the new wallpaper you were talking about? I can’t see much of it but it also looks very nice. I can see why you’re so satisfied. You did an amazing job.
    Your countless games look wonderful on their shelves :) Everywhere I look I see rows of beautiful games! It’s very colorful!
    And 3 TV’s? (is that a fourth one I see or a computer?) You’re not messing around.

    I do worry about that window. You’ve got some games that are very close to it. I think you need some curtains so that nothing will get sun faded. Protect the collection! :)

    How do you finding gaming on a HDTV? Is it OK compared to CRT TV’s?

    I think you’ve done a truly awesome job with your new Retro Room; which is now Retro because of the games and not because if the look of the wallpaper!

    We need to start a pool.
    *How many power bars did Stopxwhispering use in her new Kick-Butt Retro Room?

    My guess is that you had to use 5 power bars to get everything hooked up!

    • They’re kind of rusty orange, but all my lighting is red ^^ it’s cosy! :D
      no, the brown wall we had made a year back, all the orange walls were white.. it felt really cold and boring >_< I really really loved my old wallpaper in my first Retro Room though, I put it up myself and it was the first wallpaper I ever put up, and the orange and brown flowery pattern is just sooo pretty! My boyfriend promised he wouldn't remove it or it would be a deal-breaker haha ^_^

      Yes there are 4 TV's, the forth one I use on my desk or turn it and use it with the C64 on a tiny table behind the orange chair ^_^ and then I also have an iMac which I didn't include on the pics since my desk is still not fully organized ;D

      Yes, curtains are on their way! I've ordered a specific fabric to be sown for me ^_^

      I don't mind gaming on the HD LCD TV it looks great, the Famicom works great, so does the Sega's and NES. The PC Engine had some issues though, so I had to put it on one of the older TV's.

      No pool needed you were spot on! ;D haha, but I will have to add one more though.. hehe

  2. Nice work. I really like it. I feel sorry for his Mancave, kinda feels wrong. I am sending you the carnivore plant plush doll,and on my next visit we will work on the routing to ElGato capture board.
    I am on vacation this week, we should catch up.

    • Thanks! :D Haha but when you see his new Mancave you won’t feel sorry for him anymore, he has all the space he needs ;D
      Yay! Can’t wait to see it ^_^
      And yes we shall catch up this week! Just ‘Whatsapp’ me some evening when you want to skype :)

    • Thanks! :D I am incredibly satisfied ^_^ Even my boyfriend loves the room! He keeps coming in there every night just standing there looking at it, and says “this room is just so inviting!” ^_^ haha

  3. This room… is ridiculously cool. You have an amazing collection, and you’ve done a fantastic job of organizing and displaying it! Not going to lie, I’m a little jealous. =)

    • Hey Becca! Thanks! I’m happy you like my room ^_^ I’ve been working quite hard on my collection recently, therefore it is necessary to have a suitable room to display it all :D There’s still a lot of work left, but I already feel very satisfied with the results ^^

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  5. Congratulations for your blog! It is fantastic! I live in Brazil and in August I will go to Miami and Nashville. You can indicate somewhere that sells video games and old computers in these areas?

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