Christmas gift from Canada!

Sorry for the lack of posts recently but this holiday has been very busy.

Not only celebrating xmas and spending time with family, but also organizing and cleaning games. I bought quite a lot of games from Ebay recently, and I’m still not done scanning and trying them all out yet..

Also today I received an exciting package from Canada!! It was from Alana at ^_^ It contained some 8 bit bead art that she has created:
8bit bead art Game Boy

And lots of games! :D First an ultraman game for the Super Famicom:
Ultraman game SFC

And a Kirby Fun Pak game for the SNES:
Kirby fun pak SNES

And also 8 famicom cartridges :D

Apart from my Nintendo 3DS this was the best christmas gift this year :D Thank you Alana!! :D
And not to forget my cute mushroom lamps that I got from my bff ^_^ They fit in perfectly in my Retro Room!
mushrooms lit
Mushroom lamps lit 2

I’ll be back soon with more posts on all the new games I’ve gotten and also a Game & Watch :D

14 thoughts on “Christmas gift from Canada!

  1. Nice haul! eBay has become a big Famicom dumping ground lately, as I’m seeing a TON of stuff popping up that’s making me want to pick up collecting them again. But I’m using my willpower to avoid this, as I’ve been updating other areas of the library…

    • It has, most of the ones I bought were in 3-4 cartridge bundles, so I had to get a few doubles to catch the ones I wanted.. will be updating the trading site with them soon ;D
      give in to the temptation! I bet it’s even more fun than you remember, collecting these colourful little carts of joy ^_^

    • I hope you had doubles of the famicom ones you were sending me, otherwise I will send some of them back, cause some of them I already had ;D Thanks a bundle though! You’re so sweet ^_^ A package will be on it’s way to you soon!

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