PC Engine Duo!!

Finally I have gotten myself a fully working PC Engine Duo! Thanks FredJ ^_^

It’s so pretty! Finally I can play all the PC Engine CD-ROM games I have bought :D

PC-Engine Duo

pc-engine-duo-cdrom Pc-engine-duo

I already have some new CD-ROM games as well that I can’t wait to try out ^_^ First of all I will be playing my Castlevania Rondo of Blood, but after that it will be Rainbow Islands, Super Darius II, WonderBoy III and Star Parodier! :D

Rainbow Islands_PC Engine CD-ROM

Super Darius II_PC Engine CD-ROM

12 thoughts on “PC Engine Duo!!

  1. Nice! Now, we won’t hear a peep from you for a while because you’ll be in PC-E induced coma from so much gaming! Can’t wait to see your impressions on Rondo of Blood and the other games.

  2. PC Engine and Neo Geo are my favorite consoles ever! I’m going to give you some advice sell that Duo while it works and get a Duo-R or Duo-RX on ebay. They always break! They have a issue with the resistors where the sound craps out. I’m linking my post from wordpress on my review website. Not because it’s a shameless plug, but because I want to help a fellow PC Engine lover out. It will break. Until then press run and select to close cd games. You can find a duo-r on ebay if you shop around maybe even for less than what you sell the duo for.

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