New design!

I decided to change the design on my blog a bit. Make it easier for the reader to find posts by showing previews and also changing to a theme that gave me more room to work with menus ^_^ I hope you will all like it! It might take some time to get used to, feel free to express your opinions! :D

I still have some work to do with the menus, and also the collection libraries since all the Famicom tables got a bit glitchy when I changed.. but I will get that fixed as soon as possible ^^

14 thoughts on “New design!

  1. I love the new look! I’ve been trying to figure out how to do the same thing. I love the preview. I think it really helps load times as you don’t have to load all of a post until you want to see it.
    Great job!

    • New theme, but I’ve been looking into hosting it myself through but I’m not too comfortable with all that stuff to do it yet.. Eventually though I will write the code for it all myself ^^ I’m learning CSS! :D

  2. Nice!. I was also thinking about a redesign, but I’m still in the middle of a ton of other things (like trying to do at least five posts a day or so. I’m ahead a little, but I always feel behind because there’s SO much to cover and too many games to play!).

  3. Jag borde sätta upp min egen sajt med wordpress… nån gång.. Jag trodde blogger och wordpress var samma sak, lol.

  4. I like the redesign. When I first set out to make my own blog website, I just kind of arbitrarily chose Blogger to do it, as I had seen many other blogs use it such as my pals NESquester and Dylan from Questicle, etc. I’ve seen people with Blogger pages that are far fancier than mine, and quite frankly I’m still learning, I’m not totally hip to the whole manually messing with HTML design, etc. I get some of it, but only some.

    Anywho, I’ve worked with both since, as shortly after starting my blog I was invited by Pat the NES Punk to sydicate my articles on his website, which uses WordPress. Honestly, WordPress does seem better, though I will say they both have their pros and cons. Simply copying over my articles from my site to his, I have run into a couple issues which seem obstinate or needlessly frustrating to work with. Though Blogger has some of those issues too. Like I said, they both have their positives.

    I’m kind of torn, personally, on the matter of “upgrading” my blog site. On the one hand, I do realize that it absolutely lacks a certain fanciness and pizazz that sites like, say, yours or The PractitioNerd have. But on the other hand, I dunno…..the look and simpleness of my site have kind of grown on me a bit, and while I wouldn’t mind certain areas having more impressive functionality with time, for instance, I kind of like the stripped down “Retro” look…kind of fits my theme I guess. The simple black lack of background, for example, was by choice, because I tested out certain background images, and it just looked cluttered and horrible to me. So yup. There’s all that.

    I like what you’ve done with the place Heidi! Keep up the good work!

    • I had a blogger blog back in the day as well, but I totally prefer wordpress. It’s just so much more customizable, I still need to learn some more CSS though >_<

      You don't have to "upgrade" your design if you don't want to ^_^ I think what is most important is content, and yours is great! :D

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