Samurai Spirits for Game Boy

Recently I connected my new Super Game Boy 2 to my Super Famicom to see that it worked, and I ended up playing a fighting game! Very unlike me since I usually never enjoy fighting games, I find them pointless and I don’t like memorizing combos or just button mashing. However, Samurai Spirits was very cute, and since I beat a few guys in the beginning it kept me going ^_^

Samurai Spirits - Game Boiy box_800
The box art is really pretty ^_^ I bought it just for that I think, I’ve had it a long time, but basically just started the game before to make sure it worked.

Samurai Spirits Game Boy Cartridge
It’s in pretty good condition, but the manual is a bit bent. I scanned some of the pages though, with all the character info. I don’t know much about fighting games, but perhaps someone will find it interesting ^_^ I do know that there’s been more Samurai Fighting games, I have Samurai Showdown for the Xbox 360, and also a Samurai Shodown for the Sega Mega Drive. It’s the same looking guy on the cover so I guess they’re sequels ;D

samurai spirits gameboy manual1 samurai spirits gameboy manual2 samurai spirits gameboy manual3

If anyone wonders what their names are I can read it ^^ I played as Tachibana Ukyo.

Samurai Spirits - Game Boy - character tachibana ukyo

and here’s some more screenshots from the game:
Samurai Spirits - Game Boy - stage1 Samurai Spirits - Game Boy - stage Samurai Spirits - Game Boy - smack Samurai Spirits - Game Boy - intro Samurai Spirits - Game Boy - intro2 Samurai Spirits - Game Boy - brawl Samurai Spirits - Game Boy - character select Samurai Spirits - Game Boy - bonus stage Samurai Spirits - Game Boy - evil villain Samurai Spirits - Game Boy - versus

Once I had beaten about 5 opponents I got to meet the same character as myself, and he kicked my ass >_< That’s when I gave up…
Samurai Spirits - Game Boy - vs nega

6 thoughts on “Samurai Spirits for Game Boy

  1. Aw, fighting games can be fun ;_;

    The only Samurai Showdown I played was on my Wii (Via VC). It was ok, but I got too used to modern fighters, so having to figure out how controls work was a pain lol. This game just looks so paired down, but the characters look cool enough.

  2. I totally forgot about this one. I think it wasn’t a hit in those days, I barely remember press coverage about this title so nice that you took care of it. My opinion? 5/10, nothing too impressive. Game Boy had to offer as many variety as other systems but fighting games weren’t its forte.

  3. One of my favorite fighting games of all time, and my fav. entry in the series, is Samurai Shodown II in arcades. My guy was Genjuro, the rival of Haumaru, a character with a purple haired ponytail and a bad attitude. The Game Boy version was rough to play, but playable. I actually played the Neo Geo Pocket version of I think SSII, not bad.

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