Complete Donkey Kong Game & Watch!

The history: As some of you might already know, I didn’t get any games as a kid, however, my thirteen year older brother did! I know because when I was really young I got his old Donkey Kong Game & Watch passed down to me, so in a way I did get games, but only one and it wasn’t originally intended for me. I loved this Game & Watch though. I played it all the time, all through the summers I was walking around with it, until it was one day lost. I don’t know what happened to it, if I forgot it at my aunts summerhouse, or if I just misplaced it or something, but ever since I’ve been missing it immensely! And I have always been keeping an eye out for it the last couple of years on eBay. I’ve bid on so many orange Donkey Kong Game & Watch systems that I lost count, but never won them >-< Until now!!

I finally got my hands on a complete in box Donkey Kong Game & Watch Multiscreen! It’s all orange and pretty and brings back so many memories ^_^
donkey kong Game & watch_1K

The box is a bit worn around the edges and has a price tag on it but apart from that everything is in pretty nice condition ^_^
Game & Watch Donkey Kong Box

donkey kong Game & watch open2 Donkey Kong Game&Watch open

This game is so much fun! I also have the Game & Watch with Donkey Kong II which is also awesome, but this one brings back so many memories ^_^

The manual is also in really nice condition, here’s some outtakes from it, explaining the gameplay ^_^
Donkey Kong Game&Watch manual
Donkey Kong Game&Watch manual2
Donkey Kong Game&Watch manual3
Donkey Kong Game&Watch manual4

And the other little paper inlays inside ^_^
donkey kong game & watch papers

It’s a japanese edition, but I don’t really care, it’s the same game and the same amount of nostalgia and fun ^_^
What’s your most nostalgic game? Let me know in the comments below :D

10 thoughts on “Complete Donkey Kong Game & Watch!

  1. Beautiful game, I was given the CIB a few months back from a friend, couldn’t believe it when it arrived in the post. Congrats. I picked up a few loose G&W over here in Ireland for dirt cheap a while back too, no battery covers though booo, they seem to cost more than the games :)

  2. NICE! I used to have a ton of those G+W’s, but traded or sold them all off. I don’t miss them unless I sit and think about it too much. Off to think about something else now (food is a good distraction!)….

  3. When Heidi was a young girl she sat at the piano and said “when I grow up I will own every video game”, and her father laughed and said “haha, you are silly”, and Heidi said “I’ll show you!”. (that is my version)

    I remember that Donkey Kong. My sister had this. We found it some five years ago and sold it on Tradera for 350 SEK (loose). I looked at buying G&W from Japan a while ago, but they are ridiculously expensive, in my opinion. Sometimes they are broken too.

  4. @fredJ – I’ve never heard of Tradera – what is that like? Is it anything like the Chinese/Taiwanese site TaoBao?

    Anyway, great find! It’s awesome to get things like this in such great shape!

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