Retrospelsmässan 2013 – Sweden’s yearly retro gaming exhibition

Yesterday I went to Gothenburg with my friend NinjaBrite to attend Sweden’s yearly retro gaming exhibition ‘Retrospelsmässan‘. This is the 4th year in a row that they’re hosting this exhibition and I think it’s a GREAT initiative! I was there 2 years ago as well, last year I missed though since I was in Japan. It has grown immensely in these past years, and it will probably be even bigger next year. The amount of people who came was way more than they had anticipated, even though they had hired larger facilities people were still quieing for hours to get in! I myself had to que about 4 hours (arriving at 12, two hours after they opened). It was ok though, since Nintendo was hosting a Streetpass competition everybody had brought their 3DS and so did we, so we kept busy ^_^ And also met some awesome cosplayers, like Pixelninja dressed up as Megaman :)


This year on the exhibition they had all the old consoles displayed and connected to TVs so you could try everything out, everything from old Pong consoles and Odyssey 2001 to the Atari Jaguar and everything Nintendo and Sega of course. They also had a corner for speedruns where you could watch some of Sweden’s fastest gamers ;D They had a Doom LAN, Cosplay competitions, arcade and pinball corner, game competitions and stands with companies and people selling retro gaming stuff and of course games! :D

Videopac Computer displayed at Retrospelsmässan 2013 Pong
smb competition

Of course I had to pick up some games ^_^ I was looking for one game in particular, which was Starship Hector, but I’ll write more about that in a later post, that’s a looong story ^^ But I found it at this exhibition! And I also found Ninja Kid, Power Blade, Castle of Dragon, The Krion Conquest and James Bond JR. All were NTSC NES and I didn’t previously have them! (I am proud of myself that I brought a PDF of my collection in my phone, because I always tend to buy doubles unintentionally when attending places like this)… ;D
So here’s a little photo shoot I had of my latest pickups ^_^
Ninja Kid_800
Power blade_800
Castle of Dragon_800
The Krion Conquest_800
Starship Hector_800
James Bond JR_800

15 thoughts on “Retrospelsmässan 2013 – Sweden’s yearly retro gaming exhibition

  1. This looks like an awesome event :) I wish I had something like it in my city.
    Good job with the game list on your phone! I’m getting a modern cell phone soon and I hope to be able to do the same thing. Sooo many doubles :P
    And PixelNinja… what can I say… wow. What an amazing Mega Man costume!

    • Well, it was a 2 hour drive for me, but totally worth it ;D I’m still proud that we have something like this in Sweden, since it’s such a small country, but we have a big gaming history being the first country in Europe to get introduced to the NES ;D
      Yeah Dropbox is awesome! I can access any files I put in there on my iPhone ^_^ Love it!
      PixelNinja is kind of famous in Sweden for cosplaying, she usually dresses up as Samus Aran, it’s fucking amazing! :D

  2. Cool event! It looks kind of like the Classic Gaming Expo of Sweden (or a much larger version of one of Digital Press’ NAVA events they hold every month at the shop in New Jersey).

    Heh… I’m probably older than both of you combined, but let’s not try and guess, as I just had a birthday so it means one more year added to the pile of numbers I’ve accumulated. So, H… you have a Starship Hector fetish, I see? It’s that logo, I bet… or the name Hector…

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