New PC Engine games: Cotton, Toilet Kids, Download etc

So today I’ve been busy as well! I’ve updated the PC Engine libraries with all the new games I’ve acquired and also created a collage with all the thumbnail pictures of all my PC Engine scans. Check out the PC Engine collage! ^_^

And here are some of the new games I’ve added to the libraries:
Ankoku Densetsu (Legendary Axe II)_Cotton Fantastic Night Dreams_ Cross Wiber - Cyber Combat Police_ Download_ Final Blaster_ Honey on the Road_ Jigoku Meguri (Bonze Adventure)_ Kaizō Chōjin Schbibin Man_ Kyūkyoku Tiger_ Makai Hakkenden Shada_ Märchen Maze_ Mr Heli no Daibouken_ Paranoia (Psychosis)_ PC Denjin - Punkic Cyborgs_ Toilet Kids_ Tricky_ VIolent Soldier_ Zipang_

Toilet Kids is something I just HAD to buy as soon as I saw it on the Famicom Blog! I mean, come on! It’s TOILET KIDS! And all the enemies are flying poops and butts! LOL! °( ^o^)°

Here are some scans from the manual, it’s hilarious! :D
toilet kids manual_toilet kids manual2_
Look at that happy poop in the middle! :D
toilet kids manual3_
Butts and poop everywhere! 
toilet kids manual4_
Flying butt-rockets and penis-planes!!!! Who the hell came up with this?!? LMFAO!

Some other PC Engine games that I’m very happy with are Cotton, Download, Violent Soldier, Paranoia, Mr Heli no Daibouken, PC Denjin Punkic Cyborgs and all the other great shooters I’ve just uploaded to the library!! Zipang was a cool puzzle platform, kind of like Solomon’s Key. The cover art is ridiculously awkward and funny as well ^_^

I just realized today that there is something wrong with my first PC Engine console, otherwise I would have had that one connected to the computer so I could record some gameplay, so right now I only have the Duo that’s working and it’s too far from the computer for recording to be smooth.. but I will try to work something out soon so I can review some of these awesome games! :D

12 thoughts on “New PC Engine games: Cotton, Toilet Kids, Download etc

  1. NICE set there! Makes me wish I didn’t sell off a bunch of those back in the day. I still have about 100 or so PC-E and TurboGrafx games here, but I haven’t added any in a while.

    BTW, poop humor is pretty common in Japan, but Toilet Kids is the king of games in that respect. That said, you should check out the PS2 remake of the Mega-CD “game” SWITCH one of these days. POOP galore in some cut scenes. Here’s a review link for you:

  2. Great collection you’re building up there. It’s really too bad that the Turbo Graphx only got 90 games in America, for example, out of over 200 that it actually had. We missed out, and as such the system also missed out. It was still a cool little system though.

    And Toilet Kids is hands down the weirdest game I’ve ever seen LOL

  3. Those PC Engine games are looking great! I really do want to get into the Turbo Grafx too. A while back a good friend game me a Turbo Duo. I just need to find a power cable for it. I have a few games too.

    Kato and Ken for the PC Engine was my first encounter with video game poop. I thought it was a crazy game but it’s got nothing on Toilet Kids LOL!

    13 seconds in poop gets busted out of rock and smacks Kato.
    Then 1 min. 9 sec. in Ken farts on a crab.

    So yeah, it’s got some crazy too :)

    • I’m wondering whether it’s worth for me to get a Turbo Grafx too.. Do you know if there were any US exclusive games?

      Kato chan and Ken chan is so AWESOME! :D It was one of the first games I bought for my PC Engine, and I had NO IDEA what it was about :D I was pleasantly surprised and AMAZED there was a game including such toilet humour ^_^ haha But yeah, toilet kids is worse!!

      • It’s a good question. I bet the PC Engine library has many more games than the Turbo Grafx-16 does. How are your PC Engine games for language? I’m guessing the best up side to the TG-16 is that the games are all in English instead of Japanese.
        I’ve always wanted to play Y’s for the TG-16 and I know I’d need English for that one.

      • Sure, but the only games where you really need the language is RPG’s, and you know I’m not a fan of those anyway ;D But I would consider buying the Turbo Grafx if there were any US exclusive platformers, action, puzzle or shooter games ^_^

      • Yes, because you’re not into RPG’s I think you’ll be safe with a PC Engine.
        It looks like there are 287 PC Engine Hue card games and 94 Hue card games for the TurboGrafx-16.
        I couldn’t find if there were any exclusive to the TG-16 but it’s not looking like there are. It’s interesting. I’ll have to dig deeper!
        I think you made the right choice with the PC Engine!

  4. I always loved the PC Engine it held a special place in my heart from the first legendary axe to the last game I played for the Arcade Card Strider. (Which I still have BTW) so I went and made some nostalgia! I made my own PC Engine like shooter! It’s a little download 2, with a little gates of thunder with a lot of lords of thunder. I licensed a real metal band to capture that perfect PC engine hard rocking kind of sound. I’ve left a youtube link to the trailer it’s out now. I just want to hear what a community of classic gamers think of it from the look and feel of the trailer.

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