Un-fun games…

I’m not quite sure where I’m going with all of my collections for the various consoles I have.. I’ve never really tried completing any collection by owning every single game released for a system, instead I prefer just buying games that I will enjoy, but then I also buy games sometimes without having a clue what it is, because I like getting surprised ^_^ This has however resulted in me owning A BUNCH of strategy games in japanese, LOADS of RPG’s that I don’t enjoy playing and also various other games that are text heavy in japanese or that just aren’t fun to play (like pachinko games, or sports games) >_<

I’ve just uploaded more games to the PC Engine HU card library and also the CD ROM library, most of these new acquisitions are strategy games or various un-fun games, haha… un-fun ^_^
but anyway, here they are:
AIII   Fushigi no Umi Nadia (Nadia the Secret of Blue Water)   Hatsukoi monogatari
Human Sports Festival   Langrisser Kouki no Matsuei   The Manhole
Wizardry V Heart of the Maelstrom   Nazo no Masquerade   Nectaris

The problem is that I’m also a bit of a hoarder, I can never get rid of anything! haha So I guess I will just end up owning every single game for every system eventually, since I keep buying stuff that I don’t already have and that list keeps getting shorter… At least when sorting I sort away some of the really boring games, (like JRPG’s and strategy), underneath the desk in boxes so I don’t have to see them and mistake them for something fun ;D

I know that a lot of people are really into RPG’s and especially JRPG’s, and I bet there’s loads of people that enjoy strategy games and sports games too, otherwise there wouldn’t be that many released over the years ;D But everybody must have some type of game that they’re just not that into… What are un-fun games in your opinion? 

17 thoughts on “Un-fun games…

  1. Funny – NECTARIS is a classic turn-based strategy game, as is Der Langrisser (middle game, second row) and Wizardry V is also a classic (ported over from the PC). I thought The Manhole had an English translation on that PC-E version, but I may be thinking of something else entirely (it’s definitely NOT an exciting “game” nonetheless).

    I tend to avoid sports games other than ones that blend something goofy and fun into the mix (crazy characters) and are easy to play, but I’ll avoid a lot of the adventure games that are text heavy (although I know they’re great for learning the language). I have a bunch of stuff here that’s slowly going to get played one of these days (broken Japanese and all)…

  2. I liked Manhole on the Macintosh. However, I guess that I probably didn’t have any other game on the Apple II so it was more fun than playing with the Word Processor or Clock.

  3. Langrisser! What a great game! The first one for the Genesis was called Warsong and it is awesome. Similar to Shinning Force but different enough to still be a unique experience. It is a turned based strategy game (that I know you hate) but the pace is pretty fast and the stakes are high! Main characters would live or die depending on your skill. I remember being so conflicted after beating a hard stage but losing a favorite character… carry on or reload and try again?
    I’ve played a bit of Wizardy 8 for the PC and it’s a good game. I’m curious about your version.
    These all look like great additions!
    Don’t worry about buying un-fun games. I do it all the time :P Un-fun games with nice covers still look great on the self and in the collection!

    • Wizardry V is actually quite good (at least as far as the PC and SNES versions go, although there are some obvious differences). I’ve never played the PC-E version, but I believe it doesn’t have a partial English option like some other games in the series got with they were retooled for Japan…

      I actually love the new artwork and cinemas on the Japanese CD versions of these games. Those old games got a first-class treatment there, that’s for sure.

      Poor Heidi is now fast asleep after watching this… (sorry!)

    • I could start it up (wizardry V) and show you some screenshots if you like.. but i will not attempt to finish the game, or even advance very far.. I will basically give it 10 minutes, that’s all it gets ;D hahaha I wonder if that will be enough to get to actual gameplay ;D LOL

      haha that’s true ^_^ but what are un-fun games in your opinion? :)

      • I’m with geelw and the TheSegaDude, Wizardy is fun. Or I should say was fun. These days I try to avoid the longer games as much as I can because they drain time way too much. Well I still sometimes can’t resist.

        Un-fun will be anything with singing, I’ll be out the door before the thing loads up. I try to stick with shorted games nowadays in hopes of being more productive. Sports mostly and games where you don’t continue.

      • I do like the idea of all the new amazing games like Skyrim, Assasin’s Creed and such, but I don’t take the time to play them, because I know they will take 50+ hours and I just don’t have that time.. that’s why I prefer retro games, since on the old cartridges they couldn’t store 50 hours of gameplay ;D instead they made the gameplay challenging ^_^
        I really don’t understand games like World of Warcraft that doesn’t have an end to it.. I have tried it and I got stuck playing it for a month, because I’m easily addicted to fun and shiny things.. and it was pretty, but after a while I just asked myself what I was doing.. there were soooo many other games I could play, and WoW would never finish.. so I rage-quit ^_^

  4. Rogue-likes are games I tend to ignore and not enjoy. Which is weird because a lot of them are very good fun, well designed, and hark back to the ‘original’ idea of what a game is.

    I suppose my vice is that I need to feel progress in my games, and rogue-likes are often randomly generated and you’re constantly starting from the beginning.

    So yeah, nothing against them, and have huge respect for the genre, just not my type of thing. I need progress and an end-point.

    Maybe if a rogue-like came out with a very well developed fighting/exploration system, such as Prince of Persia parkourness or God of War fightyness, then I might get into them. Currently, their gameplay is often a little too simple for me (such as The Binding of Isaac)… with the exception possibly being FTL, which really is complicated enough that it works.

    • I’m not particularly fond of rogue-likes either..
      I actually got Steam, only to buy The Binding of Isaac, and that only because I like Super Meat Boy and it was the same creator.. I played for a few minutes then I gave up.. :( That is still today the only game I have on Steam haha ^_^

  5. I love RPGs and JRPGs a whole lot! In fact, they’re my favorite genre. Nevertheless, there are different genres for different tastes. I can’t stand the guitar hero and rockband games, they’re just retarded lol

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