RetroN 5: I WANT IT NOW!

Yes, I already have all the systems I need to play all the games in my collection, BUT… the RetroN5 would save me so much space on my desk! Right now I have doubles of many of my consoles just to be able to have one hooked up to my computer for recording.. and many of the systems that I don’t have doubles of (or that just doesn’t fit on my desk) I seldom make the effort of recording which means I don’t review them as much..

For those of you that haven’t heard about the RetroN 5 I’ll tell you what it is. The RetroN 5 is a console developed by Hyperkin that can play both PAL and NTSC NES, SNES, GENESIS (MEGA DRIVE), GBA aaaaand FAMICOM games!! *drool* :D
It has wireless rechargable bluetooth controllers, but also ports for your original NES, SNES and SEGA controllers if you prefer that! It can speed up or slow down in game when you’re playing, it can save your game data even if a game doesn’t have that function so you can load and continue later, it has HDMI output but also AV, it enhances the graphics AND the sound of your old games and it’s just freaking awesome!!! I want one.. I want it I want it I WANT IT!!! NOW!!!!!!!


It has been said to release in July this year and it was displayed at E3. I am however hoping it will also get a European release.. I hate having to work with power adaptors >_<

It’s said to be less than 100$! I might even have to get two ;D One for my desk and one for my living room, so I could just pick a game in my Retro Room and play it on the big TV in the living room without having to move all my systems around ^_^ … want…. it…… NOW!

13 thoughts on “RetroN 5: I WANT IT NOW!

  1. I have a draft in the works for my own Retron5 blog post :) This does look like it could be very exciting. I have had several previous Retrons and other chip on a board consoles and they are neat but none are quite good enough to get really excited over. I’m really hoping that this release nails it.
    I love the idea of modern AV connections, good up-scaling, region free, save states, wireless controllers and all that goodness.
    The only thing I don’t like so far is the look of the Retron5. Is it just me or does anyone else thing it’s really ugly? However, the appearance isn’t at all a deal breaker. It’s doesn’t matter near as much as the actual gaming experience that I’m hoping it will deliver.

    • Indeed! It’s not a pretty sight! haha I hope that it will at least be all black as shown in some pictures.. and not that weird gray/purple thingy >_<
      but damn, if it delivers even close to what they're promising I'm hooked ^_^
      I've never had any of those kind of systems at all.. I have one Fami-clone.. that's about as close as I get LOL!

  2. I desperately want a Retron Product that has Sega CD. Maybe a special Retron CD unit. Saturn, Sega CD, Dreamcast, etc.

  3. stopxwhispering, did you ever get a Retron 5?
    I recently played one at Nintendo Joe’s. I only played Thunder Force 3 and Sonic the Hedgehog but both played very well. I was impressed.
    I think I might get one soon-ish.
    The only thing I didn’t really love was the wireless controller it comes with. But you can plug in your retro joysticks so that works out well enough.

    • actually I have just ordered one and my cousin will ship it to me ^_^ I also ordered a new Elgato capturing tool that has hdmi :D So I’m totally excited to try it out once it gets here :D :D :D Hopefully I’ll be able to make a lot more videos and also twitch stream retro video games :D

  4. I also really prefer the look of the all black Retron 5. I know the grey one is suppose to be colored to look more like a NES but it doesn’t look very nice.
    Let me know what you think of it when you’ve had some time to use it.
    I would love to see more of your reviews and some live twitch streaming sounds pretty cool too!

    • No the grey one is hideous! I got the black one ^_^
      I will! I will most likely do a review ^_^ I also got the Super Retro Trio, another new console that takes all PAL and NTSC cartridges to NES, SNES and Genesis/Mega Drive. It was way cheaper though. Will be interesting to see the difference, since this other one apparently doesn’t emulate the games, just plays them :)

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