Retro game pickups in Tokyo

Finally I’ve had some time to go through all the games that were already on my desk before leaving for Japan, and also the 117 games I bought while in Tokyo!! :D

On this trip to Tokyo I mainly focused on Famicom, I just went through every shelf of every retro gaming store and picked up anything I found that I didn’t already have! This concluded in a few really rare and expensive titles, but also a lot of junk like baseball games and unplayable mystery solving games and RPGs, but I’m really happy to finally have Gimmick!, Over Horizon and Snow Bros in my collection :D
gimmick, snow bros, over horizon famicom

Snow Bros wasn’t as fun as I had hoped. Kind of like Bubble Bobble, but not as cute :/
Famicom Snow Bros screenshots

Over Horizon is a great shooter! The visuals are so pretty ^_^
Famicom Over Horizon screenshot

And Gimmick! was also a lot of fun! So adorable, but yet difficult! ^_^
Famicom Gimmick! screenshots

I also found Chip n’ Dale Rescue Rangers in pretty condition and Gebara (or Guevara)  which I’ve only ever encountered once before and it was too expensive that time. Below is also a game called Jigoku Gokuraku Maru. I had never seen it before but the cover art reminded me of Genpei Toumaden so I assumed it was good ;D and it was! But it’s just a sidescrolling action platform where you play as a red-headed girl :)

Guevara is a fun Commando-style shooter where you can team up with a friend (who then plays as Fidel Castro) ;D
Famicom Guevara screenshots
Famicom Gebara Screenshots

I found a Famicom cartridge copy of After Burner, I’ve never seen that before either.. I have it for Sega Master System and Mega Drive though.. Also got Cross Fire and Guardic Gaiden (Guardian Legend).

after burner

Cross Fire was kind of fun, very much like Dead Fox (Code Name Viper) but not quite as good.
Famicom Cross Fire screenshots

I’ve been looking for Wanpaku Kokkun no Gourmet World but it’s been awfully pricey on eBay, in Tokyo however it was much more affordable ^_^ The middle game is called Pyokotan no Dai Meiro and it’s kind of like a maze game but with various mini-games whenever you open chests and stuff. It was interesting :) I also found Moero Twin Bee on a cart! I’ve only ever seen it for the Disk System, I didn’t think it existed on a cartridge, but I was pleased to find it ^_^
wanpaku kokkun

Wanpaku Kokkun no Gourmet World was OK, kind of easy and childish though.
Wanpakku Kokkun no Gourmet screenshots

In Moero Twinbee you can play three players simultaneously! This blew my mind ^___^
Famicom Moero Twinbee cartridge screenshot

These were just a few of all the Famicom cartridges I got (103 in total!), but I also scored a few Super Famicom Games:
Hoshi no Kirby 3 Super Bomberman 2 Hebereke Popoitto
Bakuto! Dochers  CB Chara Wars

And some PC Engine and Sega Mega Drive games:
Dragon Half_  Cosmic Fantasy 2_
Chou Aniki_  Flash Hiders_
Block Out  Tanto-R

Now this was a few of the pickups, I will make another post soon with all the rest of the Famicom carts when I’ve uploaded them to the Famicom Collection Library :)

6 thoughts on “Retro game pickups in Tokyo

  1. Well, I’ve added 11 Sega games to my collection recently… so… there’s that…

    117 games in one trip alone! You’re a machine :)
    Is Snow Brother rare for the Famicom? It’s expensive for the Mega Drive. And it’s a really good game. Good score there! Blockout for the Mega Drive is also cool but Snow Brothers for the win :)
    I’m really jealous that you play those awesome SUPER CD games for your PC Engine! I need the very rare System 3.0 card before I’ll be able to.

    I love how you did the cart pictures! So shiny! Same with the tiled screen shots to preview the games. Everything looks great!

    • Thanks! :D haha
      Yes snow bros is rare, and usually very pricey on eBay, I paid about 130 USD for gimmick and about half of that for snow bros.
      Haha only one of the super cd games was playable though (the rest where RPGs or comics)

      • I don’t know Famicom very well but it sounds like you got a really great deal on both those games; based on your comment and jfeo1980.
        I’ve look at a lot of PC Engine CD games and they’re normally not too expensive. And even if you can’t play them they do look really nice! I never minded added a game I can’t play to the collection.
        Do you have many Super CD games yet? Do you have a favorite? I really do need to get a Duo somehow :)

  2. I must admit I am jealous of that Mr. Gimmick! I wish I could afford that one. There is a secret in every stage where you have to jump on your star shot to get to a secret area. Did you happen to get Lickle, Holy Diver, Splatterhouse Wanpaku Graffiti, Doki Doki Panic, or Probotector?

    If you don’t mind me asking, how much did Gimmick cost in Japan? A loose cart alone on eBay is over $400.00. And in general how are prices comapred to eBay? I am guessing they are much less. Reason I ask is because I always think about selling a portion of my game collection (around $5000.00 worth), and just buying a plane ticket to Japan to see what games I can find and try to bring them home to unload them on eBay to make a profit, and keep a few for myself.

    • I already had all the games you mentioned ;D I paid around 130$ for gimmick I think :)
      You can get some really cheap games there, but the famous great ones are of course a bit pricey in japan as well, they are getting more and more aware of our prices over here and that a lot of westerners are going there to buy games so they have been increasing the prices in stores. The rare ones are rare and hard to find in japan as well, and not cheap, but definitely way less than eBay.

  3. I was in Japan only once, in 1996 when no one was collecting. I did the same as you, but with a difference, I could only afford 4 games :D

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