Heidi & Becki play Neo Geo game Cyber Lip!

Neo Geo Game - Cyber-LipI’ve finally finished editing the first video of mine and Becki’s Neo Geo play session :) I really wanna make more videos like this, but it is very time consuming, but I’m trying my best to make videos whenever I have some spare time ^_^ Anyway, we had so much fun with the Neo Geo games! The first game we tried out was Cyber Lip! An action platform game that resembles Contra a lot. We love it when we find simultaneous co-op games, and the Neo Geo has loads of those! More videos will come soon with the rest of the games we played, like Garou Densetsu, Ghost Pilots and Sengoku :)

Check out the video and let me know what you think! ^__^

11 thoughts on “Heidi & Becki play Neo Geo game Cyber Lip!

  1. I love seeing the Neo Geo get some use! You have a very fun looking setup there. Two comfy chairs, a big ‘old CRT TV and those massive AES joysticks. Well done :)

    I did enjoy watching to you battle your way through the game. Cyber Lip is short but still a cool game. If you enjoyed it you should see if you find any Metal Slug. There are six of them for the AES (1,2,3,4,5 and X which is a remake of 2). They are some of the best Neo Geo run and gun games!

    • Haha yeah, well all the other spots were full >_< so the Neo Geo got the corner spot, it works well though :D

      I actually bought those 5 MVS Neo Geo games you recommended through email a while back ;D so I have them all but one didn't work :/ I think it was 1,2,3,4 and X, and X was the one not working..

      • OH! Great! Have you had a chance to dive into Metal Slug? They are excellent. And I love how all Neo Geo games are two players.

        I would say that 80% of the Neo Geo games I’ve bought so far didn’t work when I first got them. What I usually do is open the cart (be careful of the label) take out both circuit boards and scrub the contacts with a pink eraser. This will rub away dirty and mild corrosion. Then I use a paper towel and rub the contacts with Isopropanol 99% (rubbing alcohol). Then put the game back in the plastic case and test it. If it’s still not working I do it all over again. So far this has always worked. And once a cart starts working it keeps working.
        Also! Some games (for whatever reason) wont like a particular slot on the multi-cart motherboard. So try different slots too. I know it sounds crazy but it’s just the nature of this beast :)
        Have you been playing on your AES with the MVS converter only? I’ve heard that the converts are very good but not 100%. Maybe that’s part of the issue too?I
        I think you said your 4-slot cab has not yet arrived, right? And if that Metal Slug X really just does not work I’m sure Sheep_Nova will sort it out for ya.
        Anyways, these are exciting times!!

      • Yeah, I spent an evening with a friend and played all of them ^__^ We got pretty far in most of them :)
        Well I clean all the contacts with alcohol, but I don’t wanna open them up cause it will tear the label :/
        This one didn’t have that regular issue though where it just doesn’t read, I got a big black and red screen that was flickering and an annoying screechy sound.. :(
        I’ve only used the MVS converter so far.. it could be the issues I guess. I won’t be able to check until I’ve picked up my cab ;D
        I’ve waited to long I think, the purchase isn’t even in my history on ebay anymore ;D Sometimes it’s hard to get around to finishing all the things on my to-do list since there’s just so much shit to do >__< But it's fun ^^

  2. I use to do that too… just rub what I could reach with a q-tip without opening the case but I found these big boys need more attention than that :)
    Once you remove the four screws you can lift one edge enough to take out both board without harming the label. I’ve done it a ton of times. It is safe. I don’t want you to give up on it yet! :P When putting it back together there is only one way all the pieces fit together so if it’s not closing easily you’ll now to look for something that’s in the wrong stop.
    I would be happy to try for you if you’re willing to pop it in the mail.
    And I’ve been buying MVS and Atomiswave games from Sheep_nova recently. He’s a good guy (I think there are two of them). There is a chance me might still be willing to help out. I can email him for your or send you his email address if you like.

    • ok! Well if you say so ^_^ I guess I’ll give it a try :) If I don’t get it working, and if it won’t work on the cab either then I’ll ship it off to you ;)
      What’s Atomiswave?
      Cool thanks :) I’d like his email if possible :)
      Where was the best place to buy customized shockboxes with inlays btw?

      • I was a little disappointed with Prehistoric Isle 2… mostly because even in home mode you get unlimited credits and you can just walk through the game.
        Blazing Star is a fun shooter but it can get annoying hearing ‘BONUS!!’ over and over and over again :P
        I just got the shooter Zed Blade and it also fun so far but I have not played it too much yet.

      • unlimited credits suck :/ Zed Blade! That’s a cool sounding name ^_^ Haven’t heard of that one before.
        I’ve gotten a few more shmups as well: Brikinger, Last Hope, Last Resort and Sonic Wings 2 ^_^

  3. Last Resort is a cool shooter. I really like it. The first level looks soooo nice!
    Last Hope is a really expensive game! Nice score :) I’ve never considered it because of the cost. How is it? It’s look very difficult. Do you like it?

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