I’m on the N.A.R.C. podcast :D

I was invited to be in the North American Retro Collective’s podcast. It was a lot of fun talking with Rip, John & Chris, even though I did really shitty in the quiz ;D We’re discussing import games and collecting, and the differences in perception between NTSC and PAL games in Europe and the US ^_^

Go check out the podcast on either Podomatic or on iTunes ^_^

3 thoughts on “I’m on the N.A.R.C. podcast :D

  1. So I listened to the whole podcast and it was very entertaining. You’re well spoken and you seem right home during the entire conversation.

    lol! I was crushed when you didn’t know that the Neo Geo AES has a removable memory card! :P You’ve got one! It was created so that people with the AES at home could bring their saved games back and forth from the arcade.

    You really have to watch the Princes Bride! It’s a great movie. Very fun and cute. Get Becky over and have a movie night. There is even a chance that your boyfriend will like it too.

    I would love a copy of Twinkle Star Sprites for MVS! I’ve heard nothing but great things about that game and it looks like a ton of fun. I recently passed one up for $255 CAD plus shipping. It’s just too expensive.

  2. Blame the jet lag! Blame the jet lag! Eh, it happens. I hate quizzes because it always feels as if you know stuff until the questions hit you and then you go blank. And yeah, I second that recommend from The Sega Dude! You DO need to see TPB. It’s one of the funnier films from that era that still holds up if you’re in the right mood.

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