Finally a PC Engine update!

I’ve been so far behind on uploading all the scans of all the games I acquire XD I have folders upon folders of scans on my computer O_o But now finally I’ve worked through all the PC Engine games that hadn’t been uploaded here at least :D Both the HU Card PC Engine library and the PC Engine CD-ROM library have been updated with a total of 57 games today! Also the PC Engine collage is updated, where you can easily identify a cover and get the name by hovering the mouse over ^_^

So here they all are! In no particular order… I’ve been sorting enough today XD

I’ve been quite busy with planning my wedding lately, and I’m getting married in 8 days! :D So I’m sorry for the lack of internet presence, I will be back soon ^_^ Meanwhile game on and stay retro! ;)

9 thoughts on “Finally a PC Engine update!

  1. Congratulations on the wedding! This gallery is too awesome – SO many good games here. Makes me want to unearth my own Duo and dive into the library here.

  2. Am really looking forward to trying out Shadow Complex Remastered. Your collection is amazing. Best wishes for the wedding..:)

  3. The more time I spent with my Turbo Grafx-16 the more I like the system. I should have bought it back in the day in addition to my Master System and Sega Genesis.
    I don’t recognize most of your PC Engine games but they do look great. If you had to pick one favorite from the ones above which would it be? :P

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