Famicom Impressions: Tecmo Super Bowl

Famicom Impressions

Oh no, it’s time for another sports game! It’s not an RPG this time though, just PURE AMERICAN FOOTBALL in Tecmo Super Bowl テクモスーパーボウル (TCF-4U) on Famicom, released in 1991.

It has some nice graphics in the intro, and I really kind of liked the music in game, the little that I got to hear of it.. because every time something happened on the field (which I felt I had no control over what so ever) the freaking song started over again! The stupid screen popping up every 10 seconds asking me for a strategy is SO ANNOYING! I would call this a strategy/sport-simulator game, no action at all, I got control of the ball (or whatever you call it in American football) once, and no matter where I tried running the opposing team caught up and threw themselves on top of me, suffocating whatever nice feelings I ever might have felt towards this game >_< booooo

Tecmo Shitty Bowl for Famicom

At least no Japanese language is necessary to play this, only an incredible infatuation with sport-strategy ;P

Here’s a video, judge for yourself.

5 thoughts on “Famicom Impressions: Tecmo Super Bowl

  1. Wow, this is priceless! I bet you hear from one Tecmo Bowl fanatic telling you how EASY the game is and how you’d like it a lot if you knew AMERICAN football, lol. Not a fan myself, but according to friends, this game is supposed to be addictive. Been ages since I tried (I briefly played a SNES version back in… 1993/94), so I can’t say.

  2. Yeah, the original Tecmo Bowl was a lot better. It didn’t look like much fun. At times it seemed that players from across the field would cover half the distance on the screen in a blink when you got a good long pass in. Surprised they didn’t change any of the language.

    • The manual for that version of Tecmo Bowl is probably your clue as to why the English text is still in the game. It would have been difficult to translate so much text and football jargon into katakana/hiragana, so the manual takes care of that, making it a RTFM game over there.

  3. Huh, this is interesting, because many often consider this to be the greatest sports game ever made. Heck, they even update the game every year with the current NFL teams.

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