My Game Room and Collection 2014!

I’ve been so busy with work and playing games with friends online lately that I haven’t gotten around to finishing my own video tour of my new Game Room. Thankfully my friends over at GamingGrannar paid me a visit and filmed it for me! :D They have now released all 5 episodes of my retro video game collection.

The first episode covers my Virtual Boy collection and Super Famicom. Unfortunately for all you non-Swedish people all the episodes are in Swedish, but you can still see all the games and stuff, you just might not understand what we’re saying about them ;D Here’s the first episode:

The second episode is covering my PC Engine collection, Dave gets to try out some PC Engine shooters like Cocoron and Download, and we play Katochan & Kenchan:

The third episode is about Famicom and we play some Crisis Force and other games:

The fourth episode is basically a tour of the game room and the setup and Dave gets to play some Vectrex :)

And in the fifth and final episode we go through my Castlevania collection and some Sega Mega Drive games:

There’s still a lot of things that GamingGrannar did not cover, but I’ll continue to post about all my games here on my blog ^_^

Hopefully I’ll get around to finishing my own video tour soon, meanwhile here’s some recent pictures I took of the game room (things haven even changed since they were here this summer) ^_^
Game collection_1K

And here’s some closeups of some of the game shelves:

16 thoughts on “My Game Room and Collection 2014!

  1. Super videos, great fun to watch. Will show Joes brother over Christmas. That game store near Kristina is still there. Have a God Jul.

  2. Your collection is just insane :)
    I can’t believe how much you have! And it a looks so great.
    It looks like you have a lot of your cardboard game cases in plastic sleeves making them look extra pristine.
    Your display cabinets look awesome. What a great way to feature some of your favorite titles.
    And I’m in love with your display of your console! Lit up and all ready to go. That totally Rocks!

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