Famicom Z


 Zelda no Densetsu_
Zelda no Densetsu

Action RPG

 Zenbei Pro Basketball
Zenbei Pro Basketball
Vic Tokai


 Zippy Race
Zippy Race
IF 01


 Zoids chuuou tairiku no tatakai
Zoids Chuuou Tairiku no Tatakai


 Zoids Mokushiroku
Zoids Mokushiroku


 Zoids 2 - Zenebasu no Gyakushuu_
Zoids 2 – Zenebasu no Gyakushuu
ゾイド2 ゼネバスの逆襲
TFS-Z2 FS-2009G


 Zombie Hunter_
Zombie Hunter
ゾンビ ハンター
Hi Score


 Zunou Senkan Galg
Zunou Senkan Galg
dB Soft

RPG Shooter


4 thoughts on “Famicom Z

  1. Very nice place you got here Heidi (Norwegian by chance?), and great pictures of cartridges for the Famicom system. Truly impressive collection of games. Thank you for making scannings available for download this way! Famicom boxes is perhaps a bit more tricky to find these days :) I know Cover Project does have a few, but for the rest of them Google and ebay would perhaps be the only possibilities left for me, although the quality would be far from 300dpi. Any suggestions? :D

    Myself, I love those old gaming systems. I was brought up with the Commodore 64 back in 1983, and it’s still my favourite system with the Amiga at a distant second place. Unfortunatly most of the games had to be copied as I (and my mother) couldn’t afford to buy all of them. Today I have a nice collection of original games for the C64 and the Atari VCS together with PS1-PS3 titles. But not in the neighborhood of yours though.

    One of my hobbies is to restore old game covers in Photoshop, and for that one needs the materials, right, so here I am searching for the missing parts :)

    • Hey Allan,
      you were close, I’m Swedish ^_^
      Thanks ^_^ Unfortunately I have mainly been collecting loose cartridges for the Famicom since they were so easy to come buy at reasonable prices :) I do however have 50-100 boxed ones or so, If you’re searching for anything in particular just let me know and I’ll have a check to see if I have it, then I could scan it for you :) I have a lot of boxed games for other systems as well, I basically collect anything retro gaming related that I come across at reasonable prices :D I never had any games at all as a kid so I’m just making up for it now ;D
      It’s a nice hobby you’ve got there, are you publishing your covers anywhere? And covers for which game systems? If I can help in any way just let me know ^^ I’m working on scanning my entire library of games eventually (I’m not even half way, I have over 3500 games…) and I have all the scans in higher resolution than what I upload here.
      I have a few games for the C64 and Amiga 500 as well, but damn, I don’t have the patience with those loading times ;D so I rarely play them :/

      • (I shouldn’t post replies in this section of your site, but you can always delete or replace it at your liking).

        Thanks for your reply and your kindness, offering scans of Famicom covers.

        To answer your question about publication of work: I’ve worked on restoration the last 15 years for several gaming systems, including Atari, Amiga and C64. It was ment to be implemented in frontends like Mala and Hyperspin, together with some serious artwork, videos, backgrounds and batchfile setup towards emulators. It’s turned out to be some kind of obsession I guess. And as I find just a tiny bit of the publicated materials on places like emumovies and coverproject of any worth, as most of it is just to low quality or plain fakes, my work continues. This far nothing has been published, as I had hoped for a website of my own some day where all the materials could be made available. Perhaps it’s just dream, as I’m the dreaming kind. (I must be the only web-designer without a website, but it’s an old saying that the shoemaker’s children walks barefoot). ;D

        I saw your scannings of the PC engine covers, and I must be allowed to comment that you’d get much better results if the coverart is removed from the casing before scanning, although it’s a bit more work.The reflection of light on plastic is almost impossible to remove even with hours of precision work. Sometimes I’ll have to use sources as these to get the final result ready, as many of the old systems and particularly some games are extremly hard to find.

        About the good old days and 15 years before internet and 25 before Ipods, when the C64 was calling our attention from the shelves in the local stores with it’s magical tunes and impressive gfx, we where as stunned and amazed as kids can be. Didn’t matter if the loading of China Miner took 20 minutes or so, we just sat in awe behind the set and ready to let our fantasy make quantum leaps into the pool of devinity. You know what? The time just flew.

        We had all the time in the world to explore the dungeons of thrills this little bread bin could put out. The blocks of graphics was transfered to masterpieces in our imagination.

        Me and my friend Jim walked for miles to get our hands on the latest games to copy and play, even when it stormed and was nailbiting cold at wintertime. We had to have those games – no matter what. Backed up with some discomusic and wild fantasy we where ready for anything.

        My friend, it was a time when the dinosaurs ruled this earth. A time that started it all which we see today and take for granted.
        Even with the extravaganza in gfx and sound we see coming today from PS3 and PS4, the sophisticated internet and all its facilities, there’s nothing in this world coming close to the atmosphere at the demo and copy parties of yesteryears, mixed with the local arcades and the good old C64. Nothing!

        I guess, all in all, good times has very little to do with high tech stuff and more with the social aspects, where friends share the excitement together. A place where the heart and mind of children meets, instead of isolated gameplay toward a million users on the net. There’s little excitement left in the modern way of living and the games and computers has unfortunatly played their part of it.
        They were ment for learning purposes and for entertainment. Not for making realistic killings and violence in war play, where the young kids learns how to become indifferent to their own life and others.

        Today, my Commodore smiles back at me and sometimes whispers in my ears: “Hey Allan, do you remember me still, like in the old days when I played my SID tunes inside my heart and made yours dance? I’m still here for you my devoted friend”.

      • (Haha that’s no problem, comments are welcome anywhere on my blog ^_^)

        Sounds kind of like my obsession ;D
        You should totally put up a website of your own though! Just to have everything available on the web! ^^ Doesn’t have to be anything fancy, as long as it’s available ^_^

        I know, I should have scanned the PC Engine games without the CD cover.. but since I started out the wrong way I just didn’t have the energy to redo them >__< I don't have that many friends here that are as into retro games as I am..

        I do prefer playing with people socially, IRL, instead of online.. I throw gaming parties regularly but mainly we end up playing newer games that attract a larger audience.. like on the Xbox 360 or Wii U..

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