Retro Rumble – Bachelor party edition XD

Two weeks ago I threw a Retro Rumble game night for a friend of a friends bachelor party XD

11 guys competed in various retro games, starting off with Soldier Blade for PC Engine. What’s really funny is that each and every new contestant beat the previous highscore XD Talk about competition!

After that we went old school and they got to compete in some Race on Philips Videopac G7200 ^_^ This was much harder for the guys, but a few of them managed to get some decent scores :)

They also got to compete in Kato-chan & Ken-chan on PC Engine, original Tetris on NES and Super Monaco GP on Sega Mega Drive :)

Meanwhile the entire retro game room was open for business, I had games on on every single TV. The guys really enjoyed Chou Aniki on Sega Saturn, such an absurd game! I just want everyone to experience it XD They also played some Neo Geo AES, some Atari 2600, Virtual Boy, Mr. Gimmick on Famicom and lots of other games and systems when they were not competing ^_^

After this it was time for the semi-finals where 4 competitors got to battle it out in a few different Super Famicom games. These games were VS Collection, Harapeko Bakka and Sugoi Hebereke ^_^

Retro Rumble - Semi-finals VS Collection

Vibben, who they threw the bachelor party for, luckily made it onto the finals as well :) Here they got to play Combat on Atari 2600, Choco Vader Contactee on arcade (really absurd japanese mini-games) and finally competing in highest score on co-op Tetris on NES, the Tengen version ^_^

And the winner was… Vibben! :D

Retro Rumble - Winner!

I love throwing game nights so this was a blast ^_^

Tetris Rumble!

Last weekend I threw a game night kind of like my Retro Rumbles but this time it was Tetris Rumble! I had setup all of my Tetris games to be played on every screen in my game room (I even added a few more TVs so they could all be hooked up) and I setup a corner for the Tetris board games as well ^_^ I’m happy my new Philips CDi arrived in time for the Tetris Rumble so we could experience the Tetris game on that as well! :D I’m also really thankful for my new friend Andreas who shipped me a copy of Twintris for Amiga 500 on floppy disk! ^_^ Awesome to finally be able to try it!

A lot of friends came and enjoyed the Tetris madness! :D It was a lot of fun and the board games were a major hit! I think all of the board games I’ve found with Tetris so far have been really good conversions of Tetris into board games ^_^

This Tetris board game is a lot of fun. It’s 2 players versus and it’s all about gaining territory and pushing the bar to make the other person hit the ceiling with their Tetris tower. A spin-button chooses which piece you need to pick, and the more rows you take simultaneously the more spaces you get to push the bar ^_^

Tetris Link was very popular. In this game you have to make three or more tetraminos of your colour touch each other. It’s the most fun if you have 4 people since you have all four colours playing then :) You get a minus point if you create a hole.

Another popular board game was Tetris Tower 3D. In this one you can only be two people versus though. It is run by batteries and has flashing tetraminos showing which piece you need to pick and also which piece is next for the other player. It also has a timer, if you don’t put down your piece in time the other person gets two turns in a row. If you make a row with the piece you put down you get a point.

The final board game was also a four player game. Each has a Tetris board and you just grab pieces one by one as fast as you can and place them as perfect as you can on your board. Whoever reaches the top first shouts “Tetris!” and then everybody needs to stop taking pieces and count how many holes they have in their construction. The one with the least holes wins :) You can also throw pieces at someone else if you get something you don’t want to place.

A big thanks to everyone who came and enjoyed some Tetris! :D Now if this got you feeling like playing some Tetris and you don’t happen to have a physical copy of Tetris at home, then I recommend trying out Not Tetris 2 ;D