More PC Engine games: Spin Pair, Star Parodier, Monster Lair etc

Today I’ve also added a few new PC Engine games to my PC Engine Collection >>

The games are:
Star Parodier__
Star Parodier
I read about this one in the free online magazine PC Engine Gamer and it got such great reviews I immediately looked it up and got it! However, I didn’t reflect on the fact that the game was a CD-ROM game until I finally got it by mail.. and still don’t have a DUO >-<

Wonderboy III - Monster Lair_
Wonder Boy III Monster Lair
This is also a game that supposedly is great, however, this one is ALSO CD-ROM >_< soon though.. I will get a PC Engine DUO!

Spin Pair_
Spin Pair
This was a really interesting puzzle game! I’ve never seen anything quite like this one.
Spin Pari Start
All the different stages have new shapes that you need to match.
Spin Pair Stage 1
In the beginning it’s quite easy with simple shapes. You can swith places on the two shapes that drop and with the second button you can also rotate the insides in 4 different directions, filling either the top, bottom, left or right of the shape. Then you have to match it with a corresponding shape that has the opposite side filled.
Spin Pair Easy
It gets quite hard after a while, and it speeds up at times, then the only thing you can do to slow it down again is to match a certain amount of shapes, which is really hard when it’s speeding!
Spin Pair mess

Doraemon Meikyuu Daisakusen_
Doraemon Meikyuu Daisakusen
Another Doraemon game, this one is a platforming action with a top view perspective. Kind of like Sunsoft’s Batman for PC Engine. I just beat the game a few days ago, I will try to make a review of it someday soon ^_^

I also added Atomic Robo-kid to my PC Engine collection, I’ve already written a bit about that game here >> and another new game was Sindibad: Chitei no Dai Makyuu, which I haven’t tried out yet. I think it’s an RPG though.. >_<