Package in the mail today! Atari, Sega, PC Engine & Atomic Robo-kid!

Today I got two packages in the mail. It was a treat since I had totally forgot what it was that I had bought ^_^ (Yes my memory is sometimes like the one of a goldfish >_<) Anyway, the first package came in a padded envelope, inside was this really convenient box for the size of a CD case! (Yes, small details and things like this amazes me…)

And in the package was also what looked like a 10.000 ¥en bill?!

But this turned out to be a printed thank-you-for-buying-note! Really clever ^_^ Thank you Game Sensei! It was a true pleasure doing business with you :D And below you can see that the game I had bought was Atomic Robo-kid for PC Engine!

So I tried this game out tonight, and it was a blast!! A great horizontal shooter, with this cute Atomic Robo-kid sprite and cool powerups! It was really fast and fun!

Below follows a montage with screenshots and gifs I made from gameplay footage ^_^ All images are clickable to view larger :)

I got to the second boss, but then I got a Game Over after having used up all my continues >.< It was quite hard, but I will try to give it another go soon ^_^ In the second package I got two Sega games, Gangster Town for Sega Master System and Slime World for Sega Mega Drive. I’ve been looking for Slime World since I saw that TheSegaDude had gotten it ;D And I finally found a decent japanese copy of the game. Can’t wait to try it out! :D

I love the boxart for Slime World!! I have no idea what Gangster Town is.. it was dirt cheap! so I bought it…

Two other games were hiding in the second package! Star Wars Jedi Arena and Millipede for Atari 2600! Millipede also had a manual, something I was not even aware of when I bought it on Ebay ^_^ It’s huuuuge compared to the actual game haha! :D

The Millipede manual actual contains some hints to this incredibly frustrating game ;D It says:
Make sure you keep your eye on the millipede while you’re getting rid of the other pests. The millipede can sneak up on you if you’re not careful (NO SHIT!) so keep it under control.
… Each insect has its own unique sound so listen closely and you can anticipate what will be coming next! 
(I actually did not know that! Did you?)

11 thoughts on “Package in the mail today! Atari, Sega, PC Engine & Atomic Robo-kid!

  1. Nice! You should also track down Atomic Robo Kid for the Mega Drive to see the differences. Slime World is quite cool and even more interesting as it’s also on the Atari Lynx.

    Also – try to find The Lost Sunheart for the PC-Engine, as it’s such a weird shooter that I think you’d get a real kick out of it.

    • Is there a big difference on the Mega Drive version? The PC engine version is actually quite fast paced!
      Cool, I really really want an atari lynx!! ^_^ I’ll get one eventually :D
      I have actually just found Lost Sunheart, depending on what it will cost I might get it ^_^

  2. Yeah! Slime World! I still haven’t really played it enough to judge it but for some reason I like the cover art. The Hero looks like he’s used to working at a desk and somehow ended up fighting off hordes of monsters :)
    Gangster Town is pretty good for an 8-bit light-phaser game and yours looks like it’s an amazing condition! And for dirt cheap you’ve done really well!
    I’ve always liked Atomic Robo-Kid even thought it feels a bit slow. The artwork is cool and the graphics are very nice.

    I’ve never really played many Atari games. I always really wanted to as a kid but never got the chance.

    • Haha totally ^_^
      Yeah it was hardly a pound.. It’s always nice with some more light-phaser games now that I have a gun for the SMS :D
      Atomic Robo-Kid was fast on the PC Engine!! You’re apparently collecting for the wrong system ;D haha *JK*

  3. The TG-16 version is a complete arcade port, while the MD version is more of a conversion that seems to be missing some stuff. Still, it’s worth tracking down just to compare both versions (Hmmm… that’s a future post idea for you!)…

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