Championships of Shitty…

Actually, Champions of Europe, however it is exceptionally shitty. Not only do I not like sport games to begin with, but this just turned out to be the worst sport game I have ever played.
 Look how fucking psyched they are! Don’t be fooled by this misleading cover!! The game is nothing like what they’re apparently experiencing..

First of all we couldn’t even start a game, we had to resort to the manual (which I rarely do, I prefer figuring out shit myself) to find what all the icons meant and what the hell you needed to choose for a game to actually start.

Most obvious seemed to press the button at the bottom, but they put a demo as the default so before figuring out to change that we watched the demo three times.. >_<

Gameplay.. omg.. you can’t even grab the ball and bring it with you. You have be exactly ON the ball and even then your character will constantly give it tiny little kicks so you can basically just go straight forward with the ball. It’s not easy steering around on a giant football field with the tiniest little character in 8-bit with a D-pad..
We just ran around in circles around the ball until somebody accidentally touched it and it flew out of the field. That’s basically what we did for 2 whole games. No goals. Just chasing the ball around, without results..

You could apparently shout out some kind of formation codes for your teammates, but I don’t know football, so I don’t know the freaking codes!! >_< and they didn’t seem to do much use anyway..

4-3-3 guys! 4-3-3!!!

no wait.. 4-2-4! no! 5-3-2.. or wait was it 4-4-2? no I’m pretty sure it was 5-3-2.. FOUL!

This was the last time I had my boyfriend choose which retro game he wanted to play with me >_<

I advice you NOT to play this game if you ever come across it..
Here’s a funny video I put together summoning up the game: