Charity game collecting!

Recently I stumbled upon a retro gaming blog focusing on purchasing games through charity organizations. I don’t remember the name of the blog, I accidentally closed the tab after following a link to Oxfam’s webshop where they indeed had some retro games! I found three neat Sega Mega Drive games there in great condition to a very decent price, between 3-5 GBP each, and the money goes to charity! :D The games I got there were Earthworm Jim 2, Mega Games 2 and Sonic the Hedgehog 2. Wow.. only sequels o_O I also got Space Invaders Anniversary for the PS2 ^_^

There was of course a lot of crap as well, but it’s worth checking out once in a while, here’s a link to Oxfam’s webshop >>

I have also gotten a bunch of other Sega Mega Drive games recently, Asterix and the Power of the Gods was apparently a quite rare one according to I also got Pocahontas which was supposed to be a fun Disney game, however I got stuck on the first screen of the game and couldn’t get any further.. I might give it another go soon though. Also got True Lies since it’s starring Arnold Schwarzenegger! and  Cheese Cat-astrophe starring Speedy Gonzales, a fun platformer. Revolution X was a game based on Aerosmith, you get to see some cutscenes where they are performing but apart from that you are just steering a cross around and shooting guys popping up everywhere, it got kinda boring after a while.. Alisia Dragoon was however a cool platformer where you’re a girl with a dragon. I also got Mega Games 6, it had World Cup Italia, Golden Axe, Streets of Rage, The Revenge of Shinobi, Super Hang-On and Columns in it.

I also got a few Master System games this last week.
Dragon the Bruce Lee Story, a platformer where you run around as Bruce Lee, no music just crappy sound effects, slow movement speed and lack of kung-fu moves…
Spiderman Return of the Sinister Six was pretty cool though, I loved shooting Spiderman’s web and swinging around ^^
Back to the Future Part III sucked just as much as AVGN said it did.. I couldn’t get past the first stage either..
The Flash was fun and really fast! Just like the Flash should be ^_^ Made me think of the Big Bang Theory and Sheldon when I was playing it.. zoom zoooom!
Mercs was just like Commando or Ikari Warriors, but the music wasn’t anything special. You had only one life, but quite a lot of health.
Tom & Jerry the Movie was a platformer where you play as Tom and you have to chase Jerry, and if you make it to the end of the stage he actually catches Jerry (even though he never manages to do that in the series!?) It got kind of repetitive after a while and the steering was really stiff..
Aztec Adventure was fun until I died and realized i had to start all the way from the beginning again!! wtf.. I was really into it, changing weapons to get further ahead on the Zelda-look-a-like map areas but as soon as I died they put me all the way back at the beginning of the maze, then I gave up…
Running Battle was at first sight like a Streets of Rage kind of beat’em up until my boyfriend who was trying it out realized he had a gun as well (!) and then it got super easy just shooting all the foes in their faces ^_^
Cyborg Hunter is a platformer where you run around on different levels trying to pick up items that you needed to advance, but the problem was that you had to take an elevator to get to the different levels to search for the items, but the elevators where so hard to maneuver, we couldn’t figure out how to make it go up or down or even how to exit it, it all seemed to happen randomly.. maybe we just couldn’t figure out the controls.. I dunno..

So that was it for my latest  Sega purchases, let me know if there’s any game in particular you’re interested in seeing a deeper review of and I’ll make one ^_^