Wagyan Land 3 for Famicom – review, passwords & guide

start screen

Wagyan Land 3 is a very intuitive platform game with puzzle elements. The sprites are cute and the stages are very colorful and has a lot of variation. There are also LOADS of stages! 24 to be exact ^_^ and 16 bosses!
wagyan land 3_1K

I have Wagyan Land 1 & 2 for the Famicom as well, and they’re ok.. but in this third one the platform elements were just a lot more fun and took a lot bigger part in the game compared to the previous Wagyan games.

Wagyan Land 3 - intro

Instead of fire power and hordes of enemies this game uses the colorful platform stages and gravitation to create interesting, variational and most of all fun stages! Usually Wagyan has  a standard high jump, but on some stages the gravitation has been lowered so you can jump even above the screen, this also makes him move slower which makes it more challenging to dodge flying enemies or hazards.
Wagyan Land 3 - stage 1 Wagyan Land 3 - stage 16 Wagyan Land 3 - stage 12

In other stages if you hold the jump button Wagyan will flip gravitation completely so you will be walking in the ceiling, this makes it tricky when avoiding holes both in the floor and the roof. This particular type of stages have gameplay that can be compared to the more recent game VVVVV.
Wagyan Land 3 - stage 5
Wagyan Land 3 - stage 20

In some stages you will have to push buttons in order to flip gravity instead of just holding the jump button, these buttons are of course put in tricky spots where the timing of your steering has to be precise. In another stage the walls are bouncy like a pinball table, Wagyan will only jump diagonally and you will have to predict the landing point so that you will bounce off walls in the desired direction (and hopefully not into a hole in the ground) ^_^
Wagyan Land 3 - stage 13 Wagyan Land 3 - stage 13 2 Wagyan Land 3 - stage 23 Wagyan Land 3 - stage 23 2

There are even stages where he gets a jetpack and you will have to steer around, kind of like Asteroids, by boosting!
Wagyan Land 3 - stage 15 Wagyan Land 3 - stage 21

One touch of an enemy kills you instantly. You can shoot out “ギャ” and “ド” signs but they don’t make the enemies go away, they just freeze them temporarily. Depending on how much power your “gya”-sounds have the longer the enemies will stay frozen. The only items to pick up during stages are stars for points (which might lead to an extra life eventually) and little Wagyans which increase your power when shouting “GYA” ^_^ If you reach 4 in your Power meter you will become invincible :D After it wears off however your Power meter will be back down to 1…
Wagyan Land 3 - stage 18 Wagyan Land 3 - stage 7 Wagyan Land 3 - stage 3

There’s one stage where you need to use your “ギャ” shouts to get around, because they freeze in mid air and you can use them as platforms :DWagyan Land 3 - stage 22 2

There are 16 bosses in total and this is where the puzzle element comes in. There are three different types of boss fights which I will explain here. Most of them are quite easy but some do require some knowledge of basic japanese language.
boss 1
bosses game type

Boss fight: Find-the-number-game
It’s basically what it sounds like, you get a screen with a bunch of numbers and you have to go click the one that the boss tells you to. In all of the bosses except for one (stage 12) the numbers start at 1 and go up, 2, 3, 4 etc.. but in the one on stage 12 he gives you random numbers which makes it a bit harder to predict where to go. It’s still pretty easy though since the boss is extremely slow to react and beat you to it. I only lost a few points when the boss was already standing on the number I was looking for basically ;D
Wagyan Land 3 - boss 7 numbers

Boss fight: Memory
This is just memory, the boss always starts and gets to pick two cards, then it’s your turn to pick two. If they match you get a point. The trick here is to find the pattern. The patterns are usually pretty easy once you get them. Try looking for pictures right next to each other. Here are some examples of the layouts I got, and as you can see the images are almost always either right next to each other or in a predictable pattern diagonally:
Wagyan Land 3 - memory patterns

Boss Fight: Picture-word-game
This is the tricky one.. You basically need to be able to read a bit of japanese hiragana, and it’s even easier if you know some japanese names for random stuff. In the beginning you just need a few points to win so you can make a few trial-and-errors but after a few boss stages it gets harder. The objective of the game is quite simple, if the boss chooses a picture of a “Lemon” it ends with a “N” then you have to pick a picture of something that starts with a “N”, like “Nail”, then the boss has to choose a picture of something that starts with “L” and so on.. but with japanese Hiragana instead of roman letters ;D Every time you get one right you get a point.

Wagyan Land 3 - boss 6 word game

In the beginning I was just guessing and thinking the picture had to be related before I figured out the real objective. I actually made it all the way to the second to last boss before I started having real trouble and actually “got it”. After that I recorded all my attempts and made a guide to help myself through it. I read hiragana and katakana fluently, but my vocabulary in japanese is not that good. My picture recognition is though :D So here’s the guide and this is how you use it: I made a list of all the hiragana letters, the boss will always show which one you are looking for (i.e. 『い』), either you read it or just recognize the symbol and skim through the list, next to the letter I’ve listed all the pictures that can be a correct answer for that letter. Some pictures can have several names, like a “horse” could also be called an “animal” or a “pony”, therefore a picture can be listed under several letters.
Wagyan Land 3 Boss Help

There’s another guide I made in the beginning, it helped me in the first couple of word-stages, but it wasn’t very useful at the end where the possibilities were bigger and pictures changed more frequently. In this guide however you can look for a picture, and the picture below it is a correct answer. This helps if you don’t know how to read hiragana, then you can just look for images instead. However, sometimes that particular correct picture might not be on the screen.. This list isn’t complete since I switched to the other one which was more helpful for me.
Wagyan Land boss help

Sometimes, if you’re lucky, you might pick a picture that ends with a letter that doesn’t have a corresponding picture, in this case you win! :D Except for the last boss, he will just challenge you again and it will start over… As long as you get the required amount of points (get past the bar on the left) then you win.

The final boss will challenge you in all three games, first the word game, then memory and last the numbers.
Wagyan Land 3 - boss 16

You get a password after every single stage! This is generous, and great if you wanna get to a certain stage, like the jetpack stage which has great music! ^_^ And in case anyone gives the game a go and get stuck somewhere, then here is the complete list of stage passwords:
stage 1
Stage 2 password: 4C4 888E8 888A
Stage 2
Stage 3 password: 4A0 77747 7779
Stage 3
Stage 4 password: 27C 77387 717F
Stage 4
Stage 5 password: D5A 55445 5655
Stage 5
Stage 6 password: 27D 77387 707F
Stage 6
Stage 7 password: A55 11001 111D
Stage 7
Stage 8 password: 250 33343 333A
Stage 8
Stage 9 password: 939 77507 7577
Stage 9
Stage 10 password: DDB 55405 5449
Stage 10
Stage 11 password: 210 33333 333D
Stage 11
Stage 12 password: 8DO FFF0F FFFA
Stage 12
Stage 13 password: 2A9 66586 6566
Stage 13
Stage 14 password: 5C4 88868 8982
Stage 14
Stage 15 password: 130 333A3 3431
Stage 15
Stage 16 password: 484 88888 8A86
Stage 16
Stage 17 password: FFF 77337 7677
Stage 17
Stage 18 password: 501 BBBBB BCBC
Stage 18
Stage 19 password: 651 FFF1F F0F1
Stage 19
Stage 20 password: E3C 331B3 3C3B
Stage 20
Stage 21 password: 7AB 66516 6B66
Stage 21
Stage 22 password: E9A 55455 5A69
Stage 22
Stage 23 password: 106 00000 020C
Stage 23
Stage 24 password: 2C6 000C0 010E
Stage 24

I really enjoyed this game, it was a fun challenge to try to beat all these bosses and good practice for my japanese language skills ;D

Wagyan Land 3 - finishedWagyan Land 3 - finished2Wagyan Land 3 - finished6

Hector ’87 and Starship Hector

From May 10th until May 17th HiscoreHeroes are hosting a competition on Instagram to celebrate Hudson’s 40th anniversary! This is the main reason why my interest and also frustration has grown for this game called Hector ’87, also known as Starship Hector in the US.
hector '87 start screen

The goal is to get the best score in the 2 minute score attack mode in either the Japanese version of Hector ´87 or the NTSC NES version Starship Hector. I had the Famicom version since before, never paid much attention to this game until I saw this competition, but I decided to give it a go!

Another very important rule to the competition is that you are not allowed to use any type of turbo fire, you must button mash! So, the right button fires bombs to hit ground targets and the left button fires shots to hit flying targets. After several evenings of button mashing until my entire arm was sore I managed to reach a score of 296.000. But other people have over 350.000!! I know how I could get at least 30.000 more, but the problem is THIS BASTARD:
midboss Hector '87

I’ve tried playing the game with turbo fire just to see if he’s even mortal, and yes he is, but he takes soooo many shots! I haven’t even been able to kill him a single time without turbo fire!! The second problem is the letters.. There are hidden letters under little mud piles that you can collect by bombing with a LOT of bombs, and the last letter will give you 100.000 points! Here’s where you will find them, what the piles looks like and what it looks like when the letters are revealed:
However, the last letter is located right next to the mid-boss-bastard, so without turbo fire, even if I would be able to kill the bastard, I would have no time to collect the last letter! >_< THIS GAME IS STUPID! IT MAKES ME SO ANGRY! I don’t understand how it would be possible to do both, unless you can button-mash in an incredibly stabile and super-fast-turbo-auto-fire speed! Can you???
I sure as hell can’t… :(

After seeing photos on instagram of all the people reaching scores way above 300k I realized they were all playing the NES NTSC version, Starship Hector. This made me wonder if there were any differences between these two games. Maybe I was playing the more difficult one?? :D So, when going to the Swedish retro gaming exhibition this saturday I only had one big objective, which was to find an NTSC version of Starship Hector. AND I DID! :D
Starship Hector NES_800

That evening me and my friend NinjaBrite played Starship Hector with big hopes of reaching even higher scores . but.. it was just the same. Just as hard, same enemies, same fire rate, same speed, same ship, same damn score, same everything! >_< I give up…

If you have a copy of Hector ’87 or Starship Hector and you want to compete, then you can read more about the competition on HiscoreHeroes instagram :) I hope there will be more competitions soon, this was great fun, even though it has been incredibly frustrating o_O

Some other advice for people trying to reach the high score (cause I’ve given up..)
Don’t kill the bunkers immediately, they will keep spawning flying spike-bombs that explode, however if you manage to shoot and kill one it gives 2.000 points!
There are hidden triggers in the ground that will make everything on screen on the ground explode if you reveal and destroy the triggers with 2 bombs. (You will still get the same score as if you would have shot the enemies) I have found 4 of them and they are in these locations:
secret spot 1
secret spot 2
secret spot 3
secret spot 4

And here’s the points you get for various enemies:

1st letter 10.000
2nd letter 20.000
3rd letter 50.000
4th letter 100.000
Mid-boss 20.000
enemy-mr guy
This guy 10.000
enemy-mr guy's tiny friend
Mr. Guy’s tiny friend 5.000
enemy-big amoeba
Big Amoeba 5.000
Spike-bombs 2.000
Squiddy 2.000
enemy-angry crabhead
Angry crab-head 2.000
enemy-boss cannon
Boss Cannon 2.000
Bunkers 1.000
enemy-blue amoeba
Tiny Amoeba 1.000
Ship thingy 500
Round ship 500
Cannons 500
enemy-boss head
Boss 500 points (x4 for
each bomb-thingy)
Health bars (if you
have full health) 500
enemy-boss shot
Boss shots 0 points :(

At least this is what I could figure out when watching my replays. Feel free to correct me or fill in if I missed something ^_^