My Sega Saturn collection (PAL)

Thanks to @VariXx from Twitter I finally took the time to scan all my PAL Sega Saturn games, I will go for the Japanese ones next :) You can find the entire Saturn Collection here!

I haven’t been that fond of the Sega Saturn games since I got it a couple of years ago, but that’s probably because I have a lot of shitty games for it ;D And also I don’t really like the awkard beginning of 3D games, and the fact that they have to put “virtual” in almost any title ;D This is one of the reasons I only have 29 games for this system so far, but since I got the japanese saturn and tried out a bunch of puzzle games for that one, I’ve become more and more fond of the Saturn ^_^ I have another 25 games for the japanese Sega Saturn.

If anyone has any suggestions of good games (preferably platform, puzzle or 2D shooters ;D) for the Sega Saturn then please let me know! ^_^

Here are a few games that I enjoy from my PAL Saturn collection:
Pandemonium         Gex

Tomb Raider         X-Men Children of the Atom

And here are the rest (check out the full size scans in the Sega Saturn collection library):
Alien TrilogyBlack DawnBlazing DragonsChaos ControlDefcon 5Die Hard TrilogyFighting VipersGhen WarGun GriffonHexenKrazy IvanLemmingsLoadedPanzer Dragoon IIPanzer DragoonSega Ages Vol 1Sega RallySoviet StrikeSpacehulkStreet RacerThe Lost World Jurassic ParkTrash ItVirtua Fighters 2Virtual OnWipeout 2097

I know a lot of people are fond of the Panzer Dragoon series.. but  I just don’t feel it holds up today.. and I never played it when it came out :/