Lemmings 3D! WTF!!

Tonight I started trying out all my new Sega Saturn games. The first one was Lemmings 3D. I like Lemmings, the old ones for Sega Mega Drive (a.k.a. Genesis), so I figured this couldn’t go wrong. Lemmings, in 3D!! Just the thought of it was blowing my mind.. how disappointed was I…

This game was the biggest WTF-experience for me this year, how they were even allowed to release this kind of shit eludes me.. The graphics are horrible, however I guess they were restricted by the capacity of the Saturn, but I mean, there are better looking games for that console. The controls are indescribable, nothing makes sense and no matter what you are trying to press nothing happens that advances the gameplay. I just moved around the camera angle for 30 minutes and could hardly get that to work in my favor..

Why did they even try to make Lemmings anything other than a 2-D side-scroller, this is what works best for this type of game, why change something that was already good? They could have just enhanced the graphics and maybe added some quirky extra actions with the evolved Saturn controller that had more buttons?

Well just watch this video I made of the gameplay and you will understand why this game sucks ass…

6 thoughts on “Lemmings 3D! WTF!!

  1. Det var verkligen EXTREMT frustrerande! >___< Funderar på att utsätta min vän Jinn för det nu när hon väl stiger upp, hahaha, hahahahaha, å andra sidan, listar hon ut hur fan det fungerar så kommer jag känna mig jävligt dum o_O

  2. …. Jinn listade ut det, jag känner mig så dum.. hon fick en till a blocka och räddade alla. Spelet suger dock fortfarande, hon hade också jätteproblem med kameravinklarna, och skulle man använda något annat än blocker som på andra banan så gick det åt helvete.. skitspel.. >_<

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