Nintendo Entertainment System (or NES) had it’s glory days in the 80’s. Back then game developers sometimes had trouble coming up with new exciting game ideas, so they started making games from popular movies! You would think that this sounds like a great idea, if it’s a great movie with a great story why wouldn’t people wanna buy it and play it to relive those special moments they remember so dearly from the movie screen? Well a lot of people did buy them, and probably got disappointed seeing their favorite actors pixelated in a little blurry dot on the screen with horrible controls, sloppy programming and generally poor reenactments of the original plot/story or scenes. These games were made as a way for the movie and game companies to milk a few extra bucks out of a successful blockbuster film.

This doesn’t mean that all movie themed games are bad, there’s also a lot of examples of games based on movies that are in fact quite brilliant, sometimes even more enjoyable than the movie itself! Like Aladin for Sega Mega Drive (or Genesis), or most of the Batman games across all platforms.

But from my experience, the majority of games based on movies are horrendous experiences. Even back in the Atari age some movies made it into the gaming scene..  such as E.T. the Extra Terrestrial.. there are no words of describing how BAD this game is. I might try to show you sometime in another post. Some other really bad movie themed games have been reviewed amazingly by AVGN (Angry Video Game Nerd) such as Independence Day, Rambo, Terminator and all the Spielberg games. Visit the links to watch his movies.

Still today most big movies get turned into a game, and there are more shitty ones than good ones in my opinion.. Like the Golden Compass.. horrible >_< The control’s are worthless, and it’s frustrating. Even though it was super cheap (I guess they figured out quite quickly how shitty this game was) it still wasn’t worth the money..

I was surfing around and found some youtube movies and forum talk about a NES game that was based on the old 80’s series Full House, they called the game Full House Tournament Fighter, and it took some surfing around before I realized it was a spoof, the game never existed. Though it wouldn’t have surprised me if it did! This made me think about some big 80’s movies and what they would have looked like if they were made into NES games. Here’s my ideas:

Imagine if they would have made The Shining into a NES title, wouldn’t that have been awesome?? That’s a movie themed game I would definitely have gotten. You would start off playing as the Kid, avoiding ghosts like the twins and other supernatural things trying to survive and at the end change to play as Jack and try to hunt down your family with an axe through the maze. That would have been amazing and original!!



Another awesome NES game would have been the Poltergeist! They could have made a supernatural-looking environment where the game plays out in the world where they have taken the little girl, and the goal would be to have the girl find her way back to the light and her family in a platforming adventure kind of style. Just imagine! =D That would have been a scary and different game! With references to the movie, a great soundtrack and some cutscenes it would have been awesome!! “They’re here..”


Now here’s some examples of games that would have been awful if they ever would have been  converted to the NES!

Thank god they never made this, however so many other shitty games were made based on movies that one more wouldn’t really have made a difference..


Or this:


Now I’m off to edit some gaming clips of my next review. Feel free to comment if you have any other fun ideas of games based of movies never made, or opinions about some movie games I didn’t mention ^_^

11 thoughts on “MOVIE GAMES

  1. Worst ever for me is Dick Tracy for Sega Master system… Got this game as an X-mas present when I was a kid =S
    Favorites are Batman (sunsoft) for Megadrive, Riddick escape from butcher bay (xbox) Alladdin (capcom SFC),

    • Awesome! I just watched Jewwario’s review of Sunsoft’s Batman game.. though it was the version for PC Engine..
      Didn’t think the Riddick games were any good, guess I’ll have to try them out ^^

  2. Vill bara förklara mig om gårdagens samtal. Tycker det här var mycket roligt att läsa det här inläggt och jag är stolt över dina ideér! Kör hårt och skapa ett movie spel som jag kan testa! Bamsekram! ^^

  3. There’s a lot of garbage when it comes to movie/comic tie-ins… but it’s a bit unfair that some gems are lost or ignored by retro writers just because they happen to be licensed titles.

    For every Last Action Hero or Iron-Man 2, there’s Sunsoft’s Batman or X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

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