Trog! for NES

I bought a game for the NES recently, which i had never heard of. It was called Trog! I thought you would be this caveman running around clubbing things and running from dinosaurs (kind of like Chuck Rock for Sega) since it’s a big picture of a caveman on the cartridge.
But no, you’re actually playing as the cutest little dinosaur! I guess his name is Trog, and you collect dinosaur eggs while avoiding cavemen, who wants to EAT you!! o_O

gif animator

It’s basically like a puzzle-platformer, reminds me a bit of the original Pac-Man with the grid and stuff to pick up. You have to collect all the eggs then exit where the HOME platform appears. There’s a lot of objects to pick up or avoid on the way, like:

  • Flowers that speed you up   
  • Mushrooms which slow you down   
  • Books that freeze the enemies   
  • Fire to shoot fireballs   
  • Fire that makes you burn  
  • Tar pits that you sink into and die   
  • Pineapples which turn you into a giant T-REX!
    (Awesome!!) and you can eat all the cavemen ^_^

…and probably some more things that I forgot to mention… oh yeah, like the horseshoe..  have no clue what that thing does o_O

The gameplay is smooth and can be quite fast if you take enough flowers and avoid mushrooms. You can hit the cavemen to avoid them eating you, but you have to make sure to hit first, cause if they do then you are dead.. Also you can fall of the edges of the platform which you are running around on, so you have to make sure to turn quickly!


The game was easy to grasp and easy to progress through in the beginning but the difficulty increased with each new stage. The cavemen got smarter, started using new ways of reaching you, and more enemies were introduced, like wheels that were faster than you etc.
This was all in all a very enjoyable game, lots of stages and different difficulty modes, which seemed to actually just start you off further into the game instead of increasing difficulty, but that’s OK since the game didn’t have a save feature or passwords.

Here’s a movie I put together of the gameplay. I’m sorry for the sound quality but my NES insisted on growling in the background >_<

4 thoughts on “Trog! for NES

    • OMG! I love this game soooo much! I had it when I was a kid and my brother and I would play 2 player all the time. The second player is an orange dinosaur named Spike. It gets really crazy later on when the cavemen start bouncing around on springs or using trampolines. Oh and if you ever see a black hole with a red swirl in it, jump in, it’s a warp zone that will warp you ahead.

      I finally beat this game just a couple years ago, using warps :p It’s definitely one of those hidden gem type titles no one really seems to know about.

      • it sure is ^_^
        I did find a warp zone once, gotta make sure to play it with a friend, sounds like even more fun :D
        I did make it quite far, to when they started bouncing around, but I guess you have to make a pretty perfect run to survive through those last stages >_<

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