X-Men Children of the Atom

I’m not really that into fighting games.. I think it’s mainly just button mashing. Sure you can print out a chart with all the special moves for every character, sit down for hours and memorize them all and then be able to pull them off while playing, but still a n00b can go up against you and be totally unpredictable and just beat your ass by repeating a single kick-move.. basically I’m the n00b, but I still don’t find fighting games enjoyable.

I bought X-men Children of the Atom for Sega Saturn thinking it was more like previous X-men games (like the ones for NES or the old Arcade game) where you run around 1 or 2 players and kick butts and collect power ups, but it turned out to be a fighting game.. how disappointed was I! >_< (I know I could have done some research before, but most of my purchases are done on impulse, I like being surprised) ^^

So this is not really gonna be a review, but for those of you who are interested in seeing some gameplay of X-men Children of the Atom, or just see me get my ass handed to me since I suck horrendously at fighting games, then by all means enjoy this video!

8 thoughts on “X-Men Children of the Atom

      • now whenever you don’t own something i’m shocked.

        I used to love mutant apocalypse as a kid.

        Wolverine wasn’t always the best character to choose for a mission but, he was always wolverine, and so was I.

      • haha, I know, I’m usually shocked too! ;D But I love when I find out about stuff that is good that I don’t have, ’cause then I can keep collecting!
        There wasn’t a single PAL version on Ebay for mutant apocalypse.. and I hate using the converter, I’m afraid it will budge and reset the game halfway through >_<
        There's a bunch of other Sega Mega Drive X-men games though.. I will have to look into those and see if any of them are platformers ^_^

      • or you could start collecting NTSC consoles/games as well :P then you have just doubled the number of things you can keep collecting!

        Its a shame you couldn’t find that game, 10 year old version of me thinks its the greatest.

      • haha, I already have a few NTSC SNES games, and most of my NES games are NTSC, but that’s ok cause I have many NES systems, both PAL, NTSC and region free. ^_^
        But I think the SNES NTSC games are bulky and ugly in comparison to PAL. I did find the game in a japanese version on Ebay though! I could play that on my Super Famicom ^_^

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