Sega Mega Drive games received!

I was E-baying a few days ago and found some interesting titles through one seller, and I just ended up buying a few extra since  I was gonna pay shipping anyway…

So here’s what I got by mail today:

Battle Squadron, Skeleton Krew, Phantom 2040 and Wings of Wor.

I had recently lost an auction with Skeleton Krew so this was the game I was actually out looking for. It’s a really cool platform shooter or as they call it on the back cover “outeRAGEous blastfest!!!”.

It really does have some cool effects to it that are not usually seen in Mega Drive/Genesis titles. It kind of felt a bit like the advanced SNES games.

When the Boss appears he is hovering up and down and also sideways. It’s really well made, and they really manage to give a good three dimensional feeling to it. The controls are also smooth and easy once you get into them!

I only played through the first stage and saved the password, so I will make a longer review of this game later perhaps. =)

So after finding Skeleton Krew I browsed through the sellers other Sega titles looking for things I previously didn’t have, and looked up videos of the gameplay of the ones I found. I usually don’t buy Sega games without boxes, but after finding Wings of Wor and seeing the gameplay on youtube I had to have it!! And there were only cartridges of Wings of Wor on Ebay… I assumed it was rare..

I read a bit about it and found that the original Japanese version was called Gynoug, and there were complete Japanese versions of Gynoug on Ebay, however my Sega Mega Drive is PAL so I wouldn’t be able to play them.. So I figured that the Wings of War needed to be the PAL version. However, reading about it today on wikipedia it says that Wings of Wor was the north american version?! So I am now officially confused >_< Either way it worked when I played it on my Mega Drive.. (!)

I also briefly tried the other two games today to make sure they were in working condition. Phantom 2040 was horrible, no horrible doesn’t even describe it.. I will have to dedicate a whole angry post to it later, IF I will be able to put myself through playing it again >_<

And Battle Squadron was a mediocre shooter similar to many others. I will have to attempt it again though and perhaps I’ll grow fond of it, the back cover made it seem intriguing with Biotech Wingmen, Mutant Cybersnakes, Magno Strykers and MechnoGuardians! i didn’t get that far this time though.. Also it has the benefit of being 2 player. I love 2-player games so I can play simultaneously with friends ^_^

It seems like the Danish  people have developed Battle Squadron, hooray for Scandinavia! ^_^

8 thoughts on “Sega Mega Drive games received!

      • not sure where you are but craigslist here in the bay area (SF) have segacd consoles all the time. with the genesis i got most sports games and the sonic series, as well as flashback, altered beast, and out of this world (the main reasons I bought it)

      • Yeah, I’m in Europe, Sweden, so Craigslist doesn’t really work for me. The only NTSC games I buy are NES since I have an american NES. I shop mainly on Ebay ^_^
        Out of this whorl (or Another world as it is called here) is really cool, but really hard though.. I should try to finish it..
        I looove Altered Beast ^_^ And I’ve actually managed to beat that one =D
        Flashback is also a good one, but it hasn’t aged as well as some other games. The steering is really stiff >_<

      • totally agree about out of this world. yes i have another world as well on my megadrive, and its lesser known sequel, heart of the alien, on a segacd emulator. out of this world was known to be tough as nails, but it was possible…after throwing the controller at the tv 80 plus times. flashback is more sentimental for me, i used to play that game for ages back in the old days!

  1. Core Design did some really spectacular work on the Genesis/Mega Drive/Sega CD. Anything you see by them is worth a buy or a try because they pushed the hardware pretty far.

    WIngs of Wor I’ve never managed to beat, but I did make it to the final stage a few times. Then again, I stink at shooters playing solo (which is why Battle Squadron ended up being pretty cool as a two-player game)…

    Also, if you like multiplayer games, any of the Micro Machines titles on the Mega Drive comes highly recommended. Codemasters did an incredible thing with their J-Cart technology that allowed up to EIGHT players to play Micro Machines (the cart has controller ports built in!).


    • Cool, I’ll keep a lookout for Core Design games ^^ I rarely pay attention to the developers of games, when googling Core Design I found that I had quite a few of their titles, almost all except for the Amiga and PC stuff. I will look up Bubba n’ Stix for Sega though, missed that one =D

      I have two of the Micro Machines games (don’t know if they made more), and they are a lot of fun ^_^

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