My Sega Collection

Thought I’d share what is in my Collection of Sega right now. They’re in alphabetical order just taken down from the shelves (except for Castlevania on Sega Mega Drive at the end, since it has it’s place among my Castlevania collection) ;D

There are a few carts and one Mega CD game, but I didn’t bother to take a photo of that ;D

I also just bought more Mega Drive games that hasn’t arrived yet, but I’ll post a picture when I get them ^_^

And this is what my Retro video game room looks like:

I’ll try to go through all my Atari, NES and Famicom games and everything else eventually with detailed pics like the Sega collection.

This is my Castlevania shelf and below that I have the space shooters and various other Famicom games and my Metroid darling (there’s a Japanese version in mint condition of Super Metroid in the back corner, hard to see). At the bottom you can spot parts of the Atari collection.

Here is my shelf of stuff I like and other stuff that just couldn’t find a place somewhere else ^_^ I love Bucky O’Hare for NES, and Binary Land (Famicom), Mega Man X and my mint Mario Bros for Atari 2600, that one always baffle people ^^

And another shelf with my Virtual Boy games and and stuff.

25 thoughts on “My Sega Collection

  1. Wow! That’s a serious collection you’ve got going there. I love it.
    I only have one book shelf in my collection :P
    I see many of my farorites in your collection. I’m sure you’ve tried them all but just in case be sure to try out Batman for the Mega Drive and Wonder Boy III for the SMS. Wonder Boy in Monster Land is also excellent but you can save your progress in WB3. Batman is not hard, not too long and a lot of fun; an easy one to over look.
    I recently tried to buy the PAL Mega Drive version of Arrow Flash but gave up after it hit 50 pounds! That’s a great score you have there!
    oh… you… you have Splatter House 2. That rocks! Also a great game that’s really hard to get cheap.
    I don’t see many RPG’s in the collection? Are they not your thing?
    Here are my top three for the SMS:
    Phantasy Star
    Mirracle Warriors
    If you like real time action I think Golvellius might be a good fit.

    • Thanks!
      Yeah Batman is awesome ^_^ I’ve only just briefly tried out Wonder Boy III though, I’ll make sure to play it =)
      I gave 30 pounds for Arrow Flash on a Swedish auction site ^_^
      I got a pretty good deal on Splatter House 2 as well =)
      That is correct, RPG’s aren’t really my thing, they are usually to time consuming and I need more action. The only RPG series I’ve followed is Final Fantasy. I love VII, X and I even enjoyed XIII ;D However I rarely play new games that take over 50 hours to finish.. so I’ve missed out on Skyrim, Fable, Mass Effect and all those other great games that people are talking about, I just don’t have the time, that’s why I prefer retro games that you can finish in a day if you’re good enough ;D
      I love precision jumping and collecting things, I’m a completionist, so RPG’s would take too much time on my part.. Platformers, puzzle games and space shooters are my thing! ^_^

  2. pretty freaking awesome!

    I don’t think I’ve played a real atari since visiting my grandfather as a kid. I only hope you have some very comfy seats to sink in to as you play with all those toys.

    • Of course I have comfy seats ;D
      I actually haven’t tried connecting the Atari to the recording device yet.. that’s a new challenge since it doesn’t have composite cables.. That’s my new mission! Figure out how to record Atari games on my Mac! I’m looking forward to reviewing E.T. the Extra Terrestrial .. lol ^^

  3. That’s quite a great collection there! I like looking at the different box art for UK/Euro MD games and comparing them to the US and Japanese versions. Ha – I’d forgotten Flink got a cart release over there. We only saw a Sega CD version in the US from what I recall. That was a pretty spectacular programming job for its time. I think the same guys did The Adventures of Lomax on the PlayStation, as both games look and play a LOT alike…

    Fatal Rewind drove me nuts back in the day, as did Dark Castle and some of those other EA-published titles. My own collection was a lot larger at some point, but i downsized because I was running out of room and some titles I’d played so much that I couldn’t go back to them again…

    • Thanks ^_^
      Cool, I didn’t know that, Flink is a good game =) Never heard of the Adventures of Lomax..

      I can’t get rid of any of my games.. I just like them all too much ^^ I keep making more room for them instead ;D

  4. I actually remember buying a brand new virtual boy and probably it’s entire library at KB Toys back in the day when it was being clearanced (i think they paid you to take them away) for like $19.99, and games around 2 or 3 dollars. I played the holy hell out of some galactic pinball, but other than that the damn thing gave me a headache. still love it though as a piece of gaming history! cheers

    • Virtual Boy was never even released here in Europe =( I’ve had to acquire everything now in the later days, and it’s been a bit harder to track everything down and find it at reasonable prices.. I envy you >_<
      I haven't gotten a headache from it yet though, I think I'm immune to that from playing so much games in general ;D

  5. I want to go there when I die… heaven! what an awesome collection, you must be an awesome person as well :D kudos!

  6. Excellent collection, but I don’t see The Chaos Engine for your Megadrive, it’s my favourite game and I would recommend it :)
    Another World and Flashback are brilliant, lots of great games you have there… Saturday nights at your house must be great fun!
    Keep collecting… :)

    • I saw it in your post with your Top #5, and I’ve never heard of it actually. I will make sure to find me a copy ^_^ Let’s hope it’s not ridiculously over-priced >_<

      • It is known as The Chaos Engine in the PAL region but Soldiers of Fortune in NTSC. Let me know if you have trouble getting it cheap, should be around 10 Euros – or whatever you use in Sweden :D
        I love it :)

      • I found a few NTSC Sega Genesis versions of the game, but I can’t play them. I have a PAL system (and a japanese one). When I just searched “The Chaos Engine”, I found a bunch of SNES games, is that the same one?
        We still use Swedish kronors (SEK) ;D

      • Yeah that’s the one! it is available on the SNES and Commodore Amiga also. It does appear on ebay quite often, but at the moment there isn’t any on ebay UK :(

      • I rarely buy from ebay UK, I find that it’s usually cheaper on the US one.. and more to choose from ^_^ I have a converter for my SNES anyway so I can buy any region. I just invested in a Japanese Mega Drive as well, so now I can start importing Japanese Sega games too :D

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