..and even more Sega games =D

Today I got more games!

Here’s the lot of Sega Mega Drive games, and one Sega Master System game:

Chakan, DJ Boy, Fantasia, Greendog, Last Battle, Rambo III, Rolling Thunder 2, Taz in Escape from Mars & Double Dragon.

I tried all the games briefly and got stuck playing a few of them. First off Fantasia which was really hard compared to other Mickey Mouse games like Castle of Illusions (looove that game!!!). You start off with a few shots (represented by the magic hat at the bottom) and they disappear immediately! Even if you die you don’t have new shots, you will have to collect them through a random magic book that comes flying (if you can catch it, Mickey is really slooow..) and even then you just get two shots. So you basically just have to avoid all the dangers by jumping, which is not easy since there’s enemies everywhere…

I made it to the second stage and then I gave up… >_<

Rolling Thunder 2 was nice, much like Rolling Thunder 1 that I have on Famicom and NES (where it’s called Code Name: Viper).

You can choose between playing as the male or female character, Albatross and Leila.

It wasn’t too hard if you took it slow and figured out where all the enemies came from, but you can’t rush through the game. One hit kills you. And you can’t jump and shoot, which is really annoying. It was the same in Rolling Thunder 1, but in the NES version (Code Name: Viper) they changed it so that you could jump and change directions and shoot while in the air.

I will try to finish this game later, I just managed to get to lvl 2 in my first attempt.

Then I played Last Battle.. and the first thing that greets you is a bunch of scrolling text. The Story. And it never ends…

It even scrolls just a little bit too fast so that it makes it hard to read, and you will miss a few rows here and there. What were they thinking?!

At least they made a nice title screen after the story…

Then there’s the gameplay.. it’s stiff… and slow.. and the enemies are easy, they die from just touching your toe.

The stages are really short and at the end you meet  some person that tells you something and your character responds:


Seriously?!?!?!?! Who wrote this???!

And after a 2 stages I must have taken a wrong turn on the map cause I ended up at some boss that I could hardly even get close to and that killed me in a few blows….

One life, that’s all you get!  ò_ó

Chakan was really cool though, great story and nicely told, with music, images and good writing (compared to the shitty Last Battle way of doing things…)

Awesome…. ^^

So I tried out the four stages I could find in the room, and I couldn’t beat them. This game is really hard.. there’s flying enemies coming at you from all directions and almost unbeatable beasts on every stage. It was a good game though. I will have to practice and try it again.

This stage was unbearable! Flying shit and fishes everywhere and everything drains the life of this so-called “immortal” Chakan character >_<

If there is any game you would like to see more of just let me know and I’ll make a longer review if I can ^_^

15 thoughts on “..and even more Sega games =D

  1. Given that The Last Battle is actually a Hokotu no Ken game (or Fist of the North Star) it’s a shame it turned out so lousy. But, HnK games are hit or miss anyway. I forget how many were made, but it seems that you need to be a HUGE fan of the source material for any of the games to be slightly entertaining.

    I did like the recent Koei game on the PS3 and 360 (FoTNS: Ken’s Rage), but it’s a massive acquired taste for others…

    • I’ve heard the name Hokotu no Ken game, but what does that mean? Is it a story? Or a certain developer?

      Last Battle was however so bad that it gained a certain entertainment factor, I wish to finish a few more stages just to see what stupid shit they will put in the dialogues ^_^

      • This should help:


        The 1986 film is a total hoot, i think. The first time i saw it, I’d never laughed so hard at something that was supposed to be so serious. The anime and its remake do a better job of spelling out the entire story.

        Sorry for the delay in getting back to you – I got a bit busy yesterday in the great outdoors and wasn’t anywhere near a computer. Annnnnnd of course, I always spell Hokoto no Ken wrong (oops).

      • Oh ok, Anime and Manga, I’m not too familiar with that field… even though I did live in Tokyo for 6 months, it was mainly for the games and the food ;D
        I will see if I can find the movie though, sounds like fun!! :D

    • Ja, jag testar alla när de kommer, vissa som hastigast andra fastnar jag ett tag i. Sedan kommer jag självklart gå igenom dem igen när jag har tid över. De som är riktigt bra, (eller riktigt dåliga) lägger jag på minnet så jag kan reviewa dem här senare ^_^

  2. Last Battle is a hard game. And really not all that fun. I liked it back in the day because it looked so nice but there isn’t much to it. I think it would have been a lot better if they made the boss fights more interesting or if nothing else easier and if they got rid of or shorted those under ground maze levels.
    I agree, Chakan is also hard but I think it’s a much better game. It looks excellent and I think it’s more playable. I would also like to revisit this one.
    Rolling Thunder 2 I really liked even though it was also hard. But it did have a spassword save! With crazy pass codes like “A CURIOUS RAINBOW LEARNED THE FUTURE” :D

    • Yeah Last Battle was bad, but almost so bad that it was a bit entertaining at the same time ;D

      Chakan was so cool! I don’t think I would ever be able to beat it though :( way too hard..

      Rolling Thunder 2 was awesome! I love the first game for NES as well ^_^ I will probably try to finish that one eventually and give it a real review! :D

  3. I think I wold enjoy using a cheat code for Last Battle. I use to get a kick out of finding the NPC’s through out the levels even though their dialog never made much sense. But I think I would find some closure if I beat that game :)
    I’m also looking forward to giving Rolling Thunder 2 (and 3) a real go. No cheating or noth’in!

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