Hebereke (へべれけ) for Famicom

I recently got a new batch of Famicom games I had ordered:

The games are Dig Dug, Ninja-kun: Majou no Bouken, Tetris, Ninja Crusaders, Urban Champion, Karateka, Hebereke, Tetrastar, Wits, Bubble Boobble for Famicom Disk System and Jikai Shounen Met Mag Square complete with a guide book as well ^_^

I’ve played them all a little bit but what I would like to start reviewing is Hebereke. For those of you who didn’t know, Hebereke was released under the name Uforia: The Saga in the PAL region. I tried Ebaying it today but couldn’t find either Hebereke or Uforia, but they are usually quite expensive when you see them. I got mine for about 46 USD.

I hadn’t played Hebereke, or Uforia for that matter, before. It’s a platforming game where you play as Hebe, a cute little white penguin ^_^ He’s quite useless though, he has no attacks, he can’t swim, he can’t jump very high..

He’s cute though.

Even though he can’t swim..

The enemies are also really cute:

There are in total 4 playable characters, which you unlock through gameplay:

I only made it so far to get the second character, O-chan. You have to battle them to get them by your side:

She can swim through water at least! And walk on ice!! But she doesn’t have an attack either..

The whole game is a maze, where you will have to travel back and forth to find new places you couldn’t get to earlier. You will also bump into several dead ends that you can’t pass since you don’t have the correct character yet:

On your way you will find chests.

These are crucial, since you will find items helping you along your way, like for example health potions, increasing your health from 10 to 49.

You can switch between characters anytime in the select menu:

If you’ve found the chest containing the map you can also access it here:

And the first chest you’ll probably find will contain the item generating passwords for you, so you can restart where you left off. The passwords are long and confusing, however there are unlimited continues ^_^

I made it to some giant door, but it was locked and I needed to find a key I think:

I also made it to some mines where you could ride mine carts ^_^

I also found clowns! :D That shot bubbles at me :(

And a giant boss, which I couldn’t hurt.. I guess I have to find yet another playable character first.. maybe one that can shoot!! >_<

The funniest part of this game was the birds that dropped giant turds!!

I eventually got kind of stuck, having tried every possible direction and not being able to proceed.. I will have to give it another shot some other day..

Here’s a video I put together with some gameplay, check it out, it’s really cute! ^_^

Btw, I am now also writing a bit about Famicom games for FYIG (Find Your Inner Geek), you can read it here!

Retro console photo shoot part II

Here’s the rest of the consoles and their accessories that got the opportunity to take a little walk with me and my camera ^_^

Retro console photo shoot!

Today the weather was really nice, so I decided to take some of my consoles for a little stroll ^_^

I photographed a few more, but haven’t had time to resize them yet.. tomorrow perhaps ^^

Tokorosan no Mamorumo Semerumo for Famicom

Here’s a Famicom game called Tokorosan no Mamorumo Semerumo (所さんのまもるもせめるも). Even trying to translate that in google translate makes no sense “I also place blame also protect the” and in a Kanji converter “Mr Tokoro’s *particle Mamoru *particle *verb *particle” what?!?

Anyway, it’s a platforming game starring a guy (I guess Mr. Tokoro) who has a water pistol squirting various enemies such as cats, jumping feet and whales (?!) through different areas of Tokyo city (such as Chiyoda and Shibuya).

There is no password save feature in this game.

The gameplay is kind of fast, and the controls have a nice feeling to them.

The graphics are ok. It looks nice when you’re standing still ;D

The enemy sprites are kind of vague and blurry though.

After passing some enemies you will get to a door that takes you to the boss. It looks like some kind of aqua-guy in old-fashioned diving equipment, but he flashes at you like a camera and no matter where you are in the room you WILL get hit! If you have squirted your gun too much during the stage you will have run out of water, it’s therefore better trying to jump over enemies in the stage instead of shooting them. Save as much life and water as possible for the bosses.

When you’ve taken out the boss you’ll get to a couple of doors, it’s either 3 or 4 to choose from and I guess they take you to different locations on the map. There seems to be various ways of reaching the end:

This is what stage two looks like:

You only have one life, so if you die you are game over. However, you have continues, but they are limited! I didn’t count them but I feel like there was about 4. Which basically means that you only have 4 lives to finish the game o_O

The second boss looks exactly the same, so once again, make sure not to loose too much health during the stage and save up your water!

After several tries I got through the third stage and went into the door at the end, and it didn’t take me to a boss, instead I fell down and was supposed to land on a platform, but I didn’t have time to realize that so I fell into the whole and got game over. That’s when I gave up. I could probably have gotten further in the game, it’s just trial and error and you have to remember what to watch out for in each stage, but I just got really annoyed with it after replaying the first three stages over and over..

The music in the game was ok, but after a while it got extremely frustrating and repetitive because the game was quite hard and I kept dying >_<

Watch this video I uploaded of the gameplay  and music to see what i mean:

Gifts from Canada!

Yesterday I also received another parcel, however this was not from Ebay or any other store, this was a beautifully wrapped red parcel filled with surprise! :D

I knew my friend Alana had sent me some NES games she had duplicates of, but there was also some cute Nintendo stuff! Like Mushroom and Mario straps, a keychain with Mario characters and a stuffed Koopa! :D The games were Tetris, Bubble Bobble, Kung Fu Heroes and Operation Wolf! So exciting! I didn’t have these for the NES before, I had some for the Famicom and one for Sega Master System, it’s going to be interesting to see if there’s a lot of difference ^_^

Thank you Alana (Retrogamergirl) for these wonderful gifts! Tomorrow a package is in the mailbox heading for Canada! :D

Here’s some happy ZX Spectrum music by X-Agon to share my joy ^_^

Second batch of games from Japan

So here’s the second batch of games I bought in Japan, a bunch of Famicom Disk games and also some more Famicom games:

Some that I’m really happy with are Star Wars, Kamen no Ninja Hanamaru, Eggerland, Castlevania II, Alien Syndrom and Hatris (which was only 100Yen =about 1.25 USD, in mint condition!!)

This weekend I tried all the games I purchased in Japan out briefly (in total 64 games and one system), and all of them worked, except for one Famicom Disk game (Breeder) which I actually think I broke myself o_O Not really sure what happened there..

Also when I got home I had a package waiting for me, with 4 reproductions I had ordered earlier ^_^

The games are reproductions of Cocoron, Recca and two Castlevania games which are fan-made in 8-bit ^_^ Can’t wait to try them all out!

I’m sorry for the shortness of this post, but I’ve been really busy since I got home, I will try to make a longer post tomorrow ^^