Japanese Sega Master System – Satellite 7, Astro Flash and Penguin Land

This weekend I bought a Japanese Sega Master System, so I would be able to play those games as well ^_^ It looks almost exactly like the PAL version of the first Sega Master System, but it has some differences. First of all here’s a picture of my PAL Master System:

Now the Japanese version doesn’t have a RESET button (not as far as I’ve seen anyway), the same button exists on the same place on the JP system, but it’s called RAPID (for rapid fire I suppose). The slot for the cards instead of cartridge games exist on both systems but as far as I know only the Japanese system actually released games on cards (correct me if I’m wrong..) Therefore on the Japanese system it also reads “CARD INPUT” right above the slot. It reads CARD INPUT on the right side of the card slot on the PAL system, but on the Japanese system they replaced that with “3-D GLASSES” and it has a little input for those there… Confusing.. Anyway, here’s the pictures of my Japanese Sega Master System:

I also got a few games for it. One cartridge game called Penguin Land. It’s a fun platform puzzle type game. The Japanese cartridges look a lot different from the PAL ones. They’re bigger and have a funny shape on the back.

I tried connecting the Master System up like I do with all my other systems, but it refused to let me record decent video of the gameplay. The images turned weird black and white just like my Japanese Sega Mega Drive. It’s weird, it doesn’t do that with my Famicom.. So anyway, I had to take some photos with my phone to be able to show the games, you’ll have to excuse the shitty quality >_<

First of all all the games start off with saying “Sega Mark III” which is the predecessor to Sega Master System in Japan. You can play all those games on the Master System as well, the difference of the systems is basically that the Master System has FM Sound, and they have a totally different design of the consoles. Anyway, here’s Penguin Land!

The objective is to get your egg down to the bottom safely. If it falls more than three squares it crashes, if it touches an enemy the enemy breaks it and things can fall on your egg if you don’t watch out. You can dig holes in the ground and push your egg. It’s a fun game, and it’s not as easy as it looks. You have to find the right path or your egg won’t survive the trip.

You only have 3 eggs (lives), but if you reach a higher stage you can always choose which stage you want to start from, thereby starting from where you were.

Another couple of games I got were Astro Flash and Satellite 7. These two were both card games in really beautiful paper cases! :D

These are both great shooters! Satellite 7 is above view scrolling upwards while Astro Flash is side scrolling ^^

Sorry again for the shitty image quality >_<

I think the Sega Mark III logo is really cool ^^ It’s like I know it’s SEGA but I don’t recognize it since I grew up with the traditional later blue SEGA logo. It’s retro! ;D

In Astro Flash your ship can also transform into a robot ^_^ Cool!

That’s it for today, I’ll be back soon with some PC Engine and other cool stuff! :D

15 thoughts on “Japanese Sega Master System – Satellite 7, Astro Flash and Penguin Land

  1. US Master Systems did have a card slot, as far as the first model is concerned. I have a SMS and SMS II here, but I haven’t looked at either in a while (I hate that, but I’ll need to free up some time to get back to the classics!). I think Sega dropped the card slot for the SMS II, but I need to check one of these days…

    Does Penguin Land have a level editor? I recall some SMS game had one and I think that was it…

    Also, I think you have a copy of Transbot there (Astro Flash) – it’s a game some people hate because it has no ending (allegedly, it keeps playing after you beat the boss at the end)…

    Oh, those Mega Men you made rock! You should send that pic of your beadwork to the Capcom Unity blog and see what happens…

    • Yeah the PAL system have the card slot as well, but I don’t think they ever released any card games..
      The second version didn’t have it though, not the PAL version anyway..
      Yes! Penguin Land has a level editor ^_^ I didn’t try it out yet though.. I prefer playing what the game designers have already produced for me haha
      Yup, Astro Flash is Transbot, I have Transbot as well, it’s not as pretty as this version of Astro Flash though, so neatly packed in paper and plastic with golden letter ^__^
      Hmm Capcom Unity blog you say.. I might give it a go ^^

      • hi.
        for the european master system 1 system, there were a lot of hu-card games released in europe : bank panic, f-16 fighter, ghost house, hang on, my hero, spy vs spy, super tennis, teddy boy, transbot.

        if you ever visit amsterdam, you can check out this game shop : http://www.gameover.nl

        they do not sell mailorder / shipping, so you really have to visit them :o)


  2. Love the Japanese Sega Master System! I want one :)
    I think the built in FM sound is really excellent. Not all SMS games take advantage of the FM chip but enough do to make it worth while. I have about 30 Mark III games… but no Japanese Master System to play them on…
    I’m one of the people who were upset by Transbot not having an ending and just looping! I bought it back in the day because the only boss it has looked like an AT-ST from Star Wars. Damn it!

    • Yeah it’s pretty cool ^^ I don’t have that many games for it yet, only 3.. but I make up for it in having over 100 PAL SMS games :D I will continue to build on the japanese collection though ^_^
      cool! AT-ST! I will have to try and ‘beat’ it then :D

    • Yeah it’s pretty cool ^^ I don’t have that many games for it yet, only 3.. but I make up for it in having over 100 PAL SMS games :D I will continue to build on the japanese collection though ^_^
      cool! AT-ST! I will have to try and ‘beat’ it then :D

  3. Ok I have been searching for this game I can vaguely remember playing when I was younger. All I remember was the penguin going across ice and then going down a hill on its stomach and then trying to get over the ice to save a baby penguin. That’s all I remember but this game has been bugging me for years now and I can’t figure out what the name was, I really want to find this game everytime I think about it, it’s takes me back to my child years such good memory’s! So pleasee help me, Thanks! 😊

    • There’s a game called Penguin Land, but it’s for Sega Master System and I don’t think he slides on his belly.. The only thing resembling your description that I can recall on the Mega Drive would be “Flicky”, it was one of my favorites as a kid ^^ the blue bird kind of looks like a penguin and it’s about saving the babies and you can also slide on your belly ;D

    • There are also some belly-sliding penguins in Quackshot, a game starring Donald Duck. I’ll find some screenshots for you in the morning, right now I’m heading off to bed..

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