Atari 2600 – Pac-Kong, Crystal Castles, Star Wars and more!

I recently purchased some Atari 2600 games. I haven’t gotten anything new for that console in a while so finding these made me really happy ^_^
I looked up some gameplay videos of them before buying, and I only bought games I thought looked enjoyable. The games I got were Pac-Kong, Star Wars the Empire Strikes Back, Crystal Castles, Solaris, Kangaroo, Reactor, Gangster Alley and Smurfs. I also took the games out for a little photo shoot today since they are all so pretty that they deserve it! :D

Star Wars the Empire Strikes Back I already had for the C64, but it loads way faster on the Atari ;D The gameplay is basically about taking out the AT-AT Walkers. When you’ve shot them a few times they change color until they eventually vanish.

Crystal Castles is a really fun game. I’ve played the Arcade version a lot on the Game Room Arcade simulation on Xbox 360. The Atari 2600 version has of course much more simple graphics, but the concept is the same and the gameplay is fun! You are a little bear who has to collect all the dots while avoiding enemies to get to the next stage ^_^

Solaris looked like a fun game. You’re flying through space and the effects are kinda cool for being Atari 2600. I didn’t quite get what you were supposed to do though.. You can shoot stuff, and you travel through hyper-space or warps or something.. and sometimes there’s a map o_O

Kangaro is kind of like Donkey Kong, make it to the top of the platforms while avoiding enemies or obstacles. Except you are a Kangaroo, and you can jump and punch stuff ^_^

Reactor I bought mainly because I saw this ad from when the game came out in 1982. The actual game made no sense though. I just kept getting blown up.. I think?

Pac-Kong I bought without hesitation just because of the name! Pac-man and Donkey Kong in one game??? With a picture of a Transformer on the cartridge?!? Well, it was definitely similar to Donkey Kong, the main character looks a LOT like Super Mario, and there were also similarities to Pac-Man if the enemies were supposed to look like ghosts, which I believe. It was hard to avoid them though..

In Gangster Alley you have a cross and you’re supposed to shoot the gangsters in the windows. It lacks sound though, except for a tiny effect when you shot, it made it kind of dull.

The Smurf’s had nice animation for being Atari 2600. The sprite actually looked like a Smurf! :D But, I couldn’t make it passed the first obstacle, a STUPID FENCE! I kept trying to jump over it but no matter how close or how far away I was from it I couldn’t get past it >_<

Stupid fence…

8 thoughts on “Atari 2600 – Pac-Kong, Crystal Castles, Star Wars and more!

  1. I remember Kangaroo! I played that way back, it did remind me a lot of Donkey Kong although it has a few subtle differences that made it unique. It’s great to see some of these Atari games, most people these days probably have never even heard of a 2600.

  2. Great post – Loving the photos from the shoot, especially coupled with more ‘woody’ grain :) Also, the condition of your carts are fantastic – The Empire Strikes Back silver label is still shiney new, I wish mine was like that.

    Hope to see more photo shoots like this.


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